It ought to be impossible to describe a creature as looking old fashioned, but that’s exactly how Sirocco looks. With his big side burns and his victorian
gentleman’s face. It’s actually nice to see him wandering around
in the forest undergrowth. You can see he’s got very good camouflage. He has, that colour is incredible. So evolution hasn’t entirely rendered him
useless. Hello. Are you gonna look in the lens? A typical male, Sirocco is clearly only interested
in one thing. Oh, hello! Oh, look a that! Ow! God he’s got sharp claws. He’s getting a bit frisky. Ow! Do you think it is a- he’s actually attempting
a sort of mating ritual? He is? You are being shagged! Ow, wow it’s sharp. Look, he’s so happy! I’m sorry but it’s one of the funniest things
I’ve ever seen. You are being shagged by a rare parrot. He thinks you are a female. Ow! He’s really going for it. Wow, you’ve chosen him. Actually, you are in pain aren’t you. It’s alright. Oh, his neck-. He’s fine but it’s really sharp claws. Did that hurt? Yeah, it did hurt. Yeah, you’ve got blood there and blood there
and blood there. We should patch you up to be honest ’cause
it’s not good. Well! I want you to call the chick- when you have
the chick, I want you to call it Stephen for me. Would you do that? I’m not sure how to take that. A little egg will come out of your mouth. Ladies and gentlemen you’ve seen a television
first. You’ve seen Mark Carwardine who has devoted
his life to conserving animals, actually taking an active part in the conservation and breeding
of a whole new generation of a whole new species. Homo-Kakapens. He’s going to give birth to a little kakapo. We’re very proud of you. Do you want to have a go? I think I’ll pass actually.

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  1. To the people who don’t know, the dancing Minecraft bird was based on this bird for the way it looks at the camera

  2. O look at that, I know what was on the mind of this very focused Bird, It is the man that was observing his friend getting It very strang reaction. Hmm

  3. 2009- nah
    2010- nope
    2011- uh uh
    2012- nope nope
    2013- maybe
    2014- not yet
    2015- what it's dead?
    2016- oh wait there's one left
    2017- still no
    2018- possible
    2019: ok this is a good time to show you guys the video.

  4. Lots of band names and song titles. Shagged by a parrot performing tonight. With their hit get this parrot off my scalp.

  5. Everything is nice until u see a British guy out of nowhere. They just have a reputation of ruining everything they join.They simply don't have that friendly, good-loving character. I'm about to vomit. I disliked the video.

  6. The Kakapo population just went above 200 individuals in August 2019! There are still more chicks yet to reach 150 days old (the age they are added to the population as individuals). The Kakapo population got as low as 51 in 1995 so this is amazing news! Keep surviving guys!

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