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  1. How can one branch of government have so much power that it can corrupt the system and not be held accountable. No branch of government should have unbridled power

  2. Send the Police out to haul their worthless skins to court. They must appear. We the people! me being one, want to see this happen. long over due. o7

  3. The Democrats have crossed the Rubicon. There is no going back. Prepare for war. Get the guns ready, because I assure you, its coming.

  4. Enough Child's Play !
    President Trump bring up charges on them for what they're doing to your rights .
    Our Constitution and civil liberties are on the table as of now . There's a definite threat happing !

  5. WHEN is Adam Schiff's SECURITY CLEARANCE going to be revoked …Why is any one wasting their time mulling this over . He is GUILITY of a Blantant Abuse of Power …SPYING ON AMERICANS ..without a warrant !!! Take his CLEARANCE NOW !! I do not want my phone records hacked by this PEVERT…Anyone one in AMERICA could be next !!!

  6. FOX RT : Where it ok to spread lies , Where Trump can lie , Where you can ask Russia for help against on live TV and Yell lock her up without breaking any laws 😂

    TRUMP 2020 FOUR MORE 🇺🇸

  8. Everyone of them Democratic socialist pigs needs to be dragged out and hung in public
    And the Senate has the power to remove any member of Congress for making false statements and committing treason .
    If not We The People
    The true masters of this Constitutional Republic will enact the 2nd Amendment accordingly to the law

  9. That piece of Schitt is the one who needs to be impeached. Why the hell is he not in jail?? If a regular person had done that the LEAST they would get is sued.

  10. Anyone supporting him needs to get it through their thick skulls about what the democrats are doing to change this country in a very disturbing direction. Someday your president, your party may be the one to be hated and harassed. I’m betting when that day comes, you will expect us conservatives to be level headed and support your outrage. Be careful what you wish for.

  11. Who is listening or reading anything that that guy is publishing…They know that there scared because all of them are freaking out when anyone talks about Ukraine…there loosing there minds and America has there numbers…W tells us to enjoy the show… WWG1WGA

  12. The democrock party clowns where turning rabid, but now they are full blown rabid. They are like a rabid animal with rabies and should be put down like an rabid animal.

  13. This is a dark period in America. The president's civil rights have been violated and Trump haters keep pushing it, not realizing that they are chipping away at their very own civil rights in the process. It goes to show just how stupid they really are.

  14. It turns out every one of them is or has been the subject of a related investigation BooHoo.
    Nunes is especially full of it as he is under two current, related investigations. Republicans who play with the corrupt Trump will get caught and Trump will throw them under the bus. Its been Trumps pattern his whole life.

  15. Why can’t they file ethics complaints on this scumbag lunatic. This guy needs to be removed for mental incompetence. His blatant lying and corruption is only laughed at but his abuse of power is not laughable. We need to all write senator Graham and demand the judicial committee get Schiff for brains records.

  16. was a crime committed? they want to take President Trump to trial for calling some fake news???? in court there is disclosure

  17. Adam Schiff Must be Eliminated From Congress and This Planet. I cannot wait for the day when Schiff catches a Bullet while out in Public!!

  18. And we can’t do anything to stop this? Where is the leadership on all this? Why can’t we bring law and order to these situations.

  19. Treason is a big deal for America!! But not for the members of the house for all of them are above the LAW!! They get the free pass with no consequences!! For they have emunity!!

  20. The democrats think abuse of power and digging up dirt is what to do on Tuesday. The duplicity is outrageous. They think all they need to do is hold the faithful that watch CNN and MSNBC. It's time to impeach these criminals and arrest the treasonous idiots complitic in the MSM.

  21. Quid Pro Quo – He's got to go! That is Republican legal scholars saying that. 35 million was held back from getting to Ukraine and Mr. Giuliani is looking for any way he can to find someway of deflecting from going to prison, which he most surely will. All Mr. Trump's fixers end up in the slammer. That's not me saying that – that is the reality.

  22. AT& T own CNN ….but why did the NSA help him also !!!!
    It's there crimes there terrified of being found out , Adam Schiff handlers are controlling him ( what's he got to hide ? Ed Bucks pal )

  23. President trump? We the people are behind you we want you to walk right in the house of cons whit military arrest now now god bless you mr president trump and god your family and god bless America 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  24. Trumps felcher Hannity .
    Nunes is head of the Republican house committee defending Trump .
    But cowpoke Nunes has been found ob be part of the effect to get dirt on Biden .
    He has been found out to be complicit in the crime that was committed.
    Yet the cowshit stain on humanity has been calling it all an hoax.
    Those phone calls make out him to be a liar and part of the effort by Trump, Guilani to get dirt on Biden for Trumps personal gain .

  25. Schiff is going to be the fall guy. I think this has been orchestrated by the left for awhile. They don't care if Schiff gets in trouble. This is a much deeper and darker game. It certainly isn't logical 11 months out from the election. Who knows what they pull next. Scary indeed.

  26. Why won't Nunez give the American people a straight answer. He has been asked about the phone call twice by Fox News and both times he has refused to answer that question.

  27. Spying on candidate Trump, spying on President Trump, spying on journalists and political rivals and they want Trump to be impeached ? The congress and their spying on political rivals and citizens is out of control.

  28. Because in the walls of Congress he can say whatever he likes, with immunity…so long as he isn’t under Oath. Once under Oath, he’d not be able to tell half truths, misdirect or lie. If I were him, I’d be doing everything possible to not testify as well.

  29. My understanding is that it wasn't just the "phone records". I've heard they recorded whole conversations related to this subject. Anyone else heard this? Or something close to it?

  30. Schiff is a dirtbag. He will soon be proven a liar, a traitor, ans on and on. I hope he becomes a cell mate with Bill… Bill will find a use for him.

  31. Shifty, JB, Hunter, Obama…And So Much More Money Laundering, Via The UKRAINE CORRUPTION COMPANIES…And Where The Black Book Really Came From…,The DozyAye…. SHIFTYS BEEN HIDDING….A TRUCK LOAD OF UKRAINE MONEY LAUNDERING DEMOCRATIC CORRUPTION…!!!!…And You Can Link It All Up Care Of The "DOCUMENTED CORRUPTION UKRAINE MONEY TRAILS"….. "SUBPOENA" Them All, Because They,Will Not Go Quietly Into That Goodnight…!!!!🤧 Shifty, Won't Be In Charge Of The Real "FAIR" Trial At The Senate Level…So SHIFTYS LAUNDRY IS ABOUT TO BE BLEACHED CLEAN….!😷😧😬🤧

  32. Its absolutely clear that mr. SCHITT is mentally disturbed and should be arrested on the spot!! What is wrong with America!!!

  33. Shiff was granted immunity with these impeachment hearings, but having that on his side, shouldn't give him "carte blanche" to do as he pleases! Can't wait till this charade by the Dems. gets to the Senate for a vote! Trump's popularity has soared during this! And the American people are fed up with this partisanship displayed by the Dems. Nancy Pelosi didn't want to go through with this before, what changed her tune? Probably the fact that if they didnt try at least to impeach Trump, that he would be re-elected. They can't beat him in the voting booth, so they figured, let's try to impeach him instead! Trouble is, they really haven't established just what grounds they have for impeachment!

  34. Dem's are simply accusing President Trump of what they are guilty of the more this play's out the more clear its becoming. Its really the only defence that they have to try and force a stalemate at the border by accusing him of what they know he's going to find out about them.

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