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Let’s uncrate an adventure today! Welcome to our Volunteer Spotlight! Today’s
guest is Ryan A. Dewey, a.k.a. RAD. Say hi to everybody, Ryan.
Hello. Alright. So, Ryan is a volunteer at the Rockford
Burpee Museum of Natural History. So, Ryan, tell us a little bit about yourself.
Well, to start off, I make dinosaurs. Wait, wait, what? Y-You make dinosaurs?
(animal grunt) Oh boy, that right there, that’s a real dinosaur
right there, isn’t it? She’s a hand puppet.
Puppet? What’s a puppet? Yeah, yeah, no clue, buddy, no clue. Anyway, moving on here, so
what else do you do? Well, currently I’m a student at NIU (Northern
Illinois University). I am in their Time Arts program, and I’m majoring in animation.
Animation? Like cartoons? Kinda, yeah, actually.
Kinda like Dino-Riders, right? Yes, I love that show!
Boy, I love that show! That was a great show.
Yeah, I love that show. A lot of dumb action, i love it.
Yeah, so could we possibly ride one of these guys?
Um…I don’t know. She can’t walk. Ah.
I might be a little too big, but I do have a puppet maybe you could ride.
Well, alright, I have an idea, how about we dive into meeting some of these dinosaurs?
Alright. Alright, let’s do it.
Yeah. Well, alright there, Ryan, so who do we got
here? This is Amy, she’s one of my puppets in progress,
and the story behind her is that she is a one month old Triceratops.
Oh, wow, so what you’re saying is she’s still a baby then?
Yep. Wow, alright then. You mind if I give her
a little pet here? Yeah, sure, go ahead.
Alright then, it’s nice to meet ya, Amy. Very, very nice. Yes. So, tell us a little bit about
the Triceratops. Well, Triceratops is a large herbivorous dinosaur
that lived in North America about 66 million years ago in the Late Cretaceous period.
Oh, wow, that is a really long time ago. I got an aunt who looks that old, but I don’t
think she is that old. But, yeah, so what else do you know about Triceratops?
Well, it was one of the largest herbivores in its environment. Got up to 6-7 tons, maybe
a bit more than that. Oh, wow, that’s like bigger than a dump truck.
Yeah, it’s about the size of a bull African elephant.
Wow, that is very, very big. So, when did these little guys become adults?
We don’t actually know too much about the growth rate of Triceratops, but I do have
another dinosaur we know a lot more about in terms of its growth.
Yeah? And what dinosaur is that? Tyrannosaurus rex.
Yes, let’s meet the Tyrannosaurus rex! Bring him out, bring him out, bring him out!
Yeah, sure. Alright! (Uncrated theme)

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