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The Brutal Killing of Muhammad Bilal, a young Blogger and Activist, by Unknown terrorists

Author Since: Mar 11, 2019

  1. The real story is gradually coming out. The terrorist are not "unknown terrorists" but those who have the backing of Voice of America, New York Times, RAW, NDS and CIA and who find PTM a good tool for propaganda against Pakistan.

    Bilal life had been like a patriot Pakistani and he knew that PTM was hijacked by sharpasand elements like Muhsin Dawar and Ali Wazir and their collaborators for anti-Pakistan activities and tweeted about it in the past.

    These sharpasand elements found one of Bilal tweets, stating that he may be killed because of his tweets against PTM, as a useful tool to be used against Pakistani agencies.
    This will not work. Pakistanis know who the terrorists and will soon take care of them.

  2. This obviously appears to be a well choreographed murder case against Pakistan trying to fool the people and done in a stupid way. Only the fools can be fooled by this crude stupid attempt by enemies of Pakistan.
    This video followed right away by some other video adding to it is a stupid attempt to create fasad. Whether it is externally orchestrated or by internal enemies must be investigated so all accomplices must be brought to justice and punished.
    Nothing make sense in this attempt to malign the country.

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