Hi I’m Liz Waid. Today I’m in Zaanse
Schaans in the Netherlands and Zaanse Schaans is a sort of city that you can
visit with a lot of houses and workshops from the 18th century. So many of these
houses were taken from where they were and put in this small city. And one of
the things that I watched today was the making of Klompen. And you can see these
are mini klompen on a keychain. They are wooden shoes that the Dutch
typically wear well traditionally wear. Another thing that Zaanse Schaans is
known for are these windmills. So these these windmills still work. They make
things like oil, they saw wood, they make spices. So all different sorts of things.
So you can take a look around and see there are many tourists here. You can see
the windmills in the background and some of the small canals. Thanks for joining us in the Netherlands

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  1. This is indeed traditions, only at the farmers maybe you can see any klompen. But nice not to see amsterdam for change.

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