ready to go everybody's in line and they're on nearly got the mic quite suppressed on the outside secretary the way very well as good position on the rail and in fact is not going up with the leaders they're moving for the first turn it is Secretariat sham on the outside is also moving along strongly and now it's jammed sham and Secretariat are right together into the first turn my Galindez there behind them then it's twice offense and the perimeter is private smiles as they go by the turn those two together sham on the outside Secretariat second then the large staff they can eat links back to Mike – rinse forth and private files is no there on the backstretch it's almost a match race now Secretariat's on the inside by a head Gambas on the outside they open clear link my head with it in the history of this race Secretariat has accomplished breaking the mile-and-a-half record by two and three fifty seconds that is a record that maced forever the time of this race 224 almost unbelievable but the head of this stretch Secretariat have already destroyed this field as you can see he was almost equal increments whether a sixteenth of a mile in front if anything from hand I'd never used with it made it almost embarrassing for the rest of the heart I suppose you can't really be embarrassed by being beaten by the greatest horse in the past century that's the wire Secretariat all alone and then it's such a problem to count lengths from that point I said 25 it could conceivably have been more

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  1. @1:44…..ALL~TIME CLASSIC CALL !! I was just 10 on this day in 1973, wonderful memories and I think those of us who get a tear in the eye watching this now 46 years later is because, #1) IT was HISTORY in the making and #2) it reminds me, of being a kid growing up in the east bay town of Pittsburg and remembering EVERYONE the next day saying " did you see that Belmont yesterday ? ! "

  2. There's a difference between winning and winning "convincingly." In this case, there's no more convincing win than Secretariat winning this race. If you want to nominate "a race for the ages," this race is it.

  3. Es impresionante cuando una “PELICULA” termina gustándote tanto, y luego enterrarte que es una película basada en los hechos de la vida real. Ver a la dueña de SECRETARIAT saltando y celebrando de alegría al final de la carrera tan hermosa y tan real como en la película, verla viva y siendo parte del elenco de actores, siendo parte del público, ver que el video ORIGINAL de las carreras de SECRETARIAT son hasta más impresionantes que la de la película, aunque carezca de colores, buenas tomas, nitidez, pero ese locutor en verdad que era un buen locutor de la carrera.
    Todo esto es tan impresionante, e increíble, que me cuesta aun creer allá existido un caballo tan inteligente, con un deseo de correr y ganar tan fuerte y tan consiente por sí mismo. Y cada vez que leo mas, y veo más sobre este caballo, aun mas me sorprendo, la película está perfectamente hecha, pero aun no muestra todas las grandes facultades y dotes de este caballo, aunque hablan que al principio lo único que hacía era comer más que 2 yeguas preñadas, y dormir, el caballo marco su propio ritmo y carrera desde siempre. GRACIAS a su dueña, a su cuidador, a su entrenador, y su jinete que le dieron esa libertad, y todo lo que deseo y necesito para su sano crecimiento, y toma de decisiones. Con otro tipo de dueño, entrenador, cuidador, y jinete. Hubiera sido un caballo indomable y feroz. Este GRAN ROJO creció, sano mentalmente, fuerte, vigoroso, y con su orgullo intacto, y muy fuerte. Sin dudas factor importante para llegar a tener un corazón tan grande y fuerte entre tantas cosas. Grande este caballo, y su historia. Hay mucho que podemos aprender de este caballo y de su vida. Admirable en verdad. Y GRANDE DISNEY GRACIAS. Sin el cual nunca hubiera conocido al súper caballo y esta impresionante historia.

  4. When can anyone agree on anything? Right here! About Secretariat! He won the Kentucky Derby and the Preakness by his great stride and his great ability to destroy oxygen. He was lazy, so during a race, he came from behind, but yet, would win. After the Preakness, they were going to REST him, but his trainer said NO, "we are going to train him hard". So then, during the Belmont when he was running stride by stride with Sham, he was using his two great talents of stride and his lung/heart stamina, but couldn't prevail because HE and SHAM WERE WELL MATCHED! However, during those nanoseconds, something clicked within his brain. HE HAD A NEWFOUND GIFT, just recognized, during his "training hard" pre-race prep. The POWER STROKE! Watching him when he started pulling away from Sham, he was adding this POWER STROKE as if he were a schoolboy, testing his limits, pushing each leg off of the dirt with such force, he was FLYING! Delighting in this revelation with his great heart-lung capacity he was relishing this newfound ability to see HOW FAR AND HOW FAST HE COULD FLY, ACCELERATION upon ACCELERATION! His determination to revel in these abilities ENCOMPASSED THIS ONCE IN A LIFETIME EVENT, where it seemed the MOMENTS OF TIME ITSELF, STOOD STILL while HE and HE ALONE, OWNED THAT PORTION of TIME and SPACE, FOREVER

  5. This, in my opinion, is the greatest individual athletic performance of any athletic performance in the history of athletic performances.

  6. Won by 248 feet….the distance from your goal line in football to the 18 yard line on the opponent's side.

  7. God made his heart 💓 three times the size of the average 🐎, the tremendous machine remark is, quite literally, true, and his heart WAS the machine driving the horse power.

  8. A magnificent athlete. I saw this race and it was a magical horse race that will never be duplicated.

  9. Secreatriat 'may' have been juiced. Incredible that he had the capability to make it work, but….c'mon….really?

  10. I was watching this. Watched all of his races. His time still stands. Offically the fastest Horse ever.

  11. Almost incomprehensible that there could be a human that thinks we came here to hear your dripshit music. We didn't.

  12. Where are all of the Man O'War fans?… if man o war was in this race he would have gotten beat by a real horse!

  13. Get any horse in history and big Red would own them in a race,most dominant performance ever,I still get chills watching the race!!

  14. Even more amazing than Secretariat’s time is the fact that he was still accelerating as he crossed the finish line and ran each quarter mile faster than the one before it. Also he was not whipped once during the entire race.

    Incredible performance by an incredible athlete. There will never be another Big Red.

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