this spider-man far from home is in theaters I gave my review the other day and it did something that not a lot of it's happened many times in Hollywood pass but doesn't happen often which is it opened on a Tuesday not unprecedented it has happened and as a result it has broken the all-time box-office record for biggest Tuesday opening in Hollywood history box-office spider-man far from home watches with a record thirty nine million dollars Tuesday now to put this a little bit into perspective variety goes on to give this information spider-man far from home is off to a heroic start generating thirty nine point two million from four thousand six look at the sizes release four thousand six hundred and thirty-four North American locations on opening day that Hall sets a new benchmark for Tuesday launches passing the previous record-holder 2012's Andrew Garfield led the amazing spider-man with thirty five million dollars alright so will we have now as spider-man's off to a great start sets the record for opening Tuesdays as well a record previously held by another spider-man movie now it's interesting to note this the amazing spider-man with Andrew Garfield which had a thirty five million dollar opening Tuesday it ultimately went on to have a sixty five million dollar opening weekend he said wait how did it have a six five million dollar opening weekend if it started off with 39 or 35 remember opening weekend still only counts the weekend you're gonna hear some numbers being thrown around about spider-man far from home but you've got to remember that they're talking about its six-day opening or its five-day opening the actual like things like Box Office Mojo will still count the proper opening weekend which is a Thursday night to Sunday and of course spider-man far from home isn't going to have so when you hear and not so impressive number about spider-man far from homes official opening weekend keep in mind that a lot of people went to go see it before the weekend started including a record-setting 39 million dollars on on its opening Tuesday so you got a lot of people who's gonna go on Tuesday Wednesday first part of Thursday so what's going to happen rob is we're in here an opening-weekend number from spider-man far from home it's gonna be like 80 million dollars or 90 and sure enough arbors gonna go whoa why did spider-man far from home flop because that number doesn't count the first few days earlier in the week so don't worry about it it's totally fine it's gonna do really really well so with spider-man Rob let me ask that was with the amazing spider-man making 35 on its opening Tuesday and ultimately 65 on its opening weekend where do you think spider-man far from home with a thirty-nine million dollar opening will do with its official weekend and by the way you saw it yesterday give us your quick thoughts on the movie as well I really loved it I liked it a lot more than Home Coming it's definitely up in the upper echelons of spider-man movies for me I was surprised and delighted by it I wish it was 20 minutes longer I would like to see they talk about how they removed a lot of the beginning and they're gonna include it as a short film on the blu-ray or the DVD I could have used that in the movie I loved it I thought it was wildly entertaining it was so much fun to watch I loved the relationships you pointed out zendaya and MJ's relationship with Peter and how it developed over the movie was also delightful I just thought it was just a lot of fun I was thoroughly wildly entertained and what do you think about what its gonna do with this bomb well here's the thing 39 million bucks on a Tuesday I was opening day you've got that day today could it could maybe equal that tomorrow is independent state people usually are partying and doing something else but I think over the weekend I think you could be looking at they were estimating 125 million for the entire until through Sunday yeah why when t52 150 I think that's what I'm thinking 180 I think that it's gonna it's gonna it's gonna be closing in on 200 million by Monday morning right you're not talking about for opening weekend properly show the whole thing right I mean opening weekend if you're talking Friday Saturday Sunday I mean I could see it doing a hundred yeah that could be with you know it could do a hundred you you've got Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday in addition to that so by Monday morning you're gonna be close to 200 million dollars with this movie Chris you had a chance to see spider-man far what were your general thoughts I loved it so much there are so many tiny tiny details so I really want to see it a second gun this second time just so I can see what I missed but I think it's so wonderful I love Tom Holland I loves India in this I really think they're doing such a good job and I really like that they're just focusing to that their kids and I think that the way they're handling it and their relationships and how they're reacting to situations makes so much more sense than any other spider-man movies we've seen before and I like that Tom's playing into Peter Parker is awkward Andrew Garfield was great but he was too cool as Peter you know he was a little too slick Tom Holland is running around as that awkward kid trying to figure it all out and live up to the potential he's had kind of thrust upon him so yeah I think it's wonderful I wanted to go see it for a second time yesterday and I knew I liked it the first time around but the second time I watched it I was saying before we started the show I loved that relationship between zendaya and Tom Holland and I wasn't sold like I prefer homecoming to be honest we'll talk about that a little bit more but I wasn't really sold on her in homecoming and I get granted she's not Mary Jane Watson so this is a different character than Mary Jane Watson but I don't know why but in this movie I fell in love with their relationship and I generally do not like romance in my superhero movies at all with very very few exceptions that I'm telling you what that was one of the big standout parts to me and I really like sand day in this and how did they make her look four years younger in this movie than she did in homecoming because in this movie she almost looked like a child when you looked at her and you look at her homecoming she looks a little gruff or a little older and whatever but I don't know whatever it is you're right they played out that aspect of them being kids which is great so we'll see what this thing does at the box office now it's off to a great start just again guys after Sunday and we hear the official opening weekend number and it sounds low to you don't panic because that number doesn't include all the money had already made so don't freak out about it when you hear that all right with that

