in this video I’ll teach you how to use
English verbs in the simple past tense you will learn how to use the simple
past tense in negative form question form and more with lots of examples keep
watching Mark Twain was an American writer he
lived from 1835 to 1910 he wrote many popular books and travelled across
Europe and America was lived wrote and traveled our burbs
in the simple past tense past tense verbs often end with IDI these are
called regular verbs but in English there are many verbs that
don’t end with IDI these are called irregular verbs here are some rules for using verbs in
the past tense negative verb forms in the past tense and questions in the past
tense use the auxiliary verb at do didn’t for negative past tense and did
you for past tense questions please listen to these examples Mark Twain
didn’t go to university the computer sale is over soon so I
didn’t want to wait did Mark Twain live in Australia did you buy a Mac or PC to help you remember these irregular
verbs I made 5 infographics with example sentences that all use
irregular verbs as part of a connected story yanti said she would be here by 6
o’clock I hope she gets here soon I made reservations for 6:30 maybe she went to
the bank after work if she took the local streets she will be late I just
saw her pull into the driveway I knew Yancey would be here on time I got an email from Peter this morning
he’s back from his vacation he gave me a call from the airport last
night when he arrived I thought PETA would be on vacation for
three weeks Hawaii is so beautiful he must have been
sad when he left he put all the souvenirs for his staff
in his bag and then his clothes didn’t fit he brought back a lot of treats for his
coworkers Lisa began to get very hungry our boss
held a meeting on Friday she wrote a three page memo detailing everyone’s
tasks a letter had the last doughnut in the staff break room after the meeting
the team met at a local restaurant it was a great dinner in our company paid
for everything I was happy to have a guide he led the
way during our trip no one took care of my garden and weeds grew everywhere my favorite team lost an important game
last night my friend sent me a message right after the game to tease me they built a new Arena last summer I tried to explain to my friends but I
don’t think they understood why I drew a picture for my student the pencils so hard that I broke it I
spent the next five minutes trying to find a new pencil I reached into my desk
and cut my finger on a utility knife I didn’t have any bandages so we drove to
the pharmacy to buy some I chose a family size box it has 50 band-aids in
four different shapes find these examples and more at my blog
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