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The State of the Church in the Sixteenth Century
Fifth-Century Heresies: The Mystery of the Trinity with R.C. Sproul
Lecture 1. The Parts of the Whole
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Lecture 1. The Parts of the Whole

Professor Christine Hayes: You don’t need me to tell you that human civilization is very, very old. Nevertheless, our knowledge of the earliest stages of human civilization was quite limited for many centuries. That is, until the great archaeological discoveries

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Slavoj Žižek. Ontological Incompleteness In Painting, Literature and Quantum Theory. 2012
Santos Bonacci The Ancient Theology, Astrotheology Part 1
An Exegetical & Historical Examination of the Woke Church Movement | Dr. James White
Channel intro: what the Ancient Literature Dude is all about.
The Massacre of Karbala: A Historical Analysis - Dr. Yasir Qadhi | 10th November 2013