[“Star Wars” theme] [train clattering] [engines whooshing] [dramatic music] [electricity crackling] [music continues] [hatch whirring] [beeping] – Coaxium, enough to power a fleet! – Or blow us all
straight to hell. – [roars softly] – All right, talk to me. Is it a good day? – It’s a great day! Best day of your life,
my grabby friend. – I don’t know. You’ve never been
to a mynock roast on Ardennia. It’s nuts! [blasters firing] – Here they come! Get down to the couplers! Rio, fall back! – That didn’t take them long. [blasters firing] [exciting music] – [groans] [music continues] [train clattering] [suspenseful music] – [roars] – Chewie! [blasters firing] [music continues] – [groans] [roars]
– [yells] [grunts] – [roaring] – You all right?
– [growls] – Little close there, buddy. [blasters firing] – Han, what’s the holdup? – All right, together. Now! – [roars] – [grunts] – [growls]
– [grunts] [laughs] All right! [blaster fires] [dramatic music] [exciting music]

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  1. When Beckett us in a gun fight with the imperial troops and the camera rotates around him, amd the whole scene lights up because the blaster fire…so crissspp beautiful work by Youngs.

  2. This comment section proves why solo flopped at the box office because of episode 8 and not because solo was bad, BECAUSE IT WAS GREAT AND FROM WHAT I CAN SEE EVERYONE LIKED IT IN SOME WAY.

  3. Pretty much an underrated star wars movie. Not the best but it is a starwars movie. I feel like most of the hate only happened bc it came after last jedi. Other than that, I'll probably be picking this up when it releases

  4. The Imperial flight academy is a great scene!! Why was this deleted at all? 🤷‍♂️ what the hell you guys are doing over at Lucas film? HAVE YOU SEEN STAR WARS???

  5. The reason as to why they don't use a ship to transport the fuel is because using a train is cheaper.
    That's like saying why do they transport things on earth using trucks when we have planes.

  6. This show is toxic to the fandom…Garcia drinks our tears…hildago craps on our theories… Rian calls us a holes, JJ calls us nazis, bearded guy loses his last drop of seratonin

  7. why didn't the alien dude use his ship just nock or block the Stormtroopers off or shoot them am sure most ships had weapons??!

  8. I regret not seeing this film more than once. I don't know how it got away from me, but scenes like this were awesome in my opinion.

  9. Listen. If you haven't seen this film, watch it. It, along with Rogue One, blows away TFA and TLJ. I'm currently reading the novelization to Solo and it makes the movie that much better. Ron Howard did a phenominal job.

  10. Haven't seen the movie yet, once I get a copy, I'm looking forward to Lando's on screen performance with the moisture vaporators! I hear it gets a little steamy!

  11. Ama be honest here, I watched this movie without expecting much but i ended up really enjoying this movie. The Last jedi was just something we most fans wish to look past upon and look forward to newer films.

  12. I'll be honest, Star Wars has come a long way. They carried Disney and set up Marvel and now will exist no matter what. I knew it would continue to only slow down after one bad movie, but billions of dollars later, and setting the bar for even The Avengers, good or bad, it's been established and is here to stay.

    The phenomenon has become an establishment.

    I just want to say thank you to Disney, for the chance. All the way From the street cosplay, to the suits in the boardrooms, who work with Lucas Films and Lucas arts and the ones that don't , even the guy that delivers the stuff to the local corner store . All the hardcore Star Wars fans that's continuous for Star Wars no matter, you are awesome… from the games to the posters to the drawings to the fan art to the pros to the big movies to the new projects to the side stories to the histories to Cannon to George Lucas and back to the fans since the beginning and to us here today. Magnificent. You are truly the greatest living fandom ever. Only with your existence and mentoring has the Marvel fandom had a chance at becoming something marvelous. We have come a long way. And we continue to open the stories two new people and old people with New Perspectives. George Lucas your Genius even if you don't think so but you know so.

    The force is proud. You've been the hero you've been the villain you've been the moderator but no matter what Star Wars fans you are what the galaxy of Hollywood stars needed… to renew a vision of the cinematic to create a new landscape.

    Keep it up and remember the Force is with us, always.

    The most amazing fan base of all time, I am humbled.

    v2 lol

  13. I just bought the movie on Blu Ray from Amazon and it’s coming next week. Can’t wait to watch it!
    edited later Never mind. It just came today!

  14. Twenty minutes before I went in to see the movie, I got the news that someone I admired passed away. I knew he wouldn't want me to put my life on hold for him, though, so I went to see it with him in mind, and when this scene came on, I knew with my heart of hearts that he'd have loved it.

  15. ok, the movie should have included more of the first heist crew, and been far more based around the heists than the callbacks.

  16. Watched ‘Solo’ on my own (honestly!) in the theatre and loved it-the casting was spot on.
    It’s a shame these stand-alone films are being shelved,both have been great so far.
    Actually ‘Rogue One’ is possibly my favourite STAR WARS film of all time-and I’m a 47 yr old,massive Star Wars fan,who thought nothing would ever come close to ‘Empire’.

  17. They made the music waaaaaay tooo quiet here I mean listen to the actual score called train heist by john powell and you'll get what i mean

  18. Whilst Tlj legitimately deserved the hate it received this movie did not. This was actually a decent movie bar the SJW droid andLandos retconed sexuality. I feel like the hate projected towards this movie was stemmed from Tlj and people boycotting this movie did it out of spite because of Tlj (I know because I was one of them) but I feel ashamed now that I did not economically support this decent Star Wars movie. Forgive me lord Lucas.

  19. Why does this universe have trains when they already have spaceships that don't run on tracks and can move tons of cargo to precisely where it's needed?

  20. this scene is fun, both the totally rad Range troopers, their magnetic boots. Also to show these difficult firefights Star Wars has. The heroes aren't doing much better here. And the one trooper going down you can see the armour itself wasn't penetrated badly (or if at all, the burn mark and him falling over makes it kinda hard to tell), despite the powerful blaster (syncs with the canon lore of how their armour works). Pretty dang cool movie. We need more Range Troopers. Heck! A movie called "Stormtrooper" or something like that, seeing a trooper grow up within the Empire and see their motivations etc, would be badass. For some more looks into the insides of the Empire.

  21. This movie could've been a success. Unfortunately it had to suffer because of The Last Jedi, and because of the nepotism displayed in hiring Alden Ehrenreich when Anthony Ingruber would've been the perfect choice (no offense to Ehrenreich).

  22. How does Beckett know what hell or even the concept of hell is in a long time ago in a galaxy far far away 🤔🤔🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️

  23. Solo should of been a live action gritty TV series called "SW Underworld: Crimson Dawn". A Solo origin story was fun, but a SW Underground centric show would of been the best choice. Would of loved to see Rio, Becket, Val, Enfy Nest, Kira, Jabba, Black Sun, Droid Syndicate, The Pikes, Corellia, Maul, etc in a fleshed out narrative. Unfortunately Kira would of been probably unavailable with Game of Thrones.

  24. I do not understand the existance of the train in general. Why they dont use flying cargo ships or freighters? So they dont need to build the railways through obstacles and mountains.

  25. One thing that’s pointed out is why do they need a train on tracks in a universe of spaceships that can deliver this stuff quicker.

  26. The visual effects and camera work in Disney's Star Wars films are truly stunning.
    Especially in Rogue One and Solo – Something about the color grading and effects feel so solid, especially apart from the main new trilogy.

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