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StoryBoard is teaching our kids the love for literature

I've been lucky enough to have that moment where you see a kid who's maybe been struggling with writing and maybe they've set for the first part of the workshop not really knowing what to do and you know if you know they're the kids who never liked writing and sometimes you see them have a breakthrough and that is a really fantastic moment and you see the kids rush off from the workshop with their books and their pencils and they go into recess and they want to keep writing their stories they're like please please can we keep writing our stories in recess or in lunch time and then we get the emails from the teachers and the parents you know the ones that say my son has never written anything in his life and he's terrified of writing and hates it and today he came home with his storyboard book and he sat and wrote a story tonight or he came home with his book and he read it to me and he was so proud you never know if those moments change kids lives but I think I think there's a really good chance that that has quite a lasting impact on some kids and they experience what it's like to write something and to write creatively and creativity isn't just about writing it's a skill that is so important across life you know it's creativity that creates the cure for cancer or the next iPhone or writes a job application or writes a love letter you know it applies everywhere we really want to kids to experience that feeling of creativity and to know that they can do it you

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