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  1. Too bad they couldn't work it out and stay together. I think they could have won at least another 4 championships together… at least 4.

  2. 4 titles , 3 finals mvps, one time mvp, 15 time all star. Only thing that brings him down on the goat list is the number of different teams he was on

  3. Kids today don’t understand how good shaq was, when people say shaq wouldn’t fit in today’s game oh he would. Teams would change their strategy, young/prime shaq could run down the floor catch it and give a hook shot or dunk it. Doesn’t matter about shooting 3s, 2 points is better then 0. Shaq would average 40 in today’s game, no one would be able to guard him.

  4. He dominated when all the great centres were very old on their last legs or retired. And the new generation of bugs were not that dominant. The good players in that era were not big enough, KG and Duncan were not centres. This fool Shaq got destroyed by Olajuwon I can never call him dominant.

  5. Aside from everything he did on the court, Shaq is very hated from a lot of people. Michelle Beedle said he’ll never be respected because of the disrespect he showed to players like D Rob and Yao

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