Every October, I would work at a corn
maze for a barn that hosted a haunted house. My other friends worked inside the barn as
monsters to scare people, and I ended up with the lame job of making sure no one snuck into the corn maze for free. You would assume my job was boring, but there
were lots of weird things surrounding the corn maze Some of my co workers would scare me by saying
that if I lost track of a kid, they ended up as a meal for the creature that lives in
the corn maze. I never believed them for a second, but I
still made sure to keep track of everyone that went in and out the corn maze. The maze was huge, so it wouldn’t surprise
me if someone actually got lost in there. Luckily, the owner gave me a map to navigate
the maze just in case someone really got lost. Every night before I left, I had to go through
the entire maze to make sure no one was still there. On a particular night, I was going through
my usual routine when I noticed that the corn maze had an extra path. I double checked my map and knew for sure
it wasn’t there yesterday. I decided to take a look down the path, just
in case someone got lost there. As I continued walking, I felt like I heard
footsteps that weren’t mine. I stood still for a second, and the footsteps
stopped a second after. I thought maybe one of my coworkers were messing
with me, so I turned around ready to yell at them. I caught myself by surprise when there was
no one there. I knew I was probably just being
paranoid at this point. I told myself I was the only one in the corn
maze, but deep down I felt like I wasn’t. I thought back to the ‘creature’ that
my friends said lived in the corn maze. I shook my head, denying the possibility. Eventually I came to a dead end, and realized
I was completely lost. I turned around to attempt to navigate my way back to the barn
when I saw a shadow quickly move behind a corner. At this point I was annoyed, “I know you’re
there.” I said out loud. I turned to look into the corn maze and saw
something. I felt my heart drop. But then I realized it was a scarecrow. I felt a little dumb, and laughed while beginning
to walk out the maze. I heard some rustling and turned back the scarecrow was gone I tried to pretend like I didn’t notice
and walked normally towards what I thought the exit was. I knew I didn’t know the way, so I just tried
to stall for as long as possible. Someone would notice I was missing, right? was that scarecrow always here?

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  1. Congrats on 100K Seon! I'm a big fan, it's so nice to see that one of my favorite youtubers finally reaching 100K. Love you a lot, stay blessed!~

  2. This reminds me of a school assignment I had in middle school. We had to summarise the creepy short film, called “Alma” .. definitely recommend checking it out. Gave me the chills.

  3. somehow i was thinking if the workers know about this and they’re doing it to keep the business running. great video seon! 🖤

  4. I just love the animation and how it was narrated pretty great for a chilling horror animated stories , I like how catchy it was ….

  5. Why did this remind me of the movie 'scary stories to tell in the dark'???

    Love the animations and stories👌👌👌

  6. Well that a shite e way to die and I cant help but think that the Scare Crow monster is just like the one from Goosebumps and are you afeard of the dark? to some d? So glad that I am not her

  7. I watched a movie last night that was kinda similar its called "scary stories to tell in the dark"

    Watch the trailer

  8. The Girl: Someone would notice I was missing right?
    Her Friend: I feel like someone's missing
    Her other friend: Nah man

    Sees her…

    Her friend: Hey look at this scarecrow…she looks familiar!

    Her other friend: Ohhh yeah
    Her other friend: Maybe its an extra decoration

    Then leaves

  9. Always have 3-5 people working in the maze, and I'm thinking..A drone to control so they can easily see if someone is stuck or not.

  10. Damn this gave me chills! That creepy scarecrow monster goes after wondering people and replaces their faces! I bet the face on the scarecrow before was another worker from a long time ago! Just another replacement for the hungry scarecrow to eat and use!!!

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