Hey, kids. Who’s ready to play
“Who Knows Their Dinos?” – BILL: I sure am, Rocky!
– Awesome, Bill! OK, here we go. Brachiosaurus, Stegosaurus
and Pachycephalosaurus. BILL: That’s a whole lot
of “sauruses”! ROCKY: Sure is! But which one
is our mystery dino? Here’s your first clue. This dinosaur’s name
means “roof lizard” because it had
plates on its back. BILL: Scientists thought
these plates laid flat on the dino’s back, like the tiles or shingles
on a roof. ROCKY: But we know better! Those plates stood straight up,
and were pretty sharp. BILL: Which comes in handy
if you wanna share a coconut. ROCKY: Our mystery dino
was pretty big, about the size of a bus. BILL: Or an extra large couch. ROCKY: This dino’s
front legs were short, which means its head was low. That angle was perfect
for eating plants found close to the ground. BILL: And for sniffing
stinky flowers bushes! ROCKY: This dino
had a very small brain, but a really strong tail! BILL: Well, that was a waste
of a perfectly good coconut! ROCKY: Maybe, but Marsh’s tail sure has saved my tail
a couple of times. BILL: And we sure are grateful
to him for that! ROCKY: So, which dino
are we talking about? Brachiosaurus, Stegosaurus or Pachycephalosaurus? BILL:
Yeah! Who knows their dinos? ROCKY: It’s Stegosaurus! Just like our good friend,
Marsh. BILL: The little kid
with the big, brave heart. ROCKY: Thanks for playing!
Come back soon!

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  1. 0:48 Isn’t this scene new? I know, it’s probably the latest episode coming tomorrow. Call it an intuition. Not to mention this definitely wasn’t seen in the other episodes from before.

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