I had a massive stroke, they only gave me two hours to live. They kept me all together for three years in hospital. The doctor said, “I’m not discharging him, there is no way he can go home.” So the psychiatrist, he hadn’t spoken to me a minute; he said “Mr Boswell I’m discharging you now.” And they said he won’t be here five minutes and social services said that. “No way are you going to stay here.” Nobody gave me a chance. My family turned against me. I was on my own. And they weren’t concerned about me A lot of people don’t know what is going on in the real world and how the elderly people are suffering. I have gone into places where people can’t afford heating and are barely living on the money they’ve got for food. It’s physical health, they might have mobility issues. They are crawling up the stairs. The hardest thing to see is when people have given up hope. They may not have anyone to speak to. You may be the only person they see week in week out. You think you live in a close-knit community but you don’t realise how many people have got nobody. That is somebody’s father. That is somebody’s mother. That is somebody’s brother. That is a person. Loneliness is a massive issue. It’s happening in Pontypridd. This is happening in Aberdare. This is happening in Llantristant, Pontyclun, Rhondda. This happening here, in our communities. Without Age Connects Morgannwg I honestly think I’d be in a darker place They would have walked over me. Age Connects Morgannwg have kept me home without any shadow of a doubt. There is no way I could have looked after myself I think Age Connects Morgannwg has been so successful over the years because we are a local charity providing support in the local communities. We are there to give people a voice. To allow people to stand up for themselves. To give them the confidence to stand up for themselves. We are independent and that’s a fantastic thing because we can challenge. We can fight in a different way. It is the little things that make such a massive difference and that’s what Age Connects Morgannwg does. Seeing the effect that we can have on somebody’s life makes me feel good personally because I know that we’ve made someone a little bit better. We’ve made someone feel less lonely and less isolated. I’ve been very lucky to have the support I’ve had around me. To know you’ve got somebody you can trust. And trust is a big thing today. If there is anybody thinking about it I would recommend it to them. I couldn’t do without them and I’m going to keep on fighting. For forty years Age Connects Morgannwg has been there for older people. We have a strong history and a bright future.

Author Since: Mar 11, 2019

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