Scar is one of Disney’s most memorable villains,
but the 2019 Lion King movie has changed some crucial details about the evil lion’s origins
and story. Yippee-ki-yay, movie lovers, I’m Jan and in
this video I’m explaining the new secret history of Scar that’s revealed in The Lion King remake. Plus I’ll tell you how the new movie addresses
a long-standing fan theory that Scar and Mufasa aren’t actually brothers. Some spoilers, so take care if you haven’t
seen it yet. Don’t forget my giveaway is running, so be
sure to subscribe and let me know your thoughts about Scar for a chance to win. The origin of Scar’s name and how he received
the wound on his eye were never addressed in the classic movie. However, there’s a vital addition to the remake’s
version of the following scene: “Perhaps you shouldn’t turn your back on me.” “Is that a challenge?” “Temper, temper. I wouldn’t dream of challenging you.” In the 2019 version, Scar says “I wouldn’t
dream of challenging you again” meaning that there’s already been a confrontation between
the two lions in the past. And I think the new film hints that it was
during this previous challenge that Mufasa gave Scar the signature wound across his left
eye. For example, in the reworked story, when Mufasa
begs his brother for help during the stampede, Scar viciously slashes him across the eye
which sends Mufasa plunging to his death in the gorge below. This is a change to the traditional animation
where Scar flings Mufasa off the cliff. By adding the face slash in the remake, it
suggests that the villainous lion is taking revenge in kind for the scar Mufasa gave him. Now, what’s also interesting about this change
is that it seems to invalidate the backstory given to Scar in a book series that was a
spin-off from the classic film. The first story of that series, “A Tale of
Two Brothers”, recounted that Scar was originally called Taka and that he changed his name to
Scar after getting into a scrape with a buffalo that slashed him across the eye with his horns. Although that book series was authorised by
Disney, it’s not entirely clear whether it’s ever been canon as elements from it don’t
fit with the animated Lion King sequel. Either way the 2019 movie suggests a brand
new origin for Scar’s signature wound. Another change in the remake that’s quite
likely related to that fateful challenge between Scar and Mufasa is Scar’s new backstory with
Sarabi, who was Mufasa’s queen of the Pride Lands. In the new movie, a subplot involving romantic
jealousy has been added to Scar’s origins, and the first hint comes at the beginning
of the new story when Scar says to Mufasa and Zazu, “As you know I have tremendous respect
for the queen.” In fact, in the novelization of the new Lion
King film, when Scar says that line it triggers an intense anger in Mufasa. This indicates that Mufasa and Scar’s rivalry
over Sarabi has been stewing for some time. And it also reveals that, as well as wanting
to rule the Pride Lands, there was an additional motive behind Scar’s personal feud with Mufasa. Later, after Scar takes over as king, Sarabi
accuses him of overhunting, at which point he reveals “long ago you chose Mufasa over
me, but now there is a new king.” With Mufasa gone, Scar now requests that she
join him as queen. That new dialogue reminds me of a deleted
scene from the 1994 movie where Scar was wondering why his subjects don’t look up to him like
they did his brother: “I’m sick to death of him. What did he have that I don’t have?” “Adoring subjects, respect of your species,
a loving family, a devoted queen, shall I go on sire?” In the remake, Scar realises that he’s unloved
by the rest of the pride and believes that, if he can make Sarabi his partner, then he’ll
gain the respect she has from the other lions. “Yes I need a queen. She would rule by side. We’ll have cubs, little Scars running all
over the place.” In the deleted scene from 1994, Scar actually
proposes to Nala rather than Sarabi. Like Simba’s mother, Nala also refused, and
Scar responded by threatening her. “Nala, Nala, Nala.. You know you really have no choice. One way or another I always get what I want. Either be my queen or be forever banished
from the Pride Lands.” Scar’s creepy threats in the animated movie
were also going to be one of the reasons that Nala decided to leave Pride Rock to look for
help. And there’s another nod to that deleted scene
in a brand new scene for Nala in the remake, where she has to sneak around Scar and the
hyenas before she can get away. Another change to Scar’s backstory is that
in the new version, he doesn’t team up with the hyenas before his visit to the elephant
graveyard. Now when Scar arrives, it’s clear there isn’t
an alliance between them yet as they even threaten to eat him. This is quite different to the first movie
where the hyenas are obviously on familiar terms with Scar. “Oh Scar, it’s just you.” “We were afraid it was somebody important.” “I mean, you’re one of us. I mean, you’re our pal.” He even brings them fresh meat to eat. “I don’t think you really deserve this. I practically gift-wrapped those cubs for
