Drill came out of nowhere. And I was like raah
like, what’s this? It became a huge thing.
A way of young disadvantaged people
to talk about their lives. The controversial
drill music scene where rappers boast
of stabbing or shooting
their rivals. This is what is going on
in Britain right now. You man have to pay
attention to this. A Drill beat Is the flow or the
pattern of the beat. It’s dark, it’s aggressive,
touches your soul. I was just making
little rap freestyles and putting them on
my social media. And that blew up
very quickly. This is the longest
I’ve ever stayed out
of jail because the music kept me
on road. I lost my son. These days, if someone
gets stabbed, noone
really cares. You’re being
influenced by a culture
which promotes hurting somebody. Think about what
you are saying We’re not gonna sit
back if we feel that
it’s inappropriate. Couldn’t release the music
we wanted to release. That really is censorship. This music gives us
opportunity to
make six figures. To stay in London. They’re trying to express
how they feel in the only
way that is accepted. This is what we’re doing. We’re not going to stop. Drill as a genre it’s helped a lot of
people come out
of that environment. And do you know what them songs about
violence and drugs, Caught everybodies

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  1. In America you never see police removing music. Like 6ix9ine and Tay k music is till up. It’s just England trying to blame violence on the music instead of looking at the main reason reasons this violence is happening such as the societal disadvantages and poverty . It’s so fucked

  2. big up kidavelly and drill minister
    kidavelly is better than most of these artists in this hes talented and underrated
    I dont care if people try set him up on the media but I rate hes music and himself

  3. How you got kidavelly 061 on this?? He’s a fraud I suggest you check out uk drill knowledge as he always gets exposed on there 😂😂

  4. Hopefully this breaks out and blows up and Americans can see this and maybe get a deeper grasp of what our music scene is , If only it didn’t have kidavelly in it

  5. Dickheads it's going on in Britain coz weak ass self snitching dickheads like you partake and promote it violence and drugs has been in music years you clowns do it for social media ratings not the road

  6. Exactly : Wna be a real G??, good then start to speak up about real matters not 'self promotion' (who is the baddest the worst, really?)

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