okay shabbat shalom is maja we are live here again this is rabbi keeper coming in from home base in San Antonio Texas on which you I wish you all our brilliant desire fiat have a wonderful Shabbat it is indeed wonderful are and then grateful and I'm so happy and humbled to be with you this day if I can be heard again can I get a one we're live we're recording now I just want to make sure I'm coming in okay recording this on everything is good to go are really really truly another great opportunity for us to come together and to really share as a family and grow as a family and and learn so that we can go out and do proper do the proper work and the proper workings of the mastering issue would a master Jesus of Nazareth and truly be truly students of the master I mean how many of you literally want to be students of the master you know again the master is you eyes many students many students and all over the world not just you know segregated that you know in the confines of Jesus does this room home me believe that it believe that you'll be surprised I think a lot of you going to be a surprise in the next life when you see folks around you that you know you thought never had a chance inhale but again they're standing right next to you and I think that's very very important to understand because most of the time but we find in today's societies is that they're the very judgmental I don't know if you notice that and your circle of influence but I do see it in my in my world most people put all their energy on judging others and and and and judgment in placing judgment calls on other folks that you know they they they neglect their own lives and then they neglect to look within themselves and truly find truly find being truly find self and and desire to work on self and desire to fix them the master you sure and a roundabout way talked about this shabbat shalom to you luxury class it's good to see you once in ah in this for I think it's very very important for us to understand because the master Yeshua he did mention this as well and a roundabout way in his parables and and the way he you know he left everything open and this is so important this is why I'm not a big fan of of time because time puts you in a box you know it encapsulated you I see that a lot in my field a profession is that you know if you don't do things at a certain time it'll if it's not right at this time and I noticed even in my profession in the medical field that this flexibility as well doesn't have to be a business that time as long at the end of the day is that you get that whatever objective that you try to meet that it gets accomplished then you're a winner but I see a lot of folks right they you know let's stressed out they're depressed overtime you know some some people call it father time but video father time is depressing them in and really stressing them out you know one interesting case that I put before you to this day that I've seen in my life is that uh you know people set appointments they set appointments to be somewhere at a particular time you know things happen in life how many of you understand if things will happen and what you have to do is factor in those happenings some some days things you know traffic happens uh accident happens a new car battery happens you know what I mean things happen in life although you do make appointment but what many folks don't factor in is the happenings you understand what I'm saying and so in life what you need to do is factor in to happen here's you you you have via you have a purpose and you have a desire to be at a place at a particular time but at the end of the day I would rather you shabbat shalom to you you Jan I would rather you get you get to the place where you want to even if it's late as long as you get there at one piece you know what I mean instead of look let me give you a prime example folks are stressing over time and they get in a car accident because they're in a rush they run a red light get a ticket by the policeman because their whole agenda was to get there at this particular time and if they don't make it at the particular time the jump I'm telling you here's an attorney other jumping railroad tracks trying to beat trains to get there in time how do you know what I'm talking about because they want to get there in time my whole premise is that look how about you get there in one piece how about you get there whole and complete that's my desire so what I'm doing is I'm teaching a lot of the people in my in my circle of influence in my world how what's really important at the end of the day is that you get to your destination in one piece and whole and complete you understand what I'm saying it is so so a lot of people are so hung up on time that time puts them in a lot of other problems now I'm not telling you to just run around here and just be tardy because for the sake of tardiness no I'm not saying man but what I'm saying the end of the day is don't let time put you into into the stress capsule oh I'm so stressed out I'm gonna be late I'm gonna be late how many of your bosses have fired you because you was late because you had happenings your car couldn't start oh you know bosses if any boss worth their weight will factor this is how men even know talk about all y'all understand I fully understand because not only can I sympathize with you I can empathize riyo the child was sick oh yeah I understand I had to happen – don't worry about it let's let's now less I'm glad that you here I'm so happy and grateful that you made it in one piece and that