native peoples of North Central and South America have grown corn for thousands of years it was originally a wild grass called teosinte and came from Mexico over many years and through selecting and planting the best seeds native people developed the corn we eat today many modern Native communities continue to show respect and honor to corn through songs dances and artwork for this activity you will need 24 Pony beats in the colours of corn the beads can be yellow white purple blue red or brown you will also need one brown green or yellow pipe cleaner and a piece of twine raffia or yarn and a link that easily fits around your neck now to make the corn necklace you first cut a pipe cleaner in half twist the two pipe cleaners together in the middle next string six pony beads on each of the four links of pipe cleaner now bring each of the four parts up and twist them together so your beads don't fall off if the edges look sharp you can trim or put tape on them finally pull a piece of cord through your corn tie the ends and put on your corn necklace you

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