you.” Given Scar’s lack of familiarity with the
hyenas in the CG reboot, it seems like his plan to send Simba to the elephant graveyard
wasn’t something pre-arranged with them. He was simply hoping to take advantage of
the hyenas’ natural behaviour and that they’d kill and eat the young cub of their own accord. There’s an interesting change to how Scar
guilt-trips Simba about Mufasa’s death in the remake. This time Scar takes Simba into the gorge
specifically under the pretext that the little cub needs to practise his roar. “This gorge is where all lions come to find
their roar.” “Watch this!” “You’ll get it Simba. Just takes time.” “Dad will be so proud, won’t he?” “It’s a gift he’ll never forget.” By contrast, in the 1994 classic, Scar tells
Simba to wait there for a “marvellous surprise” from his father. “Oooh, What is it?” “If I told you, it wouldn’t be a surprise
now, would it?” and, rather deviously, only mentions practising
his roar as a throwaway line, in passing. “And just between us, you might want to work
on that little roar of yours, hmm?” However, in the new movie, Scar deliberately
and clearly links Simba’s roar with his father. “Even Mufasa came here when he was your age. Refused to leave until his roar could be heard
above the rim.” Which firmly plants the seed in the young
lion’s mind that practising his roar led to his dad’s death. That makes Simba feel even guiltier later
when he thinks his father died trying to save him. And when Scar arrives to find the poor little
cub grieving over his dead father, in the remake the villain twists the knife even further
with some brand new lines that weren’t in the animated movie. Scar says to Simba, “Your father had such
hopes for you, gave you so many chances. And this is how you repay him.” Then after asking the young cub “What will
your mother think?”, in the new version, Scar also tells Simba,
he’s “A son who causes his father’s death. A boy who kills a king.” Something that’s confused Lion King fans for
many years is a theory that claims Scar and Mufasa might not really be brothers. I think the new movie gives its own answer
to that question, but just before we get into that, we need to review the evidence for why
Scar and Mufasa might not be related by blood. The moment from the 1994 movie used to support
that theory is when Scar compares his intellectual and physical capabilities with Mufasa’s. “Well, as far as brains go, I got the lion’s
share. But when it comes to brute strength, I’m afraid
I’m at the shallow end of the gene pool.” The theory claims that what Scar’s really
saying is that he and Mufasa aren’t genetically related. When it comes to the theory, there have been
some conflicting attempts by the animation’s filmmakers to clarify the situation. In a 2017 interview with Hello Giggles, producer
Don Hahn said, “[While making the movie] we talked about the fact that it was very likely
[Scar and Mufasa] would not have both the same parents. Occasionally there are prides that do have
two male lions, [but] they’re not equals. One lion will always kind of be off in the
shadows. We were trying to use those animal truths
to underpin the story so we sort of figured Scar and Mufasa couldn’t really be from the
same gene pool.” But while Hahn heavily implied Scar and Mufasa
weren’t brothers, to add to the confusion, a couple of weeks later, The Lion King’s director
Rob Minkoff told Screen Junkies the exact opposite, saying that he wanted to clear up
that Scar and Mufasa were in fact brothers. Despite all that, the 2019 movie seems to
take a few steps to provide more clarity. First of all, Scar’s “shallow end of the gene
pool” line has been replaced and he now says “when it comes to brute strength,
I’m afraid my big brother will always rule.” So, the original line which seemed to trigger
the theory has been scrapped and substituted with Scar specifically calling Mufasa his
“big brother”. On top of that, there’s another change at
the end of the new film. Just after Scar confesses to Simba that he
killed Mufasa, a new line has been added where Simba asks him, “your own brother, how could
you?” The emphasis on this new line implies that
Simba is completely outraged because he views Scar’s murder of Mufasa as even more heinous
as the two lions were related. Disney also used the opportunity of remaking
The Lion King to fix a number of other mistakes and confusing moments in the classic movie. You can learn all about those in my other
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  1. Can I just point out to those who think that scar may not be mufasa’s brother, at the end of the lion king (animated) scar says to simba “we’re family. You wouldn’t kill your own uncle?” And simba replies “no scar, I’m not like you.” Which is basically implying he doesn’t turn his back on family like scar did. I believe scar said the same thing in the remake.