you're healthy and then you didn't have a car accident or you're not laid up in somebody's Hospital because you were trying to run the train in train one you fought the train in the Train one you understand what I'm saying in life we make it so complicated sometimes but when life is so simple and it's so free and it's not constrictive so what we want to do today going forward in our lives and in our circle of influences is take the restrictors of life how many of you understand Torah is life and Torah is freedom you're so free within the Torah yet has been taught and such so so many different ways you get so many reboots and so many subsets of the Torah that Torah seems to be restrictive when it's really not the true essence of Torah is freedom the true essence of Torah is liberation how many of you understand men here in America we get ready to celebrate what independence witnessing what did you lie they celebrate independence you already independent within a new independent now Ruka sham you see so I think that's very very important for us to understand independence very very important for us to understand as we go forward very very important so you know we must look at this and examine ourselves and examine the the folks that are around us as well when we look at these factors once that get mish Mohawk just give me one second one second very quickly let me do this here oh we're in empower yourself and the steps of Jesus room that's the room that we're in empower yourself in the steps of Jesus so I think it's very very important that we do understand that Bishop AHA is that we we we don't want to shatter ourselves and constrict ourselves in any way at the same time we run around here telling ourselves that we're free we have the total rubbish a of moves of Moses and we live free lives yet we shackle ourselves with with with these factors that should be irrelevant in time is one of them time is a biggie any boss worked their way any person worth their weight would surely be highly appreciative of somebody arriving and whether it's late or early but that you arrived and you don't get in some kind of car accident or you don't you're not all stressed out because you know you have this preconceived notion that somebody's not going to like you because or somebody's not going to be happy with you because you're late happen sometime and especially if you've been one to be on time for a very long period of time you have a record of being on time and then all of a sudden you've you missed one day what is that are you late one time or you're late a couple of times after that what is it or does that entail at the end of the day that just entails what that you're a human being right tip that you're human being in what things happen there are happenings that go on traffic happens car accidents happen Oh what else happens Oh health issues happen family matters happen you know sometimes you know you have you know a I can happen things can go wrong with you know power happens you see so these things are what what goes on you know I call you saying we're in the wrong room oh let's see empower yourselves in the footsteps of Jesus or what would be the correct room what is the other room please and we'll all happily go over there because I have this room I have empower yourselves and the footsteps of Yeshua Jesus and empower yourselves in the words of Jesus okay everybody let's move over to empower yourselves in the words of Jesus let's move over to that room oh please I have that that one should be saved in my let's let's move over there real quick and we'll continue on find your rooms everybody know how to move over right and power yourselves let's move there and power yourselves in the words of Jesus I'll see you on that end over there okay shabbat shalom much Baha I'm back over here this is rabbi keepo we make a switch what i'm going to have to do is I have all these empowering rooms in my in my saves I'm gonna have to take I'm going to have to delete all those other rooms so there is no mishap in the future so everybody let's give everybody a minute to make the switch over to dock with that I'll clean let's go everybody a minute to make the switchover looks like my coin is up yeah I have so many these rooms and so many of these in our eros Buca but we're gonna narrow it down to one believe me I'll narrow down to my one and it will be good to go how can any of you are you are you are you up and ready run up and running ready to go I'm just giving up you know quick tidbits just are you up and running okay good so I'll release the Michael when I go in make sure he's good on his in meantime we'll get everybody chance to come on and switch on over I'm gonna delete these other rooms out the way so I won't have any issues going forward yeah we would get we were getting quite close you know the room over there this morning okay shabbat shalom to all of you wish Mohan let's give everybody a minute to make the switch over over you outgoing okay device moment emotional mentally give me a moment to put myself out over here we have some internet issue down here and still trying to resolve them kind of almost resolved but the modem was playing up a little bit this morning and it's kind of disconnecting us and stuff like that Oh happens from time to time is this technology you know is never perfect and I don't know if you know current events but I think a lot has been happening in the nation where we are and maybe because to talk about that a little bit as well please give me a moment and I fire my things up and our pycelle