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State and Local Records Management Team Attends the 2017 NAGARA

[music] [Patty] To be the best organization there is, the best there was, and the best there will be for government records professionals. [David] I’m not playing the social media, I’m pulling up an email from John Hamilton about this NHPRC funding, which I can read to you. [Craig] Welcome to the first breakout session of the day and thank you for joining us to take a look at our case study on how we built
a career ladder in our office in Texas. My name is Craig Kelso I’m the director
of the State and Local Records Management Division at the Texas State Library and
Archives Commission. I’ve been there for about five years now. So our presentation
today is going to focus on our efforts to develop a standard methodology that
we hope will help us solve some issues that Sarah and I had identified when we
started working together. [Sarah] There actually are some clear expectations you know they have a better idea of what it will take for them to demonstrate their
abilities to move from one to the next level, or at least that’s what our ultimate goal is, so I try to have this this process be you know, constructive discussion about
how things are going. You know what isn’t working and how
we can make adjustments and then I can then go back to say okay maybe these benchmarks aren’t suitable and I can make adjustments from there. And I do have two of my staff here in the
audience so if you need to pull them aside later to see if I’m actually telling the truth and actually is a positive experience you can get the truth from them. [music]

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