there's a group on earth today dedicated solely to the purpose of hiding away facts that might lend credence to Scripture and this is a great subject to talk about with my guest Steve quale because he has delved into if you will the conspiracy to hide biblical truth Gary there's a global effort orchestrated from I believe Lucifer who became Satan to totally destroy to hide cover-up and cover over anything that gives the Bible not that proves a Bible but that basically gives evidence to the Word of God and that it is the Word of God and it's fascinating because for the people that deny that God exists even the atheists and and let's say to a lesser extent the agnostics so many of the atheists and agnostics even the captains of industry are turning to Satanism because at the end of a day it's about power I had a very wealthy oilman once telling me Steve it's not about bragging rights it's about power when you get enough money that you can buy anything by anyone do anything you'd like he said then it becomes a matter of power so what is it Gary we know it's sin but why is it so much that in all of man's acceleration to wanting to be God so many human beings are destroyed see that's the interesting thing to me because when you're talking about the captains of industry and everything they're going to at this point it goes right back to the Bible they want to live forever they want to be like God and they want to determine who is livable I mean who was allowed to live and who basically is gonna die the useless eaters and I am looking here at a DVD forbidden history revealed and Steve has talked here about what he calls the Egyptian presence in America and the Pacific Rim the age now who ever heard of a thing like that the Egyptian presence and we look at Egypt when we think of Egypt today and maybe you've seen a historical perspective or read some books on ancient Egypt what do you think you think of a people totally steeped in idolatry I mean like no other group of people who've ever lived probably they've everything had to pertain to some God or demigod or the worship of of some strange creature who was only part human and and and you think that's a long long time ago that sort of thing is way in the past it doesn't have anything to do with us today and you would say I would say that's the foundation for everything they do this day there is a secret priesthood that even Plato and and and talking about Atlantis talking about the priests of seis sa is some people pronounce to say but there's been an over writing control of ancient history and just as the Great Library of Alexandria was burned there are other depositories of that ancient knowledge and let's face it in any realm of if you will secret society the more esoteric the more these people are built up to believe there's something special and in their world basically everybody but them dies and this is why the Egyptian presence in the Grand Canyon is so important I've photographed the Grand Canyon from helicopters your pilot appreciated I photographed one day a long day we did a thousand miles of the Grand Canyon going up to Page Arizona and then back again with really high-powered cameras but what was intriguing to me Gary is the fact that all of the landforms for instance as you go east of Monument Valley which is the iconic American West where all the great westerns are formed you know you get into what's called the valley of the gods now why is a land formation called the valley gods why are all the landforms in the Grand Canyon itself which by the way is 90% off-limits even to the Native Americans 90% the Grand Canyon you're not allowed to go to and there's a reason for that and we'll get to that okay but they have names that are absolutely unique to Egypt and there is no indication that any contemporary cavalry man or anybody that was an explorer brought that concept because the Native Americans themselves especially the Pueblo people they have a long history of the star people aliens and they also have a long history of the foreigners who came so in the forbidden history revealed for the first time in history and this is what people have got to understand the cover-up and cover over has taken place in the Catholic Church and antiquities I'm not bashing Catholics I'm just saying yes that it was a real thing the Giants that were found in the island of Sardinia some of the stories of those giants are absolutely phenomenal it was on Sardinia that the island of the Giants that's was called I was young did you have contests or something like that the point being is that all of the Giants that were in the Middle East with Joshua and Caleb and gob was going forth and said go kill him they all split to Sardinia from Sardinia they basically dispersed throughout the world and like everything it's interesting Gary they were they were child sacrificing Canaanites cannibals and they went like I said they took that ancient knowledge and went all over the world for the first time in history and this was a gift from heaven there's a gentleman who was invited to go into the secret warehouses of Smithsonian in other words imagine the last scene in Raiders of the Lost Ark the first one and was showing the Egyptian artifacts taken from the Grand Canyon he was showing the giant mummies he was showing giant bones he was showing all of the Egyptian if you will antiquities that were were present and excavated him and I just let it slip a little bit why is 90% of the Grand Canyon off-limits well they'll tell you it's for ecological reasons wrong because US military is literally on the rim drilled in a certain caverns that they identify through all their their technical abilities and extracted extracted giant mummies there's a legend that Mark Anthony and Cleopatra when they knew they were in big trouble with Rome they sent their son Alexander Helios to the west with 50,000 of their most trusted servants scientists etc and for the record they absolutely knew how to circumnavigate the globe the idea of isolationism was pretty much the foundation of the