watch what happens with the knockoff
Jurassic world dinosaur toys come face to face with the original Mattel
dinosaur toy who will be our victory keep watching our castle t-rex think of
knock-offs if he could talk it’d be like morning stroll eat 7 1 gone and there he
goes that’s what we do with knockoff meanwhile our t-rex adopt for a stroll T-REX EATS RAPTOR!! 4 Knockoff Jurassic World Dinosaur Toys Unboxed Trex vs Velociraptor Blue Battle let’s see if he lights our Triceratops
any better okay so far he has not liked any of our
knockoffs let’s see if he likes he prefers the originals
okay so now we know our closet t-rex does not like knock-offs
what about our Triceratops so what does our original Triceratops think Oh Bob there we go what does our colossal
blossom raptor blue think about knock-offs okay today we have four knock off
drastic world dinosaur toys these are actually sold at Walmart they don’t say
Jurassic world anywhere on them but take a look at this Dino I mean if this is
not Velociraptor blue I mean then it’s like what in the world I mean it
definitely looks exactly like Velociraptor blue and then the
Triceratops looks like the Triceratops from the
drastic world toys and then the two t-rex is due also but they are fun I
mean these are wind up walking toys they look really cool if you look at the back
here right over there it says right on the package so these are
sold at Walmart but in my opinion they are definitely knockoff dressing room
okay so let’s see what our Battle Damage dinosaurus dinosaur toys first of all if
you go ahead and wind it up they are really cool guys I like it I mean they
walk they roar they have lights in the eyes in the mall I mean they sound a
little annoying but you know what they’re fun Loen hesitates let’s see if the
Velociraptor Blues any better along oh there we go blue is goes for it it’s
a race and blue is in the lead our eyes all pooped out okay so let’s check out
blue you wind them up his eyes light up yeah he does have a light in his mom so
he doesn’t go very long gosh I mean it is still fun especially for younger kids
it would be nice if they went a little bit longer
and then also we have our driceratops I think this is the coolest because the
horns actually light up to check this one that is awesome those boards light up
really bright is just I have everything set up here for off right light so it’s
a little hard to see but they are like baby steps she seems to be hitting okay oh hey god this kid just started
walking see if you do oh come on you’re just walking man there we go
a little bit stumbling okay so just took some time to get him set off also then
we have this other t-rex here this guy do any better
okay guys definitely walks better there we go Oh looks like they just gave each
other a peck on the cheek I think what we’re gonna do here our two fastest ones
are this t-rex in Velociraptor ooh I’m gonna wine both of them off and
people have a dino race okay which one do you think will win okay let’s rematch
let’s try that again so uh like I said I mean I think these would be funner for
younger kids I mean older kids of it’s a tie check that out
they are exactly head-to-head so you know like I said they’re fun toys I mean
it’s cheap simplistic I mean it almost looks like the earlier a Hasbro Jurassic
world dinos in that you see all the screw holes here I should have I should
have picked on that but you know I did they did do a bad job on some of the
dinos so it’s why they left all the screw holes I still don’t know to this
day well anyways that is Velociraptor blue and this is our t-rex our brown
dress so this one is a strong contender with blue and then we have our green the
t-rex I mean his leg okay now he’s going good
now he’s going good maybe we should have our room let’s see let’s try race
between him and Velociraptor blue so I think Velociraptor blue will win well I
guess I can’t really call him Velociraptor blue because it’s a
knockoff that is the end of blue this Spinosaurus had a good little snack so
but now we know what our colossal t-rex in colossal Velociraptor
think of knock-offs they think just do it
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