[music] I would like to share some of Baba’s Leelas that took place in our lives, through which Baba showed us
that He is always with us. I would like to share some of the Leelas with you,
for your faith and devotion toward Baba will increase. Until now we have only read in the book that Baba has said,>This Leela is a testament to that Truth, that although Baba left His body, He is still very much with us. The only thing required is to have faith
and the deep feeling that He is with us,
that He has not gone anywhere. I will share a beautiful experience with you. I started having many small experiences, like I mentioned the Haldi sprinkled on the floor, and Baba giving me Darshan in the staircase, So I would ask Baba, “Baba, do I really experience your vision and Darshan, or am I simply imagining it…? Like on Diwali, when You accepted Mithai from me, and I washed your holy feet…” So I always asked myself if Baba was indeed gracing me with His Darshan… how would I know this was true and not a figment of my imagination? My husband is also an ardent
devotee of Baba, and does a lot of Seva We perform all the Aartis of Baba at our home.
From the past 6 years, I have been waking up
at 3.30 am to do the Kakad Aarti. It is due to Baba’s grace that I have the strength to
wake up every morning at 3.30 am for the Aarti,
come rain or shine. It is only by the Grace of God that this is possible. Every night it is my husband’s routine to do the Shej Aarti and make Baba sleep, and on that particular night, after he did the aarti in the shrine, he turned off the lights and drew the curtain. I woke up at around 2 am and saw that
all the lights of the shrine were on, I silently went to the shrine and saw that all the lights were on, and the curtain was drawn back. When I went upto the door, I saw the Divine form of Sai Baba. There was a very bright glow like the moon,
it was a divinely beautiful sight. Baba was standing in front of me in His Divine form I could not believe that I was seeing Baba
Himself. It was a celestial sight. Even today when I remember that moment,
and see that form of Baba, I feel deep joy. Baba was right there before me,
and my eyes shed copious tears. I then asked Baba, “Baba, do I really see You?
Do You actually give me Darshan, or am I imagining?” Baba then put His hand on my head in blessing and said “Yes, you do see Me, I do give you Darshan.” Another question then came up, and like a child who keeps putting forth questions to his parents, I asked Baba, “Baba why do you give me Darshan?
What have I done to deserve your Darshan?” Baba then replied, “You have an old connection with Me, there is a link between us. If you are not, then I am not,
If you did not exist, I would not be there.” I was not able to understand what Baba was saying, because I did not have the understanding;
I was a mere devotee who could not
comprehend what He meant. When Baba said, “I give you Darshan, I am
visible to you, and I only give Darshan to you,”
(and not to the other family members) I felt tremendously blessed,
and a sense of pride stepped in. thinking, “See, Baba gives me Darshan, I must have surely done something good in the past.” This is what went on in my mind while I was before Baba, the light radiating from Him was so intense that my eyes could not tolerate the brightness. It was as though someone had suddenly turned on a whole lot of lights before me, and my vision was slowly diminishing. Then I said to Baba, “Baba, you grace us with so many Leelas, and if I share these experiences with others, some believe me, and some do not.
What must I do?” I started crying before Baba, I said, “Baba my mind is pure, I wish to show
the world only that what You show me, I do not wish to get recognition of any kind.” Baba said “Don’t worry, even I was mocked and taunted, even I was driven out of Shirdi. People tried to cause me harm in Shirdi too,
and you are an ordinary human. Nobody trusts anyone that quickly.
But those who are My Devotees and believe in Me
will definitely believe these Leelas. You only tell those who have Faith in God, who have Faith in Sai, only they will believe these Leelas.” Saying this, Baba went back into His formless aspect. That day I realised that all the Leelas
that we were experiencing, should be discussed and shared only among
those who will respect these Leelas of Baba, for only those devotees who have Faith
in God will accept the Leelas of God. After this happened, I now realised that Baba indeed
graces me with Darshan, and it is not my imagination. One question however remained unanswered, I wondered why Baba had said that I had a past connection with Him, “You are Mine and I am yours,” Baba had said to me that we were linked by
a past relationship, I wondered what it was… I have never really read any spiritual books in my life for I am a simple and ordinary person, and I am not accustomed to go here
and there, seeking information, in fact, the Sai Satcharitra is the only
Holy Book I have read in my life… and maybe I could not read anything else because
only Baba’s book was destined for me. However, I had heard from other devotees about
Astral Walks, where the Soul travels
and the body stays where it is. I used to wonder about astral walking,
I was amazed that the soul could travel while the body stayed motionless, it sounded like a big thing… One night while I was asleep, I felt I was being lifted up.
I could not understand what was happening
and who was pulling me up. and then I saw that it was Baba who
held my hand and was lifting me up. I could see that I was going with Baba, and
I could also see myself as I lay asleep in my bed. I was a bit confused,
I wondered where Baba was taking me. there was a slight fear in my mind,
I wondered where I was going… I had a sudden fear, was I dead? As soon as Baba lifted me, He immediately
took me through a dense forest, His walk was extremely brisk, I found it
very difficult to keep up with His pace. As we kept walking, Baba looked back and
twice He addressed me as “Baija Ma”.
I was completely taken aback… I stood transfixed, and for a moment, I couldn’t move.
I looked at Baba and asked, “Baba, Baija Ma?” Baba then said “I had told you, hadn’t I,
that we are bound through old ties.
You are my mother, my Baija Ma. If you were not there in Shirdi, I would have died.
I could stay, I could live in Shirdi because of you.” I still could not understand what was going on,
why Baba was saying “Baija Ma”. We continued walking and reached an old hut. Baba took me inside. There was an old frame there inside,
a very, very old frame… it could be at least a hundred years old, and in that frame I saw an image
of both Abdul Baba and Sai Baba… Baba then said, “Do you know who this is? This is
Abdul Baba, he is considered to be My reflection.”
I said, “Yes, Baba.” There were nine lamps there, and it felt as though someone did a lot of worship there, the lamps were proof of that. Baba then asked me to light all those nine lamps.
I did so. Prasad of cardamon and gram was
there too, and Baba fed me that. After that, Baba turned around and started walking back at the same brisk pace, pulling me by my hand. Two more times He addressed me
as Baija Ma. Walking really fast, He brought me back home
and let go of my hand. I felt I was dropped from
a height and I fell straight back into my bed. Upon waking in the morning, I tried to remember…
where had I gone at night, what dream did I see? I told my husband that I had gone
somewhere at night… he asked where… I told him I couldn’t recall where,
but I was sure I had gone somewhere. He was a bit perplexed, he was sure I had gone
nowhere, for I had been fast asleep next to him. and then I happened to glance at my feet – they were badly swollen and covered with wet mud. In that instant I remembered everything,
and what Baba had said to me… I cried non-stop that day. I understood the significance of my special bond
with Baba, which He had revealed to me. and then I felt that this is why
Baba graces me with His Darshan… it’s because in that past incarnation,
I was privileged to serve Baba. I consider myself very fortunate
that Baba’s blessings are with us,
and every now and then we get His Darshan. Wherever we go for Seva…
This path of service has been shown to us by Baba… Wherever we go for Seva, a special
bond is formed with everyone, we feel oneness with them, like they are our family,
and we have reached them to reduce their suffering. No matter where we go,
Baba shows us His presence in some form. Whenever the four of us (me, my husband, our two children) go for Seva, before we leave home, we first pray to Baba, saying, “Baba, it is You who have taught us this path,
please be alongside us, never ever leave us.” And so when we go for Seva, Baba always shows
His presence in some form or the other, He gives us Darshan in any form,
and He blesses us, “I am with you always. Continue doing Seva, I will make many people join you in this work, and they will support you in this cause of Seva.” Because we had told Baba that “We are a
middle-class family with limited resources, we may not be able to do much by ourselves,
so Baba, You please be with us always,
and guide us, how else can we continue to do Seva
the way You have taught us?” With that prayer in our hearts, we
started going to many roadside slums, and Baba takes us to all those places where
He Himself is present among all those people, because the love we receive from the children and from the old and ailing is overwhelming, they are in some way connected to Baba,
which is why they give us so much love. They recognise us and greet us joyfully, “Didi has come, Bhaiya has come, Auntie has come, Uncle has come.” We go to the Leprosy Ashram.
People are afraid of going there. Whereas Baba says that if you wish to balance your
karma, go and serve people afflicted with Leprosy. For those who serve these unfortunate lepers, their
karmas of 100 births are balanced out in one birth. No one goes near them, and Baba says that they are
so unfortunate that their own families abandon them. Through Baba’s path, we go and meet these people afflicted by this disease, we hug them, there is an old woman there, we call her Ma,
we feed her with our hands, and she blesses us. We do not feel any separation
between us and them. People ask us, “Aren’t you afraid of going there?” All we say is, “If Baba has sent us, then why fear? Baba knows where He is sending us,
He is with us,
then why should there by any fear?” When God Himself is with us, then why should we
be afraid? Fear is nothing but warped thinking. Beyond mundane thinking, there is a very beautiful
realm of existence, which all of us must adopt. If we do not step forward
to help them, then who will? Anyone can face a situation of misfortune at any time. Today we are fine, tomorrow we could also
be in the same situation as them, and if our own families abandon us,
then where will we go? This is the teaching Baba imparts to us:
“Love everyone. If you want to reach Me,
Love is the only path that will lead you to Me. The day you drop all barriers and distinctions of big and small, that day, know you have attained Me.” [music]