Smithsonian by John Wesley Powell so in other words it was important for the idea that nobody traveled anyplace to to keep the false narrative going because there's even evidence of the Chinese in the Grand Canyon and some of the caves you know just statues of Buddha for instance now forbidden history revealed by Steve quale really talks about this miss man John Wesley Powell his comings his goings he operated on a on a premise and his premise was that there is a certain historical narrative that we want to preserve for the Americas and any other historical narrative we're going to hide away as as quickly as we possibly can now to say that is one thing to see this it's another thing indeed because when I when I watched your production it suddenly became real at the visceral level it this whole thing and I said to myself I now understand for the first time how all of the the conspiratorial ideas that that the world has had locked together into one idea and that is to hide biblical truth that is the consent the bottom line and and the word I was given by the people that fight the things that go bump in the night is that remember it's never what you see on the surface but what's underneath and so when we're talking about the history of the Grand Canyon now this is what else is interesting Gary the Giant mummies were taken to area 51 and it's fascinating that area 51 has gotten the you know the would you say the fame it has they say now were they taken there in a flying saucer yes I just have to ask but no I'm kidding but but I guess we needed laugh a little bit because this is such a bizarre and dark motif you almost have to just take a deep breath and look away once you begin to realize how we have been manipulated well and it's a matrix of manipulation okay it's like imagine a giant tapestry where every threat is evil where every thread is designed to deceive to destroy and then weave it all together and I think you've got the end times now again the reason that this is so important because in this DVD go into I go into the eyewitness testimonies of the genetic altering and genetic engineering labs using giant DNA and basically creating hybrids and creatures if you remember this that even the the rumors of the Golden Age of Atlantis and and hyperborea altima tule shangri-la and all of the if you will legendary mystical places they even have in their oral tradition or at least the legends about them that they were destroyed by the gods plural when they got into genetic engineering hmm and that's interesting because we're talking about a long time ago and we all remember the story in the Bible where Moses and Aaron go before Pharaoh and Moses has the rod the famous rod and he throws it down before the the Pharaoh in order demonstrates the power of God it turns into a serpent basically putting the finger in Pharaoh's face this is what you are you are a serpent and what happened Pharaoh calls the wise men the sorcerers the magician's of Egypt and they did in like manner with their enchantments in other words they threw down rods that turned into serpents as well and so right here in scripture you have to believe it if you believe Scripture that it is possible to transmute an object that is not living into a living being through occult power and my Bible says it I believe it and and Moses confront this power now that power you're saying has extended all the way down into the present and it permeates everything it permeates everything in the occult world it permeates everything in the commercial world in the religious world too you'd be surprised how how you know only God sees who really serves in versus those who feigned to serve Him but what the central serpentine-like thread pattern is Gary is on a hatred for Jesus a hatred for God and again the ultimate destruction by the way conspiracy just simply means if two or more people get together and agree on a planned outcome that is secret that's what a conspiracy is and we see this now the board magic is interesting because when you had Aleister Crowley being if you will the grandfather of rock and roll and he considered himself mr. 666 and you know all of the cultists they all go back to Egypt and they all go back to the Golden Age and they believe they are the recipients of the hidden occult and secret knowledge I propose and this is what's very fascinating and you and I were talking about Mars but the ancients even the Greek times claimed that they could see Olympus Mons the largest volcano in our solar system going off for their naked eye if you look at the Grand Canyon in and the earth and you juxtapose it against the valley Marineros mm-hmm the Grand Canyon on Mars it's fascinating because it's a the Martian versions five times the depth and five times the length and if they were in opposition then you would get probably Roches limit coming into play where a greater gravitational body there can actually generate a plasma discharge between the planets so imagine it's plasma cut and not hydrologically cut why does Mars have a Grand Canyon and the Americas have a Grand Canyon and why is there a Gyptians artifacts on Mars whether you believe it or not Richard Hoagland made it well known and there were actual photographs the face on Mars and stuff but when you take Cydonia in the plateau and you start to geographically sync it with places on in especially in North America or other parts of the world you find out the correlation its Mars and by the way the Egyptians the word Cairo means encampment of Mars interesting now Steve goes fast so you have to hang on tight but what he's saying is that all of those place names in the Grand Canyon Egyptian place names think about that how long are those been there I mean for as long as men have been there I suppose well 2500 years ago as you know the time when a lot of this stuff 200 300 BC so where we're at now and giant beings mummified beings have been found in caves in the Grand Canyon yes are spirited away and kept secret by the way Giants are being spirited away and kept secret because it's