[music playing] NARRATOR: In Bayou Sorrel,
solo hunter Willie Edwards got an early start and has
already been on the water for two hours. Got 100 tags by
myself this year. We’ll see if we can fill them. NARRATOR: With the price per
foot for gators the lowest in over a decade, Willie’s
determined to rake in bigger gators with bigger payouts. Oh, my goodness. I do push myself
to the limits a lot, but that’s the way that
commercial fishing is. You’re gonna push yourself
to the limit every year, every day of the year. And, I mean, that’s
the way that you gotta do it to make a living. [suspenseful music] Ah! NARRATOR: By the way
this gator’s pulling, Willie’s certain that
it’s the beast that stole his treble hook one year ago. That is the gator
that took my line. When I hooked him the first
time, I felt how he pulled and everything, and it
was just like deja vu. I mean, he’s lost no power. He might have
gained a little bit. NARRATOR: Last season, the
strength of this colossus was so powerful, it
took the hook and line right out of his hands. Ooh, yeah. We got a big one. Rope going. Oh, we lost him! He took the [bleep] whole
thing and everything! I’d like to have
another hook right now. Oh! Ah! Ah! You’ll never forget it. Ah! [coughs] You know, I’m sick
to my stomach, but– hey. Man, man, man. Oh, my god. [suspenseful music] [gunshot] And we had one. We went– I mean, it
was either me or him. [panting] Yeah, boy. NARRATOR: After an entire
year, Willie’s determination has paid off. He’s finally bagged the
monster that stole his hook and raked in almost $200. NARRATOR: After being pushed
to the brink of collapse, Willie arrives at the bayou
with the heaviest gator he’s ever caught on his own. That’s the one that took
my treble hook last year. Pulled the same way? The same place. Guarantee you. Man. Fishing by yourself
and on your own is rough. If you ain’t 100% in it,
I mean, it ain’t for you, and, I mean, you might
as well get a desk job. But you struggle through
it and you make it. I mean, I done had
rough times where I done think about giving
up and everything like that, but you just don’t give up. Keep your head up, and things
will turn around right quick. That’s a good one. 3 inches off from being 12 foot. Oh, I bet you it
weighs 4-something. For sure, it should. Oh, yeah. That is a big ol’ alligator. 522. That’s the biggest
gator I’ve bought– 11′ 10″. –ever under 12 foot
that weighs that much. Yeah. I mean, he’s solid. He’s built for a war. He’s like a machine. Heavy duty equipment. Caught a good 11-footer. And, I mean, you can’t
ask for no better. I’ll be here in the morning at
6 o’clock, starting it again. [birds chirping]

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  2. Golly the prices really are way down, thatโ€™s a 6000 or 700 dollar gator 3 years ago. Hope things get better for these boys in the swamp.

  3. 2:53–2:57 what you said there might change my life forever. Thank you bro you're an inspiration to me and many people god bless

  4. Willie is a real swamper I would love to go spend a season or 2 and help ole willie get them gators I would be honored he does it by himself real man right there. And I'm a black man nothing but love for willie hands down

  5. Pound for pound Willie is the badest man in the swamp! He has the heart of a lion! This West Virginia mountain man is very impressed

  6. โ€œ….for $200โ€

    imagine being known as a fierce,powerful,scary monster all your life and being shot and sold for 200 bucks by a 130 pound guy…thatโ€™s tough

  7. This is the very first intro to swamp people i have ever seen. I think willie hooked me too. Going to start watching season 1 now.

  8. Good for you Willie. He is better than Chase. Willie really an experienced hunter and all by himself. Troy Landrys at least must work with this fine lad.

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