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Taryn Rawlings Breaks the 800M UP Record at the Portland Twilight

so we haven't really run an 802 years almost just cuz I've kind of been focusing on the 1500 and ran a 5k a few times and just kind of been working on my more my endurance but this year we really wanted to run one and just kind of test my speed again and I think it helps going into the 1,500 practising that turnover so that I'm ready to really roll once the pace picks up I just wanted to kind of have fun with it and see what I could do and I hadn't run one in two years so I wasn't really sure what to expect I didn't really think I could call myself an 800 runner anymore but definitely surprised myself so I went through 400 and I felt really good and the pacer was perfect and I got through 600 and I was still on a really good pace and I still felt good and so I thought wow I actually could run a lot faster than I thought and then just crossing the line it was pretty surreal I just didn't think I was even capable of that so it was just yeah really special moment usually going into a race and I have a pretty good indication of what we think I can run and generally you know I usually run right around there or maybe a little slower and going into this we we didn't really talk about it we kind of I think both of us when I back of our heads were just thinking well at least she can maybe PR and my PR was only 208 from two years ago I definitely thought about the school record and 206 didn't seem too far from what I could do so I definitely had that in the back of my head but I was also just gonna be happy with running a PR of any sort so I didn't think about it too much and I just wanted to kind of have fun with it and I think sometimes when I don't put too much pressure on myself and I just kind of see what I can do it turns out really good so I just didn't have any expectations and then ended up feeling really good and just went with it and far exceeded what I thought I could do finishing this race kind of gives me a lot more confidence in my speed so now we're kind of just going to work on some different pace changes just to be ready for whatever the race brings we expect the 1500 will be very tactical as usually is so we're gonna just kind of work on being able to go with the fast pace go with the slow pace to be able to change pace just to be ready for whatever the race brings

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