part of a of a plan to sort of put limits on what we think and and the connections we make with the ancient world if you can hide all the Giants you can then spin a narrative that as a humanist a narrative and that's what's going on today and that's what this forbidden history is all about in this DVD it's very difficult for me to describe what Steve has done you just have to see the DVD well I think if people are skeptical especially the Grand Canyon Egyptians listen one of the prime ministers of Egypt made a request to the United States government to return all Egyptian artifacts if they were gold but to destroy any other let's say this out of place ooop parts out of place artifacts just to destroy them when you come to our holocaust of giants DVD the parallels to the cover up and cover over that we took place in desert Southwest or that we interviewed different people and went to different sites and everything then you juxtapose that or you you put it up against Sardinia and Rome and the whole Catholic Church cover up it becomes phenomenal that everybody everywhere wanted to do away with the Giants especially in South America but guess what some of the conquistadors kept such precise and concise notes Diaries they want to make sure the King got his share and they want to make sure you got everything and so the point is they talk about one skull where one of the conquistadors took his rapier 42-inch blade put in the eye socket and the tip of the blade touch the back of the skull was just because the stuff we've been doing on giants and stuff that make the guy right about 36 feet tall and this is hard to believe in fact you're shaking your head right now huh how that can't be well just give it a try yeah listen to some of the things that Steve has produced and what you will see in the end is that there is a an amazing if you will magnificent conspiracy designed to cover up a simple fact and that is that God has a system and a plan that goes all the way back before the flood comes all the way up through to us and it involves an incursion of dark forces from above that are in constant if you will constant battle with humanity and this battle goes on to the very present day but we've been I think desensitized to the point though we're not aware of the battle as much as we should be and that's where you come in well again you can't win a war if you don't understand how the battles fought and just like Jesus and the fig tree I'm saying what I try to present is look the root of evil is obviously Lucifer's Satan there are people that want to argue over is Lucifer Satan Jesus said I saw him fall like lightning you know so I'm not gonna make that argument I'm it's just rested in my heart but Satan means adversary sure so the adversarial position of all science all modern science at least the open science is all geared around it's interesting denying God yet becoming God I find that a dichotomy and a paradigm yeah it really is it's illogical I want to stop for just a minute and tell you that how you can get this this DVD and some others that go along with it forbidden history revealed we're making available in a package and it is accompanied by another DVD which is called true legends Holocaust of giants and Tom Horn and by the way you're in this with Tom has put together a remarkable study based upon interviews with the Indians of southwestern America who tell a story that is in perfect congruence with the the overall story that the Bible tells about the Giants and then we have true legends the unholy sea tell us about the contents of this one well the unholy sea is basically the story of all of the Catholic Church under the different Pope's to control the flow of history and to deny the Giants because again then they have to deal with the whole thing of the fallen angel sex with women all that stuff but also as Tom Horne has done a marvelous job of showing people the Catholic Church themselves are into aliens even talking about baptizing the aliens if they came which is bizarre which is bizarre because they're not creating the image and people ask me can aliens be saved the answer is absolutely not because they're not born of the seed of Adam but when they talk about granting robots rights in other words tobor the robot has the same rights as you there's something wrong not it's the people that claim that have loose screws not the robots okay and finally we have true legends tell us a little bit about this well true Legends is basically a video presentation of all of the ancient cyclopean architecture and to use the word cyclopean that means what the Cyclops three of them and ancient Greek mystery but they were the builders a master builders of the human race by the way the word belly hand mythology and legends most people probably don't know that must bring it up a belly hand literally was the Cyclops are so big and so good at building they would crawl on their bellies and dig the giant tunnels I'm not saying that happened just saying that was a legend mm-hmm but the point of the true legends that the the holocaust of giants the technology of the fallen and forbidden history revealed all of them builds the same picture okay and we're told in Scripture aren't we Gary to build precept upon precept and I think it becomes more conducive to people having a great understanding studies show thyself approved unto God that there's too many workmen that don't want to go to the field and there's too many people that think that there have to be at the mercy of some PhD in molecular biology or astrophysics they don't how true now the effect that that these productions have on me and by the way I believe in the divine and full inspiration of the Word of God every last word in this Bible amen comes from God and it is our guide and it is our gift but the thing is when I watch these DVDs every one of them builds in me a if you will a confidence in the truth of Scripture because Scripture rips open the conspiracy human beings would like to hide all this and people like Steve quale go out with the camera