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How the US Won the Naval Battle of Guadalcanal | Battle 360 | History
BRUTAL SCORPIONFISH STING | Kings of Pain (Season 1) | History
Pawn Stars: Original Donkey Kong Game in Stellar Condition (Season 12) | History
BERMUDA TRIANGLE’S MYSTERY SOLVED? | In Search Of (Season 2) | History
American Pickers: Mike Scores a Cool Harley Rooster Tail (Season 4) | History
UFO Hunters: US Navy Hides Area 51 Secrets (Season 2) | History
Ancient Aliens: Alien Tech in Ancient Greece (Season 10) | History
Ancient Aliens: Evidence of Alien Wars on Dwarf Planet (Season 10) | History
NUMBERJACKS | A Record In The Charts | S2E9
American Pickers: Mike Loses His Cool Over Vintage Ford (Season 3) | History