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  1. Just not feeling this couple. They each have some good/great qualities but I don't feel/see the attraction. This will probably end up being the couple that falls madly in love, marries by the end of 2020 and goes on to have 2.5 children and a white picket fence.

  2. Am I the only one who adored them and can just imagine the most adorable babies and family in their futures? Beautiful energies, hope something comes of this.

  3. I don't see why you guys don't like this. To me this one was interesting and went well, they were hitting it off. It has to be a bit awkward since it IS the first time they meet so they are a bit nervous. The guy is more chill and she is a bit energetic but they have similiar ways of thinking. In my opinion, this was one of the better dates on this channel because they usually pair people that have zero chance of going on more than one date after.

  4. They seem like they could be friends…they just seem like they're used to being social and can talk to anyone. They have a similar valley girl way of talking. Why were they talking about selling drugs ???? And on video???? Why are they talking about going to jail like it's good??? I don't understand. These two people seem immature. Lol.

  5. That thing about black/white/latinos being separated in jail is really horrible and confusing!! What exactly did he mean? What the hell 🙁 what world do we live in…

  6. She’s so funny and made him laugh quite a few times, I loved their chemistry. And what is Courtney’s ig? She’s incredibly stunning and her personality is so good 😂

  7. I think that they seemed too accepting and agreeable with each other- it didn’t seem genuine. It was like whatever he/she said was great!
    She is such a valley girl too! Lol

  8. Wow I really liked how werid they were idk what the commotion is about, like it was refreshing tbh lol I laughed a bunch people who don’t get them are the ones who are boring

  9. I bet most of the ppl who criticized on these two individuals have prolly tried coke and molly themselves. John and Courtney are mature adults

  10. Women desiring to be independent and foolish men looking for independent women….. this is why you people get divorced so often. You want a woman who is competent, clever, savy, patient, wise, had both her mother and father to raise her to adulthood and completely devoted and loves you with all her sacrifice. She helps her man to lead and he leads her and together you move forward at a speed and with longevity that you cannot achieve as a single man without God's help. When women seek to be independent they remove the need for men to be better than women and then women complain when their men are weak pleasure seeking liars And they remove the desire for wise men to attach themselves to selfish beings who will war with them on a constant basis for control instead of moving forward towards family, business, wealth, righteousness, and safety. God did not make Eve so she could be alone, but so that Adam would have company and a helper. Going against this wisdom for the sake of pride, hate, diversity, or misc. is what gets people in trouble and fighting to the point of breaking up. In each role we engage there is learned and satisfying contentment with reality. it is only when prideful and or ignorant humans refuse to behave normally that we have overwhelming issues.

  11. Is spanking your kid seen as normal in the USA? It just irritates me because it was mentioned in multiple videos. Where I live it's really frowned upon and even forbidden…

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