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  1. "Subway employee stories" sooooo… OddOnesOut basically. BuzzFeed back at it again with the stolen content. I beg you come up with something original!

  2. Ex-Subway employee here.
    My horror story: a lady and her baby came in one day. It was near closing time but we let her order. She gets her food and walks over to a booth with her baby. My coworker and I didn’t pay her much attention because we were cleaning the back. We didn’t even notice her leave. I was relatively new so I had the job of cleaning the lobby. I get to the booth where the lady sat, and I notice something hidden underneath the booth seat. I go to pick it up, and then dread overtook my whole entire being. This lady had changed her baby’s diaper in the booth, and left the used one behind. It was FULL of what you’d expect from a baby. And I had to dispose of it. Mind you, there is a baby changing station in the bathroom… but she did it in the booth, and left the nasty diaper for me to deal with. Nastiest day of my life.

  3. Damn, bruv.. You quit your job cuz of one person who sneezed and didn't know personal bubbles? Good luck in any other customer service job…………..

  4. One of the worst jobs to work in is in a subway. The pay is really bad, the treatment by superiors or horrible, customers treat you worse, and many times you get wage theft going on from no paid overtime -money you’ll never see again. If you’re a teenager looking for work look elsewhere I’ve been there trust me you don’t want that

  5. When I worked at Subway there was a girl who bullied me. She would dump the teas on the ground and blame me, it got so bad that she would freak out if she saw my name on the schedule. I was also allergic to what they were using to clean dishes.

    On my first day a lady accused me of stealing her wallet and we had the police come…. There was also this one time that a guy fainted.

    Yeah, I lasted a month and left but I still remember how to make a spicy Italian.

  6. I worked at Subway for 6 months and this is my Horror Story, it was around Christmas 2015 in a guy comes in with half of his face hanging off literally I can see bone his cranium and he says I need a footlong. I asked him if he needs an ambulance or if you need any medical attention. He says no I just want a sandwich mind you he is squirting gushing out blood from his face his skin is hanging off of his face like a piece of ham and he's sitting here ordering a sandwich.

  7. I really hope that they come to Fresno California and do an episode for lifeguards because I am a lifeguard and I have a couple of shocking stories

  8. That last story….. why didn’t she just call the police? Like yeah your coworker sucks but seriously you say for 20/30 minutes instead of calling yourself?

  9. "I don't want to bother the manager with this, I will call the police" what kind of logic is that?? If anything do BOTH.

  10. I wouldn’t really call these horror stories. Y’all need to interview former Walmart employees. I got a damn books worth of stories from that place.

  11. You should have found subway workers who have worked there for a long time. I’ve worked for subway for two years and omg the horror stories I could tell.

  12. On my very first day at subway we had to call the cops on a violent person for yelling at our customers and us. He then locked himself in the bathroom yelling he was going to kill himself. The local PD handled it well and are in all the time for food so real trouble is rare at my store. The customers are the worst and super dehumanizing to the employees (except for the few awesome regulars). Corporate cares nothing about staff, just what they think will make money. But what's new.

  13. one time a customer cussed out my coworker and made her cry because she put regular mayo instead of lite mayo. subway customers are a different type of rude

  14. The first story was inconsistent..first they was outside then inside outta nowhere cuz she put her cheeks in the table he just finished cleaning he said they he said he ran inside & locked the door..fake

  15. If you're closing then just refuse service. Tell them to leave the store immediately and if they don't, call the police. Not that hard a situation to deal with.

  16. these stories were weak… subway is a terrible place to work. If you are a customer please start by telling us what kind of bread do you want??? and what size??? thank u

  17. Must be nice to be able to fall back on "asking my parents for money" instead of having to deal with the real life scenario of getting yelled at the next day for management for taking so long to close and clocking out….

  18. I 100% would have called the cops. If you asked them to leave because you were closed, but they refused, they were trespassing at that point. Especially if they were becoming more aggressive, I would have called the police in case they decided to get physical.

  19. That last story…the girl she was working with was clearly a key holder/manager of some kind. Restaurants don't close with no manager present. She should be fired immediately! The manager is the only person that should be handling a situation like that. They are usually trained to do so especially in a chain restaurant. I wouldn't have just quit I would've called corporate on her.

  20. I had a man throw a sandwich at me while I was ringing him up because he didn’t like the way my coworker wrapped his sandwich.

  21. I worked at Subway for exactly one day because they somehow scheduled me to work my first day completely by myself. Like no manger or anything. Not only that, but it was my first job and they had never given me any type of training for it either. I ended up waiting my shift out and quit right after.

  22. Subways are honestly such a target for robberies. Especially because there only tends to be 1-2 people in a location at a time. My high school English teacher used to work at a Subway and he said that on multiple occasions, working night shifts, he got robbed at gunpoint. That sounds absolutely terrifying and I’m not about it. It makes me scared to work a night shift anywhere.

  23. Sunday was my last day at subway, I worked there for three YEARS and let me tell you… my “horror stories” are waaaay better than these. 😂😂

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