poisoning always watching TV well I mean you watch TV don't worry about what I do I'm grown okay you need to read a book or the exercise or something what reading a books not exercise yes it is it is if I say it is you know I got the perfect book for you oh okay there you go Guinness Book of World Records oh what's inside this book records get your eat TV read more you would know that you idiot you need to read it look look got all kind of interesting stuff Oh baseball and probably like somebody with yeah fat people everything okay oh wait a book yeah read more than you know I'm gonna go watch TV something healthy for me well you get to watch TV but to look at it look this looks really cool whoa the fattest man in the world Oh chef peepee always has that be oh the tallest man in the world whoa look at all these world records hey I think I could set a world record oh my god so many ditches I thought I watched more dishes than anybody on the third baby what do you want jr. well my dad said I did you start reading books more so he got me this book called the Guinness Book of World Records book and records in it you've set a world record yeah you will never set a world record it actually takes talent to set a world record and you don't have it well I can put aside picking your nose oh I can sing you can sing it alone for me please okay go ahead oh my god you just almost made my ears bleed I was horrible that was just horrible look until you get Italian you're never gonna get in that book I'll show you I'll get in that book I'll get it by tomorrow then you get in that book is the bear that I'll admit that I'm gay wait so you are gauged seven admitted to it yeah no no the day that I'll say that I'm gay I mean you got it wrong baby says I'll never set a world record I get set a world record all this stuff looks dumb I can hear with my mouth yep our dinosaur and look at your eyes you look like you've seen a guy's don't you just saw one all this stuff is very stupid oh I can't stick my tongue out and say well no I can set a world record hey it says right here if you want to set a world record there's someone in the Guinness Book of World Records corporation has to be there to witness it so if I could call up and they come over then you know I said a million world records and get this whole book with my face on it and sheppy will be like Oh Julian so cool that's what I'm gonna do I'm gonna call him right now oh my god there's the guy from the Guinness Book of World Records okay I can do this I'm gonna set a hundred records okay hello oh hey you too Kenny said he's gonna break a hundred records today yeah something like that we're gonna break as many records as we can today wow you must have a lot of talent ever seen anyone do that before yeah a lot of times doc come on side we just start breaking up all right sounds good okay come in here I call this the record breaking couch because I'm bout to break so many records oh I see you get the book they even know what some researcher yeah the book is what motivated me to do this yeah okay well let's see it see why see the record you're gonna break a record right well I don't know how but what I don't know how to break a break I mean I don't know which one to break I mean isn't that what you're here for well then why did you call me saying you were gonna break hundreds of records today well I mean the book said that you have to witness it for it to be in the book so if I happen to break one I want you to witness it so you want me to just hang out here all day with you until you do something cool yeah I mean that's that's your job right well not really usually people have it look I'll give you two hours and then I'm going home okay two hours is all I need okay so what record should I try to break first huh that's up to you okay um his loudest burp a record sure yeah all right watch this okay are you standing up straight it's like is about to blow you over with this Burke okay I'm ready Wow Wow that was wolas there's a hell of a burp you got there yeah right not it's not even close I'm sorry that was that was barely a burp okay okay let's try with uh loudest fart would that be one I I guess so yeah how about that okay that was gross and also it's not a record what was it loud it was not even know it was there was terrible sir want me break a record okay well usually people like eat a whole bunch of food is something that they eat a bunch of food yeah like like the kobayashi guy a like 53 hot dogs in 12 minutes or something no like 70 hot dogs in like two minutes okay we'll give it a shot all right hey baby thank God I'm finished watching all of these bitches I need you make me 70 hot dogs 70 hot dogs who I'm trying to beat the world record for most hot dogs eaten in 12 minutes Julia we already established this you're not gonna be any records today yes I am no you're not I need you to make 70 I love you please make 70 hot nuts the record anyway 53 hot dogs in 12 minutes I'm gonna eat seven because I'm awesome you're not even gonna eat it that fast we have like two narrator oh we only have two yeah well um makes it two and bring them to me on the table and I'll try to break a