  2. Isn't Disney going to get this story straight? First, there is the novel you mentioned. Then, there is The Lion Guard. Now, there is the live action remake. It's seriously just getting way too confusing. 😡

  3. I think new scar could’ve been great. BUT. What makes og scar so scary and lovable is the fact that he seems to love every bit of what he does.he smiles, he cracks sarcastic jokes, and although he is a Debbie downer, he is still witty and clever socially. New scar doesn’t smile, he doesn’t crack jokes, his song (the best song in the og movie) could hardly be called a song, he’s just a stone cold angry killer lion. Which is cool, he’s intimidating. But he will always be missing the signature spark that he should have. He seems more of a shallow character, he has no personality. Yet I do like that they added more backstory in his dialogue.

  4. Actually scar got is scar from a snake that some lion yeeted him too, it was told in the lion king a few episodes ago-

  5. Hey you’re going to be surprised about this but I just thought of the shorts and the lion king was fake well you are so long because there is one shorten the real lion king is really only one shot this is no scam shut that was real is the Sun and the beginning of the line count that actually happens in Africa and score in the flat or not actually brothers were just two lines like each other and then the Disney classic its course I will look at my big brother he just said that because he wants to be his brother but he never wanted to be his brother anyways was just saying that so we can be his brother

  6. What i'm trying to figure out is zazu hmay have suffered from memory loss because when Mufasa went to save Simba and Zazu started panicking in the 1994 version "oh my god this is awful what am i going to do, i should go back for help" then scar knocks him out against the wall i thought zazu should have remembered being knocked out from scar and maybe he would have gotten a clue that scar was up to something.

  7. Also if zazu wasn't knocked out from scar i'm sure he would have saw scar trying to throw Mufasa off the cliff and he would have tried to save him that would have been nice😭😭❤

  8. Guys they actually WERE brother why did you have to change that!? Remember when Mufasa said :SCAR BROTHER HELP ME!!"

  9. UGH. Ahadi and Uru became mates. Then, Uru had Taka/Scar and Mufasa. Mufasa looks like ahadi and Scar looks like Uru.

  10. Scar got his scar from a snake if u watch the new lion gaurd it sais that he was tricked into a trap were a snake slashed his eye and the snake had venom that made him evil

  11. I already knew this this is not new and scar is very weak because he never eats he only gives the hyenas his food and he only eats mouse

  12. Scar: you will be my queen Nala!
    Nala: No!
    Scar: oh wait, that's right you're my daughter. Shit… alright then. TAKE HER AWAY!

    Get it? Because you know, lion prides usually are commonly seen with only 2 male lions, and how Scar and Mufasa are the only other lions that are males aside from Simba. Glad this was never addressed in the 2019 movie!

  13. I like how scar makes simba feel way more guilty then he is and that he doesn't put zazu (did I spell that right?) in his mouth and then spits him out

  14. Actually it was venomous bite on the face that turned scar evil. The Venom changed his thinking. Watch Scars original story when he was he was young and led the patrol of the Guard. Unfortunately the Movie and Sequel Series The Lion Guard Season 3 was released at different times. But. It wasn’t Mufasa. It was Venom that poisoned his thinking.

  15. @8:18 I agree with him despite the evidence mufasa and scar could be related because they both have extra tuffs of hair on the knee joints which would mean they are masai lions so based on species of lion I would consider mufasa and scar genetically brothers I just want to add a comment I never mean to correct.

  16. Wow, i always assumed scartaka got a scar from a water buffalo in the stampede. I also seen this in driveway theaters.

  17. Well as far as actual prides go if there are any other male lions other than the ‘king’ they are normally fought out or pushed down to beta through fights if a leader is challenged. (tho there is normally only one male lion in the pride that being the leader.) With that the les dominat male will grow ‘sickly ‘ becuse they eat last. the male lion with the fuller lighter main is seen as having good geens and more leader like worthy.
    And tho it is in fact possible they are brothers it’s most likely they are only half brothers due to the fact there is normally only one male lion in the pride and many females.

    (Yes they ‘mate’ with there kin.)
    So I beliVe it’s Morley possible that the two half brothers were born around the same time and then when the time came for a new leader/king they had to fight of corse to determine who was fit to lead. Hence why scar got his scar.and seems to be cast out away from the others (even if he does have a subcluted personality.)
    Or – it could be likely that scar and mufasa fought of Sarabi to see who would be aloud to have her .

    Just some things –

  18. I love one little scene in particular in the remake. Where Cub simba has his back to scar and says " one day il have to give you orders" and the camera pans in on Scars face slowly and you can see it's taking everything he has to not rip Simba to shreds right then and there.

  19. When u look at scar he has a small mane skinny and different coloured fur
    Mufasa:big mane yellow fur stronger
    How do u say dey are bros …..wHAat ARe U ThInKIng…THeY loKKk ToOTSlY dIfFeReNt

  20. I think scar is evil and I really like how in the new movie he still has his droopy muzzle I also think he is really clever

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