today the nomads of this one mark what should have been our pleasure today is going to be other projects they looked marked up but there may not be correct limit above check down on the calendar might I have a birthmark doing the police action only setting the pocketbook up a pocketbook is our 500 a benevolent double check and rabbi give us maybe yeah but we don't partial spoke up according to our calendar or thought they would be bailiffs it was followed the route of last week but we are actually on for part which is a numbers chapter 19 so we'll go with that without cylinders and you think I need to chain that in the room this thing let me just make that switch I shall stop okay my back and now we know this part of the run okay so give me a second let me just make sure I got everything tested out okay so I wanted to run into our hand let me give me a second please okay Broca's area with resurrection incarnation the noise on that one must come resurrection incarnation okay everybody in the room what I will do is others make sure that I'm graphically get the room because you guys are you guys are unfortunately wrong room can get open wedding easily easy to do then before you have to I'm going to delete that room so that by keep up if you do me a favor could you just take off for a few minutes let me just take care of the other room we were deleted and then the effective yes the dark away no worries on that in no worries I had a lot of empowerment going on in my in my sessions over here for sure okay so yeah yeah again as you as you can see fully noted I mean this just fits in right along we were just discussing earlier about the importance of time and how happenings to happen you see you know IT happens sometimes your internet goes down sometimes you have car troubles me my power went out here less last night I don't know what happened I think we use a lot of electricity down here because it's super hot down in San Antonio so I think the power grids kind of went out so you know you you you you must factor in the happenings and even through the happenings just like this event right here you'll get some folks over here complain they'll throw their put their other rules in a wad and just complain about they'll find a reason to want to go against you know their so-called perfect world you know what I mean but I want you to understand something the day even in in in the perfect state that we're in perfection you it has to have a counter to it right there has to be some times when things are just not so perfect you know but even doing those things those times and things that you may think because you think things are not so important excuse me that even doing those times when you think that you're not so perfect or you feel imperfect you're still perfect in your imperfection you understand what I'm saying so a lot of times we put you know we spend way worse in people run up and down up and down the block saying you stand and you're gonna hear you sitting you saying blah blah blah oh you a sinner you're a sinner oh I'm just dusted I've just dirt and ashes and just trash them and again at the end of the day I mean because you think of yourself that way and because you project yourself out of being that way you never really fully understand how perfect your perfection can never shine through all of this you know this stuff that you put up in front of it all these barricades and barriers of just negativity Oh a visit but at the end of the day you are you are what you are the DNA of el-shaddai you have this DNA within you so why are you running yourself under the bus and discouraging yourself and depression yourself why is because you're not connected to yourself you just pull all these emotions you're never connected to the inner man the inner womanís within you your being and I think that's very very important understand you too busy concern how other people going to think about you how other people say you're a stander how other people say you're doing wrong how other people perceive you as not being quote/unquote righteousness and how you can never reach the the righteous pinnacle will you can you are righteous now you are meeting your marks now you're not this habitual sinner that the world wants to say that you are but too many times my perceive what other people think that we are and that's what we become but not anymore that game doesn't work here anymore that game is over mr. ha that game is is over I Know Who I am you see you can't tell me nobody yes they're going to continue to try to tell you but that just that's water off a duck's right now I'm not here trying to please everybody in there mama no I'm here trying to meet my marks and sit at the end of the day and respect other people for meeting their marks whatever they may be because n marks them it might not be my mark and I'm pretty sure our coin is going to talk about it I'm pretty sure world over you you've seen these world events that are going on in the world because the day I want to talk about your story how many of you what's your what's your what's your take on history what does history mean to you while other people you know migrate to the room we give them some time but we're going to continue to go on as we are recording what does history mean to you that's the question that I have for you this day so before you think about what does history mean to you take a minute to think about it but really think about it when you look at your life when you look at history and believe it or not do you make history or are you making history