NARRATOR: In the swamps of Bayou
Black, seasoned gator hunters Frenchy Crochet and his partner
Gee Singleton are starting their season off with a splash. Hey. I’m back this season
with my old pal Gee. Look at that. Me and Frenchy, we
got a good relationship. If he need me, I need him. We each got each other. NARRATOR: With this
season’s low prices, Frenchy and Gee
have a plan to catch big gators and up their profit. Record-breaking floods
have pushed water levels to new heights, allowing
the guys to access new areas of the bayou. NARRATOR: As they
approach their first line, it’s clear their
strategy may be working. Let’s go see what we got. GEE: Boy, his eyes wide
open so he’s watching everything that’s going on. GEE: He’s getting
set over there. GEE: About to do something now. Watch yourself. You all ready? [gun shot] Got you! GEE: Shoot him. Shoot him. [gun shot] Watch it, Frenchy. FRENCHY: Come on. GEE: His eyes are still open. [gun shot] My boot got stuck, and I
wasn’t hesitating to leave it. NARRATOR: This massive behemoth
will net a payout of over $200 at the buyer.

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  1. “Salt-n’-pepper strikes again!” So good to see Senor Frenchy and Senor Gee working together, having fun and loving it. They are obviously amigos; that’s good race relations right there! Ramrod San Bonito is glad to behold it.

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