what's going on YouTube my name is FG 3000 I'm back in the place to be and welcome back to magic record sure let's go with that alright so in today's video ladies and gentlemen as you guys can see I'm now ranked 11 but it is now time to start digging into this gotcha to see how bad is it right you know like we talked about in the first video your gotcha is shared with basically stat cards stat instill stat and skill cards as well as characters so let's test it out let's do a few multi pools I saw some comments in my first video like really FG a freaking nearly 30 minute video and you did one some and not about a temple you did a single summit how dare ye was it on purpose was it on purpose maybe it was alright so just gonna kind of take a look at some of the artwork on some of these cards here there's our little fire girl they're one of my favorite light units thus far it looks like it's the same art from the characters on some of them which is not not my favorite you would think that the art would be unique at least what's happening here oh very nice and this is turn despair into hope literally so some games like regalia loss have taken cards like this out of the gotcha pool and put them in their own separate gotcha but not all of them not all of them oh so this is a girl maybe I I hope not because that was a little suspect okay tap screen I will ooh does she throw like vials at people oh I love I love the weaponry in this game I love it throw in test tubes and vial fill with poisons and other types of acid I love that type I love that concept alright so that was our tin pool there oh she's just a two-star so she was new so she got that little mini animation like the four stars get like the big animations you can't like I just want to like long press this or tap it you can't actually see this to see what it's like this is a duplicate girl this was not a memoria so I got a little bit of currency here that I can use to make her more powerful let's see let's go to my magical girls real quick and I'll kind of show you what I'm talking about I think it's under unlock magic the servers on this game are absolutely terrible so as you guys can see right here you can increase unlike magic to increase the memoria slots so as you increase this you can actually get more slots to equip cards with but as you guys can see I just got one dupe someone out of 10 I'm not sure if there's any additional ways to get duplicates of these characters but there you go let's go back to the fate we're gonna make this next well a little faster so that was a free 10 pool not a free not a free 10 pool not afraid is my free 10 pool that was a reduced cost 10 pool that I bought out of this special shot right here that expires in three days so if I were you I would try to buy all the things out of this including this to get because these are really good values for the money for the free money that you're getting in the game so I'd absolutely buy these on this ten pool ticket is what normally 250 but you get the 10 pool and you also get some stamina as well so I would definitely jump on that here are two more singles will speed through these alright pass in future this is another four star I just I wish I don't like that I don't like that but we'll take a look at everything they were getting here and two star girls so that is a duplicate crystal there so I want to take a look at some of these while we're doing this here's my list of cards sort by rarity yes alright so this first one blast damage up for all right not bad what is this one all about damage up five reduced damage for self for three turns a lot of the ones that I have thus far are only good for one turn so that's pretty good very nice and what else did we get we got this one as well accelerator impede up so that'll give you more Manitou get your ultimate off quicker battle in sync same thing teacher magic up damage up after using charge oh that's really cool there because charge is you know this is the way that you're gonna organically use charge anyway so charge pop this your next damage attack is going to be a very potent in peaking up right there for that one counter chance up alright so I now have two of those so I can ascend this if I want to and I think I do want to big idea I don't know a lot about this game I don't know if I really want to keep duplicates or anything like that I'm not gonna so if you want to send very easy grab that a send GG now I have this little this little cute thing here easy alright let's go back into the Gacha so I'm gonna stay on this banner here I'm gonna skip the animations this time around and let's see you got another duplicate of that one here's a new card three star memoria memoria memoria oh we got my girl with a mallet I like this character right here the way she like walks people in the head with the mallet is amazing and then we got another magical girl over here as well we'll take a look at all the magical girls towards the end same thing as we did with the stat cards um brainy memoria memoria memoria memoria memoria a magical girl got another copy of our girl with the fans there memoria magical girl there another Duke and that is about it ladies and gentlemen those are going to be all of our poles as far as multis are concerned that also triggered daily for enhancing my memoria very nice very nice so so such a soothing game as far as the due date date alright so this one is critical hit chance five in the gate evade oh nice okay I got screwed on a day because I didn't know what they the icon looked like so I was just trying to attack someone really really hard it was like a perfect attack it was like bait house like go that's what it looks like it looks like a high-heeled shoe let's eat together damage inflicted down nice five six seven so that's pretty good on bosses I would assume I already had those so I couldn't do that one up attack up three these are just two stars we're not really gonna worry about the two stars and I got two copies of this HP regeneration this is is this just a passive this is just