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  1. Excellent video ! Thank you Tl for speaking so we'll of Nipsey Hussle RIP rest in peace and we love you keep the family in prayer

  2. That childs mother seems a mess from the medias standpoint and from what shes allowed people to see from her social media. But…In that moment..with those tears. SHE NEEDED HER MOTHER! The only person that can console a child the way they need in a moment like that. Im not saying on a everyday basis because her overall well being is whats most Important. But thats not Laurens child and its clear whos love she needed right here.

  3. An awesome audition to Crenshaw-Slauson would be a hugh statue of Nipsey Hussel in your downtown area. This legacy he left should never be forgotten. As it's been said, he left a blueprint for your learning. He's been compared to Martin Luther King, and all those that tried to teach us to help ourselves, and all of our kind. They were second only to God, they went about teaching us in a Godly manner, teaching and giving knowkedge on how to understand why we were impoverished, and how to go higher and higher!

  4. Justice for Nipsey πŸ˜©πŸ™ We love u Always !! Rest n peace to a Real one 😘 plz like Not just for me but for Nipsey πŸ’―

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