– What’s up guys, it’s Sam and Colby. – And this is our
greatest party story ever. So we decided to throw a Halloween rager. But the only rule that we’re going to have is you had to be dressed up. And we meant like if you were my mom you could not get in the party unless you were dressed up. – Had to wear a costume,
had to be over 21. And we could not get shut down. – We had just gotten like
a final warning saying, like if we ever got
caught by the cops again that would be our last party ever. – And because we’re
really stupid we only gave people 24 hours notice about this party. Yeah we only thought about
200 people would show up. – Which is a good thing
’cause again we could not get shut down by the cops. But unlike with the other
parties we tried to make it as soundproof as possible. We locked all the doors. We blacked out the windows,
like we were trying hard. – Our house basically looked
like an apocalyptic shelter. But instead of the canned foods and stuff we had a lot of vodka. So you know the party starts, everybody’s just socializing. Drinking a little bit. There’s like 100 people, maybe 150. – About 30 minutes
later another 200 people randomly show up at our house. – Now the party’s a party you know. It’s literally shoulder to shoulder, nobody can even move at all. Everybody’s super drunk
’cause of all the vodka that we bought ’em. – And dressed up. We got like nurses, you got Greek gods. – And our friend Jake was Dora. I was a pig myself. Sam was Peter Pan. At one point there was a giant mime. – Just on stilts so
he’s like 12 feet tall. Walking around, no one
knows who invited him. No one knows who he is. And he can’t answer our
questions ’cause he’s a mime. So he wasn’t talking. But as more and more people
come in we’re both like we can’t have the cops come. Like we can’t. And it’s getting pretty out of hand. – Yeah, it was getting scary. – Our friend Dom comes in right after that with 20 other people
dressing just like him. So we got 20 clones
walking around this party in a mob. – Yeah he came in with
his friend David who had a flamethrower. And literally pulled Sam and
I to the side and was like, listen guys, can I use this in your house? Is it going to burn the house down? No. Well, are you going to pay
for any damages that happen? He’s like yeah. So we were
like okay, that’s cool. Listen, as long as the
cops don’t get called, go for it, why not? So now before we even knew
it David’s literally standing on our counter in our
kitchen with a flamethrower waving it around. – While there’s hundreds of people around. Inches away from this flame. It’s crazy. – And now it’s like eight
million degrees in the house so there goes our sound proofing. We had to open all the doors real fast. – And now that meant
the sound from the party is leaking out of our house and into the entire neighborhood. – Now Mo Bamba comes on and
you know that’s everybody’s jam so literally 400 people
just started having a mosh pit in our living room. Screaming (bleep). – [Both] Bitch, Young Sheck Wes
and I’m getting really rich. – That one right?
– Yeah. So at this point Sam
and I look at each other and we’re like dude. This is bad, we’re going to get shut down. Like that’s the last
thing we want to happen. And so we went outside. I look to my left and
there’s literally people in shopping carts. Where did they find those? Pushing each other into the pool. – The cops showed up and
it wasn’t just two cops. It was like 15 cop cars. And 15 cops at our door. And then 40 walking around
the entire neighborhood. – So now all hell has broken
loose as you can imagine. People are just screaming,
running everywhere. – Jumping the fences. – Yes, into our neighbor’s yard. And to make things worse
nobody wanted to go and man up and talk to the cops. And we’re dressed as a pig and Peter Pan. And we’re just like are we really going to have to do this right now? – So I hiked up my tights
and walked straight towards the cops. – And while we’re arguing with the cops there were other cops
that went into our house and started kicking people
out, filing everybody out. And so basically behind us
there was just a walk of shame with people having their phones out, recording us talking and
arguing with these cops. We even saw the mime just
walk past and go like. Next to us and were just
like (bleep) you man. – We weren’t going to win this battle and we didn’t. The cops gave us a $200 fine,
a notice that said we cannot throw anymore parties. So we moved. – Alright guys, if you liked this story, make sure you go right
there, click subscribe. Take it. – And if you want to
see more videos from us, go subscribe to us, Sam and Colby. – Do it.

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  1. Wassup guys! I dropped 3 songs (one musicvideo) so it would mean the world 2 me if you would give sol honest feedback. Having so much fun with music lately! Love from germany <3

  2. I hate mo bamba with an indescribable passion. I was at a party and that song came on and in the mosh pit I was just like 😐

  3. That's why they moved from the Traphouse ohhh🤣🤣🤣 Goin out witha BANGGGGGG….. or more like a sea of drunk people doin the walk of shame🤣🤣🤣

  4. “we only thought about 200 people would show up so it was cool”

    How did you think the neighbors wasn’t gonna call the cops on a party of 200? Let alone 500! Damn that must have been some Project X shit. Shame I missed it.

  5. i saw the halloween party on davids vlog lol and i saw dom and his friends who looked like him ane david and them all on the counter and i saw colby and sam behind david while david was on the counter with the blow torch

  6. "so we moved" I was dead but actually go subscribe to sam and colby and subscribe to their personal channels: sam golbach – colby brock 💯y'all the best

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