(BEAT-HEAVY FANFARE PLAYING) Let the beat drop. (LOUD BEATS PLAYING) LANCE: I was the world’s
greatest spy. Look at your boy.
Sleepy night-night. And then you turned me
into a pigeon! (SCREAMING) You better un-bird me right now. Technically, you kind of
birded yourself. Oh, ho-ho-ho,
I’mma hurt this boy. LANCE: There’s a bad guy
who needs to be stopped. And now I have to
try to stop him… Boom. …while being a bird. Lucky for you,
I’m your wing man. This is official business! -(YELLS)
-Wow. (UP-TEMPO HIP-HOP PLAYING) -Let’s get weird.
-Boom. -Whoo!
-That’s hot. -LANCE: All right, Kimura..
-Sterling? It’s about to get messy. Time to go
sleepy night-night! (YELLING IN SLOW MOTION) I miss my hands. (GLASS BREAKING)

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