that's a question isn't it and I tell you what with the events that we see going on and if you are making this region how do you make history how is history made think about that at the end of the day Eddie fenced erudition understanding how what does history mean to you each and every one of you I'm singing your names you know your your call names in this pile talk for each and every one of you I look at you and I see history I see history you have ancestors that have gone before you have preceded you I see history you see history never you should history what on a scale of one to ten how important is history to you on a scale of one to ten can you give me a number how important is his story to you is a ten to Delia what is this to you what how important is his story to you rebeis the karna shabbat shalom EastEnders is attending him as well on a scale of one to ten JB RS is a ten as well think about that for a minute how important is history what does history mean to you what is history to you it is just a bunch of stories what does history really mean to you think about that point man something to think about as we move forward in our lives as we move forward on this earth and I'm going to tell you something I tell you what ideas has life I tell you what that's what history means to her I have such what is and what was the Torah says what is what was and what is that's good history means life instructions to top of your responses by the way I see you guys are bright-eyed and bushy-tailed this is your bond and I'm so grateful for that and I'm so happy and humbled to be able to be a partaker of your happiness and your humbleness and your engine and your bright ideas and your bushy-tailed this look again Thank You universe history now I just want to talk about our awesome president Trump right now because he made history this week he's making history but he you know because I wanna I want to dissect history for a minute how call you when you're ready to come back in just let me know I'm just I'm just I'm just chatting away and giving giving some appetizers this morning before I get into my lecture but I mean if you know how President Trump made history these past six days anybody give me an example of history because we need to see history history needs to be seen some somebody mentioned earlier about the past history in connecting history to the past yes that is important because history in the past was seen and then it was what it was recorded right that's how we get it right idea says rumor you see history you know before it can be recorded it has to be what somebody has to see something something must be done you see history is where I am coming from oh yeah now we're cooking with grease we're cooking with coconut oil we're cooking with olive oil here now Mukesh here now we get to the meat potatoes here about history we will begin we can heavy hear about his story what does history mean to you I thought about this word this one up like he is story history talking about his story think about that for a minute just just saying the word history I'd like to use the word ancient I think that's a good word because it is taking you it's more than that okay are you ready okay all right all right I'll call you no matter no without going but there's something think about history because that's what we're going to talk about my lecture as we as we as we get into it but i'ma turn it over on Conan I think everybody is up migrated to the room now and we can keep it moving forward and not to talk away I appreciate that you see the coin I tell you in my life what I think is he's truly made my road very very smooth and what I wanna plumps in it but you know it is truly helpful I truly appreciate that you know you make smooth roads you know you have to go to hit all the potholes and a bumps in the road just make it smooth and that's the job of a Coheed one or his role is to make your road so much easier and smoother then it has been so I think I read tada going for deleting these other rooms and so that you know the road will be smooth the next bad for us going forward all right shebar Shalom to all of you over to you outgoing you all have a wonderful shabbat shalom everybody give me a moment to and just for myself out over here we had some internet issues down here and we still trying to resolve them kind of almost resolved but the modern was playing up a little bit this morning and it's kind of disconnecting us and stuff like that so you know it happens from time to time is is technology you know it's never perfect and I I don't know if you know current events but I think not has been happening in the nation where we are and maybe be good to talk about that a little bit as well so please give me a moment and I just fire my things up and our partials today I don't know why I've got this one marked what should have been our Pasha today is going to be I've got partial Balak marked up but that may not be correct let me double-check that on the calendar why do I have a tab marked up June the 22nd June the 22nd should be partial for hot flashes book cut is our partial today you may want to double check and rabbi keifa maybe yeah but we don't partials Kohut according to our calendar although it would be bei look if we followed the route of last week but we are actually on forethought which is a numbers chapter 19 so we'll go with that with our calendar I think I need to change that in the room listing let me just make that little switch partials for thought okay like that and now we know is partially wrong okay so give