If you just had your record expunged or sealed
and are out looking for a job, your criminal record may still show up on a background
check unless you do something very important. This video will tell you what that is
and answer several other important questions about how to get the most
out of your expungement or record sealing. Here is something most people don’t know
about expungement and record sealing… Having your record expunged
or sealed at the courthouse is often only the first step to clearing your record
and putting the past behind you. That is because, in general,
courts do not notify commercial background check companies each time
a criminal record is sealed or expunged, and commercial background check companies
are where most employers go to obtain background checks information. This means that commercial
background check companies, who often acquire criminal records once a year, won’t know about your expungement
or sealing until they do their annual update. This means that your expunged or sealed record may show up on commercial
background checks for up to a year or more. This is a big problem. Our law firm get calls and emails from people all over the country asking why their expunged record
is till showing on a background check. The Wall Street Journal even wrote a story about it. The good news is that there are steps
that you can take to help solve this problem. Before we talk about the solutions, it is important to know a little more about
the very complicated world background checks. We categorize background checks into three categories. The first category of background checks
are government sources, such as courts or state repositories and the FBI. Most employers do not directly access
government sources when they do background checks. However, most licensing and regulatory authorities and
government employers will use government sources. The good news is that these sources are automatically updated at various time intervals
when a record is sealed or expunged. The second source of background checks
are regulated background check providers. Most employers use
regulated background check providers. They’re called regulated because they are regulated
by federal and sometimes, state laws. These are the providers that are the most important to update after your record is expunged
or sealed by the court. We will talk more about this in a minute. The third category of background checks
are unregulated background check providers. These are low cost providers of background checks
that are all over the internet. They are called unregulated because they do not claim
to be governed by federal or state law. They tell people not to rely on the reports
for employment or housing decisions; a request that many landlords and employers ignore. Okay, so there are the three categories: government, regulated commercial
background checks, and unregulated. Since the government sources
will automatically be updated, let’s focus our efforts on the other two categories and how to get the most out of your expungement
or record sealing. Let’s start with the
regulated background check companies, for most people, this is the most important category. An estimated 90% of private sector employers who will
do background checks will fall into the is category. Most of the regulated background check companies obtain criminal records once a year
from the courts or government agencies. This saves them the cost of checking every court and every agency every time an employer or
landlord wants to do a background check on someone. Otherwise, background checks would cost
tens of thousands of dollars each. This system of purchasing criminal records
on a yearly basis makes background checks affordable and helps everyone, except people who recently
had their record sealed or expunged. Here is why: Let’s say the background check company
purchases data from the court in July, and you had your record expunged
or sealed a few weeks later in August. The background check company will not know that your record is expunged or sealed
until they do their update the next July. This means that the background check company
will continue to provide information about your criminal record on the background checks
that they provide for nearly a year. This unfortunate situations happens all the time. So, how do you prevent your expunged or sealed record
from appearing on the private sector databases? Well, unless you want to wait up to a year
for them to do their updates, you will have to update them yourself. This means that you will have to gather the
contact information for these companies and send them a copy of your official court documents
that shows that your record was sealed or expunged. Or, the smarter and faster way is to use
our Expedited Criminal Record Service. We call it ERCU for short. Our exclusive ERCU service will get
your expunged or sealed record removed from more than 600 leading private
background check companies in 14 days or less. This service is a great investment if you recently
had your record expunged or sealed and you are looking for a job
in the private sector. Okay, let’s talk about the third category,
unregulated background check companies. The third place you want to clear your record
is with the dozens of people search websites, like BeenVerified.com,
that make criminal records available to the public, often for free, so your friends, neighbors,
and coworkers can easily see your criminal record. Even some landlords and employers use these sites. Worst of all, these sites typically
do not remove expunged or sealed records unless you ask them to remove information about you. Our Background Check Removal Service,
we call BCR, will remove your information from 30 leading unregulated sites in just 45 days. Best of all, we can have your record
removed from these sites even if you have not had your record
sealed or expunged. This inexpensive service is a must
if you want to greatly reduce the chances that anyone in the general public
will see your criminal record. So in review, Government sources will be automatically updated
after your record is expunged. Regulated background check companies, the ones used by most employers,
can take up to a year to update their records, so you need to use our
Expedited Criminal Record Update service. You can get your information removed from
30 leading unregulated background check sites today, even if your record hasn’t been sealed or expunged
by using our Background Check Removal Service. For more information,
pricing, or to order these services, go to the website on the screen If you have questions about this video,
post them below. Laws are always changing,
so make sure to follow us on social media. Thank you for watching RecordGone TV

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  1. So the regulated companies that due background check, how due they become regulated is there a law that protects them?