record with break the record since you think you're gonna break it I am whatever all right are you ready to time me that is not 70 our thoughts not even close well we don't have 70 hot dogs we only have two oh okay so what do you get a break with those um okay so the original record is what fifty three hot dogs in 12 minutes yeah that's right all right so um I'm gonna eat two hot dogs in three seconds Wow okay that'd be pretty cool go and go ahead give a shot oh well it's not work yeah yeah that means I would love to see that all right two hot dogs in three seconds on it okay all right all right tell me when okay go wait I wasn't ready okay okay how would I do this tell me when go when I wasn't ready yet well I'll tell you what I'm ready and then you said go okay okay uh I'm ready go I had a birth now your burger yeah the loud one alright I'm ready and go oh I'm so oh I ate so much hey mister how long has it been it's been 45 wait 46 minutes 40 minutes yeah Oh mom did I break the record no absolutely not you took two bites of one hotdog and you spent the rest of time crying about your stomach hurting well I mean I have a small stomach apparently yeah well um okay I didn't do that I didn't eat in three seconds no obviously what if I eat one hot dog in half a sec no no we're not gonna do it again we proved you can't do that so well then how about how about that what what was that hardest throwing a hot dog on a wall on an apartment that's really specific I don't think that's a real thing well no look I got one I got one record sheet okay look I'll ask them about that okay I got that one okay so um what did another one uh how about how about fastest time saying your ABCs yeah that's that's a real one okay okay okay watch this watches ABC TMZ no you said ABCDE of Z that's no no no no no you weren't listening baby no you skip like three-fourths of the letters let me see these not that's not the elephant baby wait you can say it fast too but of course because it's not actually the alphabet those are just noises you make okay won't it try something else okay well obviously me and you share that record what okay so how about fastest time counting to 100 okay if you could think if you think you can do it go ahead all right what did they hundred they said one to three hundred that's not really no I counted really bad didn't understand me watch what did the other you just did it again did the same you said one two hundred one hundred you just say one hundred those aren't you're not even quite honest how about how about fastest time saying 100 Oh what you're not even saying it but I'm very each time you just what I just say you know what let's move three three records no I heard no no just try to wine here to stop what try to break a record in here just look around try to find okay um what can i what kind of record can I break in the kitchen mmm okay how about fastest time putting the bread back in the pantry what no I'm gonna go you're just doing chores now this isn't even really okay what's the record I didn't count because it's not a real record okay I got that one well they're like six now No okay anyway another one how about loudest cabinet slam no that's not a record just gonna piss your neighbors off nothing real record way like 20 now okay how about longest time sitting in a microwave that's that's actually pretty dangerous I know I know what can come out of it what are you doing come on you and I both know you're not gonna keep this up oh wow you did it oh I'm so impressed that I think that's what I think I was like seven now wow that's okay yeah well oh man that was a hard wreck okay I'll Audis microwave slam that's not I'm not gay got that one ah okay okay how about biggest brain freeze let me get you ice cream oh okay I got the ice cream mister now are you ready for the world's biggest brain freeze I don't really know how I'm gonna measure that well you're gonna measure on how loud I scream okay yeah it sounds pretty frozen alright alright so uh let me get my uh fork oh oh yeah I want the record for first person to eat ice cream with a fork you're definitely not the first person to do that well yeah I'm still like Jeff that was okay so um hmm alright before we do this record how about I set the record for most gummy bears on an ice cream what what does that even mean making a mess with gummy bears let all those gummy bears yeah that's a lot of gummy bears yeah is it delight gummy bears I don't know if it's a world record of gummies yeah it's that's a world record no one's done it yet have they I I think they probably have eggs no no so Lenny so I've already said like what up seventeen records at No alright so how about fastest time to count my gummy bears stop why stop look I don't want to share your hopes your dreams and nothing but you are too young for this and you kind of and if I don't think you ever gonna break weight the most retarded person ever is that a record no no no no you're just stupid you just rock stupid and I don't think you gotta break any world records maybe when you're older you're a little more mature and a little less stupid I think maybe you have a chance of breaking a record but for right