me a second let me just make sure I got everything tested out okay let's just make sure that it's all in here and Pasha's go hot okay so I wanted to run through and get let me give me a second please it's awesome tonight okay Rakesh am Yahweh resurrection incarnation okay I know I got that one markdown resurrection incarnation okay everybody in the room what I will do is I will make sure that I'm gonna have to delete the other room because you guys are you guys are unfortunately wrong room can get open very easily easy to do and so we have to I'm gonna have to delete that room so uh rabbi keeper could you do me a favor could you just take over for a few minutes let me just take care of the other room you know delete it and then get back to you yes the dark we no worries on any and no worries I had a lot about me going on in mind in my sessions over here for sure yep so yeah yeah again as you as you can see fully noticed I mean this just fits in right along we were just discussing earlier about the importance of time and how happenings do happen see you know IP happens sometimes you anyway goes now sometimes you have car trouble I mean my our were not here last last night what happened I think the wishes are a lot electricity down here because it's super hot down in San Antonio so I think of all Greece kind of went out so you know you must factor in the happenings and even through the happenings just like this event right here you'll get some folks here to play go there put the other rules on the wall and just complain about your final reason to want to go against you know their so-called perfect world in the you know what I mean but I want you know to finish up for today even in the perfect state that we're in perfection you have to have a counter to it right there is V sometimes of things which is not well for bit you know but even though those things those kinds of things you may think because you think things are not so important to student that even do a little time when you think that you're not so perfect or you feel imperfect you're still perfect in your imperfection you understand what I'm saying so a lot of times we put you know we same way within people who are up and down and up and down the block saying you said it's over here you sit him you said it rod hold you a sinner your senator Oh muffin I've deserted actually trash them in a get it in a day I mean because you thinking is done that way because you forget yourself how to be in that way you never really fully understand how perfect the profession can never shine through all of this you know this stuff that you put up in front of it all these barricades and barriers or just negativity for business but at the other day you are you are what you are the DNA a pill should guide you have it the DNA within you so why are you running yourself under the bus and discourage yourself and depression yourself why is because you're not connected to yourself vision for all these emotions you never connected to the inner man the in a woman is within you your being and I think that's very very important understand YouTube is you can see how other people going to think about you other people say you're a sinner other people say you're going along other people perceive you as not being quote-unquote righteous and now you can never reach the righteous pinnacle when you can you alright see now you are meeting your marks now you have this habitual better that the world wants to say that you are but too many times they perceive what other people think that we are and that's what we become but not anymore that game doesn't work here anymore that game is over mr. Hawke that game is full I Know Who I am you see you can't tell me nobody yes they're going to continue to try to tell you but then just test water off a duck's back now I'm not here trying to please everybody in there mama no I'm here trying to meet my marks that's it at the end of the day it's been respect other people for meeting their marks whatever they may be because they March that might not be my marks and I'm pretty sure our Court is going to talk about it appreciate world over you you've seen these world events that are going on in the world but they I want to talk about history how many of you what's your what's your what's your take on history what does history mean to you what other people you know migrate to the room we give them some vibe but we're going to G to go on and we are recording what does history mean to you that's the question had I have for you to stay where you think about what this gets to remain to you take a minute to think about it but really think about it when you look at your life when you look at history and believe it or not do you make history or are you making history that's a question isn't it and I tell you what with the Envisat we see going on and if you are making history that how do you make is through how it is remain think about that at the end of the day any sense Arijit understanding how would this get story mean to you each and every one of you I'm seeing your names you know your your column names in this pile talk for each and every one of you I look at you and I see history I see history you have ancestors that have gone before you I see history you see history in every good history what's on the scale of one to ten how important is history to you on a scale of one to ten to give me a number how important is history to you is a Tina so Julia what is it to you what Howard Berman is his story to you rabbis the carnage of our Salafi status is attended