  2. I had my record expunged in January of 2016. Now I am applying for a government job requiring a level 2 FBI background clearance. Will my expunged record show up on a level 2 FBI background check? I know you said Government background checks automatically update but this is a level 2 background check and is more in depth. Any thoughts?

  3. I received deferred adjudication for a felony twelve years ago that is showing up on my background check what do you recommend

  4. I was charged for a felony in FL in 2012. My record was sealed by the state of FL in 2013. Fast forward to 2016, I was just denied on a housing application after failing a criminal background check in TN. I submitted my sealed record and letter clearing my name from my attorney to the landlord and it is now being reviewed. Can they legally do that? If I can prove my record was sealed, they should have no right to know about it in the first place, correct?

  5. hello.. I have a questions. um I was recently terminated and the new job declined my application because of that. is there a way I can get the termination removed from my record please?

  6. I have a question. My husband and I are in the process of fostering, but a hit comes us on his record from 2003. He was arrested but released the same day and no charges were ever filed.  Is there a way to still file for Penal code 851.8? Even after so many years? If is it possible to still get a copy of those records? P

  7. I just received a felony reduction to a misdemeanor from your firm. Thank you for your service. Then I found out by reading federal law. That the state acknowledges my gun restoration writes. But my question is does federal law acknowledge my gun rights being restored. According to penal code 1203.4 and 1203.4a line 7 says I'm not permitted to purchase a firearm. And I'm confused your firm told me I can purchase a fire arm in August. Please I need advice about willfederal law allow my gun rights being restored. Thanks.

  8. Can a misdemeanor domestic violence charge/assault/battery (plea, because I was in college, could not sit in jail waiting for a court date and could not afford an attorney) be put into a position to where my second amendment rights are reinstated?  Gallup, New Mexico

  9. Does Pa destroy records or change the disposition of the chargers after an expungement? I had a case where all charges were withdrawn/Nolle processed which after some time i got an expungement because i wanted to enlist in the military.

  10. When I was 15 I was charged with felony breaking and entering then possession of marijuana apparently my record has been cleared. A couple days ago I got charged with drug paraphernalia will court be able to tell that this is my third offense?

  11. My daughter had her juvenile misdemeanor record expunged 11 years ago, back when she was only 14. The crime does not show up, but the fact that there is an expunged record does show up, causing employers to question her past.
    What is the point of sealing juvenile records, if the fact that there is a sealed record, makes employers question your past?

  12. I have a medicaid fraud pretrial that ended and was told I can get reinstated but I need an attorney and can't pay for one right now. I was told I was not charged but put on a list of excluded people by the dept of health and hospital. I did a free background check by applying to uber through a company called check r. Everything came back clear except for the global watch list/Patriot act name search. It has a deposition of excluded for medicaid fraud. Is there a way to close it from background search or will I need an attorney? I live in Louisiana.

  13. Challenge to fight with deadly weapon 7 years ago, I’m a felon but never been to prison
    How does it look?
    Should I give you guys a call

  14. I was on deferred adjudication in ‘14 for domestic violence can I get this expunged at least for employment background checks I don’t want my past to come back and haunt me

  15. In case after case, Thomas complains, the Court intervenes to protect rights like free speech, fair trial, and even reproductive choice—and yet ignores limits on gun possession. In Tuesday’s opinion, he wrote that

  16. i may need your services in a few weeks. Need to know if you provide a "expungment letter" that your client can present to future employers as an evidence that its "expunge, done and over with? thank you.

  17. Expunged and sealed are different. Sealing means you have a record that exist but is covered. Expungement means your record is destroyed and none existent. Know your facts

  18. I would like to clear my criminal record. I was charge for theft mister minor in 1988. Is already 31 years and still there.

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