automatically on okay interesting interesting alright so those are our new memoria cards now if we jump over here to a magical girl sister my filter off here dude to do and then once again we can do what is it dates is date over here too nice so we got Malik girl she's even in this side profile stance she looks so funny when she bunks people in the head I will be trying to use her immediately she's a dark unit like it we got our girl here Kaku I don't know what type of weapon that is but I like the fact that I don't know what type of weapon that is here's our girl with the vials dig it into a little purse or throw stuff at people that's the exact animation of her attack right there you're welcome but that's it those are the only girls that I got out of all of those pulls there womp womp womp as far as so 250 is how much it is to do a single pool so each or I'm sorry a multi pool this is one time only so you're a very first package of this to get you 250 it's 15 bucks but then from then on out being able to what is this 250 – nonsense from that point out your multi pools will run you 24 $1 ladies and gentlemen for a multi pool it's cheaper than most multi pools and games but still kind of expensive so that is that ladies and gentlemen so I'm gonna do a PvP with my existing team I'm not sure how my team is going to change but I think I might try to adjust my team a little bit now that I got a few new characters to the memoirs we're gonna do that off camera however but this is my PvP team as it exists today see what we can do here all right uh let us get it on bum bum bum bum bum I'm actually gonna charge up for next turn let's see how much damage my girl can do against a water pretty decent okay now keep in mind I'm gonna be kind of behind powerlevel eyes because I just now did that big summon I'm pretty sure this person has already done this summer with all that free currency I really want to finish that character off but it's gonna be a little difficult I can keep on charging hmm I don't like it I don't like it watch this this is gonna be weird gonna go for it anyway dang it oh man we're gonna lose this one I can't even get this water unit off the board I should have attacked someone else I'm about to lose my favorite girl how dare you alright this is looking a lot better so I'll be able to finish you off with a triple combo should be no problem with a finally finish this girl off I'm gonna go for resurrection girl down here next maybe wow oh my god I'm gonna destroy you no wait to see my new team wait do you see it it's gonna be amazing you just watch let's get some critical strike up just for giggles oh nice it ain't OVA kind of is over solidify look at you buffing up there doing a little Kinect attack down goes my water girl but to kill my cool samurai chick who's only a two-star you're picking on my two stars man I do have an ultimate lit us so we're gonna have to but I can't pass a blast to you at all all right that's fine I want to kill her because she can resurrect people which has just screws me over Trio finale bringing out the big guns ladies and gentlemen wait until I come back with my new and improved team you guys just wait you just wait all right Kinect bringing it back there grant fall grant poison ouch ah poison blinded not good not good not good not good got no choice but to attack though yeah that blind oh can I get this last attack off with the blindness yes we can Obama it's going down to the wire ladies and gentlemen oh crap no wait until I equip all my new memoir ia's level them up a little bit I'm gonna come back there's gonna be a different story ladies and gentlemen I do like PvP in this game by the way having a good time even with this loss here don't worry about that don't worry about that no about that don't worry about that anyway guys so that will do it ladies and gentlemen boys and girls once again this is a look at Maggio record Smasher record sure you know what I'm talking about and I will see you guys in the next video in that video I think it's gonna be just a straight PvP video once I get my my new girls aligned and ready to go I'm gonna have to do some farming to see like right now the story is getting a little hard I don't want to say hard hard but it's getting a little up there so I want to take a break from the story and just kind of farm up these stages here green fire do it by rarity I should probably start leveling this girl up so she is a four-star I might as well both dark it's not dark day water would be nice to level up I should get her going she absolutely get her going the loading times and the delayed servers not great I got one of those little blue chunks oh my gosh all right I'm not let you guys have to sit through all of this very laggy servers going on I assume the game is more popular than they assumed it was going to be or maybe maybe this game is just sharing servers with a fake granddaughter that could be a thing League of Legends is doing it right now with League of Legends in like teamfight tactics or whatever so I would not be surprised all right this video is over see you guys next video later

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  1. When you see the gameplay is like FGO but since FGO isn’t available in the UK you think this might be a good alternative… until you realise this is also NOT AVAILABLE IN THE UK!!! WHYYYYYYYYY???

  2. I just wanna finally say that your saying it both wrong lmao and oh god I’ve done so many pulls and haven’t got the banner haven’t got anything good

  3. Decided to delete this game, I'll stick with Revue Starlight for now. I like the character designs much more in Revue.

  4. I probably would have downloaded this game in a heartbeat if i wasn't playing 4-5 games already. i don't know the show/series too well to be into it, but i do love the story of it and the ayaya characters

  5. $25 for 450 stones if u count the bonus (which if it's like fgo is always there) so it's really like 25$ for 1.9 multis or about $13.25 per multi.

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