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  1. Saw it in Wednesday at a 4:30 showing and only around 50 people were there and after the movie ended everyone left, I counted and only myself and two friends and 2 other people stayed for the end credits … Only 5 stayed?! Like iv never been so disappointed how many missed those credits

  2. I just came to see the movie, July 4 and is disappointed almost sleep and boring. I will like if I can get a refund. Sorry this Spider-Man can not compete with the others ones. I am done with Spider-Man.

  3. Is this really news..
    its a mcu movie coming off of endgame and its one of the most beloved comic book characters..add all this up and why wouldn't it break a Tuesday record?

  4. Domestically, this movie made more on a Tuesday night than Dark Phoenix did over its entire opening weekend

  5. Loved the movie except for the romances. Fucking hate Zendaya’s emo-ass MJ. Bring back Liz from Homecoming. Also, Happy getting ass from Aunt May is really weird.

  6. I think this movie lacks the rewatchability of Homecoming and the first half is slow so I don't see it making as much as the first one domestically, but I could be wrong. I think it's still going to make a billion worldwide though.

  7. If it opens on Tuesday of course less people will go on the weekend. Of course this won't stop the usual chorus of DC fans and haters declaring it a failure

  8. This movie made almost exactly what the first day (also a Tuesday) of The Amazing Spider-man made back in 2012 when adjusted for inflation. Considering the massive trend over the intervening years towards increasingly front-loaded box office results, I see the opening day number as very unimpressive and maybe even cause for worry. I think this could be a backlash because after the MCU hype was all over with, Homecoming just wasn't that good at the end of the day. But I hope people give this Spidey another chance because Far From Home is miles better than Homecoming.

  9. Went to watch it on a Tuesday in Australia, the whole cinema was sold out, I even saw a group of people sitting on the ground just to watch it. Great movie

  10. Just got back from seeing it. Great movie and I might be in the minority here but liked it quite a bit more than Endgame. 2 after credit scenes are great especially the first one.

  11. I would like third MCU Spidey film titled.
    "Spider-Man: Out of House & Home" or "Spider-Man: You Can't Go Home Again".

  12. Saw it Tuesday night and stood in line for tickets and snacks for almost an hour. My theater was lit when the post credit scene came on

  13. I loved this movie, favorite part was when Peter and MJ were on the bridge and she said that she "knew" he was Spider-Man and then said she was what, 67% or something that he was Spider-Man. The movie was awesome, for me, 10/10

  14. Do you guys think stranger things will affect the box office for Spider-Man far from home since people will be staying home watching stranger things on Friday ?

  15. It’s actually kinda disappointing I don’t see how the six day gets higher than 150 from this many people were expecting 175-180

  16. Far From Home made more money in China in 4 days than Homecoming made there in total for it's entire run. Pair that with it's great domestic numbers and the $billion club is looking very likely.

  17. Went to the midnight showing, packed theater and the fans were having a great time! No surprise that it broke records, this film will be a hit.

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