MAN: The Yukon is
a dangerous place. You never know what’s coming. I came up here because I… …didn’t want to be
around anyone. And then I met Buck. He was a dog like no other. And he’d been spoiled. -WOMAN: Out!
-(CLICKS TONGUE) Come on, Buck! -MAN: And he’d suffered.
-Come on! But he could not be broken. MAN 2: I don’t know
where you came from, but I know where you are now. Welcome to the last place
on the earth. We should let him have a minute. Doesn’t look like he’s
ever seen snow before. How do you feel
about an adventure… …beyond all maps? We could go, you and I… …where no one’s
ever been before. See what’s out there. (HOWLING) -(BARKING)
-I’m glad you’re enjoying this! I never saw him believe
in anything as much as he believes in you. What do you say, Buck? (HOWLING) -(GROWLS)
-(YELLING) MAN: Adventure of a lifetime. (BARK ECHOING) You’ve been sleeping
for two days. In my bed.

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  1. Audiences nowadays: BAH the animals in lion cant act and emote, it's too realistic for me! Its lifeless and uninspiring!

    Also audience: these animals look weird and feel too cgi with their expressions. Somethings up with their faces.

    Seriously guys make up your minds. If you go to watch an animated Pixar movie then what's the complaint here??

  2. Let's get something real straight. There is no Alaskan Yukon. There is only Canadian Yukon. The Yukon is 100% in Canada and so is this story so please correct your bs.

  3. I love the book, read it many times growing up. Hopefully the movie does the story justice, but that CGI though. When the dogs in RDR2 look better than your main movie character, that's a problem…

  4. This doesn't look like a 20th Century Fox movie. It looks so much like a Disney movie which owes 20th Century Fox. The time has come for us to say goodbye to those beautiful movies made by Fox.

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