and they come back and they make DVDs and you say wow now I really believe Scripture because scripture talks about magic before Pharaoh and it talks about Giants and it talks about the wars between the Giants and and the 12 tribes and these things really happened and when you suddenly when you suddenly go like this and say wow it's true it's all true it confirms the Word of God one of the stumbling blocks that people have and believing God is a God of love and mercy and stuff this is a question you've probably had in your years of encounters with human beings is that how can a loving God tell the children of Israel to go and kill every man woman and child in the promised land right and the answer to that sets a lot of people free because they weren't humans they were hybrids and ladies and gentlemen gods so how should I say there's so firm in his judgment on evil that he will not allow that because then he knew that the children Israel would start having I'll use my word hanky-panky with the Canaanites and basically pretty soon the the uniqueness of God's creation and calling a people out to himself would be tampered with same reason why only Noah and his family were considered so that's the question I can't tell you very how many people said thank you now I understand yes in essence go kill the monsters not because they're misbehaving children but because they are their hybrid and their monster and the Canaanites were a corrupted population totally they were so corrupt and by the way the Canaanites was the religion of the Giants they I believe it was the Giants who originated the bridge and the you know that as the size decreased before the flood they were bigger after the flood the Giants were smaller but the point being is is that the Canaanites are and we're worshipping Cain right now every time one single abortion that's that's a worship that's the blood worship of Cain now I talked about four DVDs and we were trying to make those available to you plus a couple of bonus features if you buy the four DVDs for $100 and by the way that's a real value given what's on them your gift of $100 free shipping anywhere in the US there will be a company by a bonus unearthing the world the lost world of the cloud eaters is a book that goes into the same subject and we have Ryan Peterson's testimony here about how he wrote his book it's called judgment of the Nephilim and this interview deal is all about the same subject from a slightly different perspective so this package of a true legends archeology package is to be found in our online bookstore a package and you'll get all six of these items and prepare for a ride if you haven't studied these things and you need to because expand how you perceive the Word of God even the aliens the tie-in between aliens and Giants is absolutely you can't argue about it because some of the I think it was berry kamesh when he was alive wrote a book something like what Giants in the Holy Land or something like that I forget I read a long time ago but he made the point that some of the aliens getting off the flying saucers that were landing in Israel were basically nine feet tall and so the point is people go there had to be a big spaceship but the point being is so it was fascinating because you've got little ones as you know the greys but at the end of a day at the end of the day that is all designed to take the people of God their heart away from the true God it's if you will it's walking idolatry and the knowledge they'll give you 95% truth maybe but the 5% will damn people to eternal hell and I'm most chuckling a minute ago because somebody for the first time heard about about flying saucers landing in Israel and aliens getting off and they say oh oh I've had it that's where I'm quit let's put it this way Steve studies have taken him into places that make the word of the Lord very very real that is to say there is a battle it is going on even as we speak there are players in this battle they inject themselves into the human race from time to time they have created an alternate race of people the Bible calls them Giants they've taken on various forms and you can believe it or not I suggest you believe it because it will enhance the way you study scripture and forbidden history revealed will kind of add to that Steve I I think it's wonderful that somebody like you has delved into these subjects well it's been my passion and to make Jesus known and again Gary when I when I got saved miraculously saved from the gutter most the uttermost I noticed on a university level just how many people could not answer the basic questions of Who am I where did I come from where am I going and I thank God for the Gaza because it's good news and I want to tell everybody out there God's not afraid of an honest question hey you know people you know people think you play stump the king of glory I don't think so so the point is is that I and I would say this to the listening audience the viewing audience always take it to the Lord in prayer say God I want to know the truth your holy spirits of spirit truth tell me is this real because again Gary it's my word it's your word but more importantly it's God's word and everything I've done believe it or not in all the books I've written everything goes back to Genesis 6 it's the foundation so here's the thing if the Foundation's be destroyed what can the righteous do that applies to the understanding of the Bible in our day there's very little of it well said Steve quale he's constantly on the move he's constantly researching he has connections he understands where the questions need to be asked and where the cameras need to be taken and let's face it he's on the cutting edge Steve thanks for being here thank you Gary it's been delightful I'm Gary Stearman hey we're watching you'd be watching too thanks for joining us on prophecy Watchers you can find us on the web at where you can sign up for our free email newsletter in the meantime keep watching everybody and we'll see you soon

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