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  13. He's still there… I also experience a many times… My talk with him and myself believes that no need of doing any poojas or rituals for Sai.. He doesn't need it.. Believe in helping anyone known or unknown in trouble in whatever capacity you can do.. Maybe with just a glass of water, or counsel to help him, or selflessly share whatever you have… Feel and experience the joy…. Makes me feel I got everything in my life.. really everything he has given me.. Om Shri Sai >>>> Rajesh S Shetty

  14. You are a very kind woman hence Shirdi Sai Baba gives His presence to you.
    God bless you always and keep on doing the good work.
    Om Shri Sainathaya Namaha.

    From :
    Dr. Sony.

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  22. At the Ashram I attend there are a number of Great Saints which are honored. Sai Baba of Shirdi is one of them, and many wonderful stories have been shared about Him.
    One of the residential areas I have stayed at is called Shirdi.

    Many years ago when I was there, perhaps at Gurupurnima… but not sure, I had the most amazing darshan of Sai Baba of Shirdi. It was in vision form.
    I found myself sitting on my asana before a stone platform of perhaps 4 feet high…. and there was this form of a person, sitting perfectly still… all wrapped in a copious, shear white shawl. I sensed that this was Sai Baba and I was very moved to be in His presence.
    Suddenly , as I sat there watching. His form just disappeared and the many folds of light white cloth just floated down to the platform… and settled in a heap.

    I thought .. oh no! He is gone! He has just evaporated onto thin air! Without thinking … I scrambled up onto the stone table and started flailing about in the cloth looking for any sign of Him.
    Eventually, having no success. And now covered myself in all this shear white cloth, I thought.. Oh Ohhh! I should get down before I get caught up here… but to my amazement Sai Baba re-appeared before me and indicated that I should stay right there.. that everything was fine. So I remained there and had the sweetest meditation.
    This was such a powerful experience .. the Shakti was so tangible… It was life changing to say the least.

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