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  1. I love Josh's content, it's awesome! Please continue to have Davin with the confetti canon at the end of the challenges lol

  2. Josh has that Ash Ketchum karma. Keeps failing the challenge by just a little. But just like Ash, one of these days he's gonna succeed! And we'll be right here to cheer ya along the way 🙂

  3. This series reminds me of ash in Pokémon, took him 20 years to finally win a league but eventually he did. Hopefully one day Josh will have a record

  4. Paused at 7:05 id be afraid to get bit x.x nails lolol

    After the episode. I feel really bad for both josh and Nicole. After words josh looked like he was about to hurl and nicole need someone to talk to…..

    But also nicole wasnt plunging her finger in the middle and ripping in half basicly like in og video.

  5. Why was Lucas wearing two pairs of glasses? Great job Josh, but I think that you should find an easier food challenge to try.

  6. I look forward to Josh's episodes. He is a great addition to the team. Now we just need a Cotton Candy Randy show for adults on Saturday nights.

  7. I thought I was watching this in 4D because the person next to me just so happened to peal a grapefruit at the exact moment they started the challenge.

  8. Josh, my one college brother from another mother college, you're doing the best yet at what you do, keep doing it! Got my adrenaline pumping in this one

  9. I used to have my students compete at eating as many m&ms blindfolded with chopsticks for 1 min. The world record is around 20 in a minute.

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