now I don't think it's gonna happen sorry you got my gummy bear bass no hmm I guess chef peepee was right I'll never said I won't wait a minute wait a minute gummy bears you're giving me an idea hey mister wasting my damn time hey sir okay look don't leave yet I have a record that I can break I promise just just come back and wait for two more minutes to ends okay you have two minutes no more no less okay fine okay mister okay stay right here give me two minutes okay look that way don't peek okay I'm gonna set the biggest world record ever all right two minutes okay okay okay and I got a hammer I'm gonna make the coolest thing ever okay mister 30 more seconds okay to be done okay thirty Seconds one Mississippi two was it o-o would your pork would you prefer what authority what's done my world record wait wait right here you're gonna be so impressed all right let's get this bad boy out the world's biggest but you you made that damn thing yes the word biggest gummy bear look how big you say I'll have to inspect it but it okay yeah I smashed together a bunch of small gummy bears they made the biggest one ever well I don't really know how that's possible but you made the world's biggest gummy bass the world's biggest gummy bear okay this is a record a world record we made the world's biggest gummy bears so I said no no you said one ok record but I'm still pretty impressed this is this is you're going in the book yeah it's really big isn't it so so I'm going in the book you are in fact going in the by I have to put you in next year's one though you're gonna be a next year's edition what's this this year is already printed no no I have to go in this book at the rubbish Fe BJ's by Kimberly where I give you my book you put in that book I could glue it in short all right I'm gonna go rub it in chef babyface thank you so much how you get believe in yourself you can do anything you do get you anything how much try this dummy beer oh my god I can relax hey baby oh god what do you want turn to page 57 oh this stupid book again yeah turn to page 47 hi jeez and you're gonna be showing yeah I mean in the kitchen oh my god he must forgot your goodies for me no I didn't get my cookies here from you I just smashed a bunch of gummy bears together and made the world's biggest gummy bear oh wow that's the scream surprise I can't believe you actually got in there yeah so I hold up your end of the deal what are you talking about come on you did it make your gay no no no no I was just kidding it was a joke Junior no no okay you know what I'm calling the Guinness Book of World Records for biggest liar Chevy but you said if I got in the book you and you would admit that you were gay I'm not gay I'm really not gay it was a joke I was just saying that you would never get in the book because you really weren't gonna get in the book well I got in the book so uh whatever just stop being a sore loser chef peepee wait is this picture taken here glued actually so you didn't break the record I can't be in next year's edition so it's not being a bunch o world ugliest face right here for them for The Book of World Records in biggest nose and stupid as mustache you know okay so we just got done filming the the Ballard jr. breaks the world record video yeah but and this is the world's biggest gummy bear yeah so yeah so we're gonna take weird your taste test and Pablo's to Nikki we're all gonna take a bite of it I'm gonna take a bite of it all right all right that's pretty forego it's pretty good good smells like diabetes right one bite me bite his nose off slow motion for this make out with it okay give it a long mm-hmm max oh yes clean all we're good he's been through a lot today that's very good it's pretty good you will never eat the rest of that alright how much at all it's all of it how long do I have to do it in 30 seconds 30 the no record

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  1. Lol junior knows that reading a book isn’t exercising but he doesn’t know that the sun isn’t a planet

  2. Junior isn’t even funny he’s just stupid Logan was just jealous of Jeffy and wanted some attention so he tried to make his own Funny character but he’s not funny he’s just retarded

  3. Junior already made a record tho. He is the slowest hot dog eater in the world!!! Another record is being so funny! The most funny person in the world!!!

  4. I wanna be the fastest runner so I can tell my bully to go fuck himself
    P.s. this is a joke no bullying was involved in this comment.

  5. Here are the official records.

    Mario sets the world record for “the most high person on earth”

    Jeffy sets the world record for “the most diaper slaps in 60 minutes”

    Cody sets the world record for “the gayest guy ever to live”

    Joseph sets the world record for “the poorest kid on earth”

    Chef pee pee sets the world record for the most abused chef”

    Brooklyn T. Guy sets the world record for the guy with the fattest wife.

    Shrek sets the record for the man with the biggest poop ever.

    Woody sets the record for the man to eat the biggest shrimp.

    Like so Logan can see! 👌

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