here as well on a scale of one to ten JBL Francaise attend as well think about that for a minute how important is history what does history mean to you what is history to you it is just a bunch of stories what does history really mean even people about that form from the 6-5 as we move forward in our lives as we move forward on this earth I'm going to tell you something I tell you what indeed says life I tell you what but it remains to her I have such what is and what was the process what is what was and what it is that's good history means life instructions to talk to your responses by the way I see you guys are finite and cookie tails this your box and I'm so grateful for that and I'm so happy a novel to be able to be a partaker your happiness in your humbleness in your and you and your bright ideas and bushy tailed this with a dick thanks history now I just want to talk about our awesome President Trump right now because he made history this week he's making history but he you know because I wanna I want to die sake history for a minute huckle you when you're ready to come back English let me know I'll just I'm just I'm just chatting away and give him give us some appetizers this morning or again to my lecture but happy know how President Trump made history these past six days give it a give an example of history because we need to see history ha history needs to be seen some somebody mentioned earlier about the past history connecting history to the past yes that is important because history in the past was singing it didn't with what it was recruited right that's how we get it right I've even said boomer you see history you know before he can be recorded it has to be what somebody has see something something must be done you see history is where I am coming from oh yeah now we cook it with green we cooking with coconut oil we're cooking with olive oil here now we'll begin now we get to the tables here about history we were getting big heavy here about history because history mean to you I thought about this work is one of like his story history something about his story think about that for a minute just just saying the word history I'd like to use the word ancient that's good work goodness is taking you it's all in it okay are you ready okay all right all right I'll call you turn over top elite but there's something to think about history fill it always going to talk about my lecture as we as we as we get into it another turnover on Corinne I think everybody is up migrated to the room now and though we can keep it movin forward in after dark we I appreciate that II see the coin up in my life what I think it is he truly made my rolls very smooth and what I want with bumps in it if you know that's truly help when I truly appreciate that you know make smooth roads you know you have to go through with fill the potholes and bumps in the road just make it slow and that's the job of a pro heat what our role is to make your road so much easier and smooth it then it has been well I think I've read about where you are giving these other room and so that you know the road would be smooth finish about 4.0 are should watch what all of you over to you outgoing you all have a wonderful trip on I tried out for that thereby keep up okay so we'll delve right into it sorry about the delays on the disruptions this Mon and we just kind of coming out of that so the little late start today because of the long rooms I have deactivated at the room now so you won't be able to you know you won't be able to enter it and nobody will be able to open it is this kind of done dusted for for one please mark this room on your favorites there's a little heart icon in the middle of your tab top chat screen you can click on it then you basically become a follower of the rooms like a marking it as a favorite then next time you know how to find it that's one thing and we'll look at the joke of our little joke a priest and a minister and a rabbi are discussing how they get paid out of the weekly contributions made by their congregants the priest says I draw a line on the ground and throw the funds in the air what falls to one side of the line is guards what falls to the other is mine the minister says I do sort of the same I draw a circle or falls inside the circle is guards outside his mind that ever says I throw the money in the air to what God wants he takes what falls to the ground is mine so today we got partials for Hart which is a book of numbers now before I delve into the Book of Numbers chapter 19 I wanted to take you through a little bit of our peoples history rabbi keep us talk about history and here I go about history I think you'll be very fascinated by this history as I was as well I still am and why God has taken me to the northwest frontier of Pakistan and I now realized why I'm tempted to that area is the is because of who we are as a people now you may have heard and may not have heard we almost went to war yesterday with Iran Persian Empire yesterday the President had issued a strike at Iran's some of the key strategic military sites and then minutes from the strike he canceled the strike and I woke up in the morning and I heard the headline that our president had ordered this flight and then canceled it and I thought to myself that was a very wise move because if you wake up the Persian beast you're going to unleash the Persian Empire if this is not a you know oh this is not a country that was established five years ago this is a country their empire has established prior to you know prior to I mean if you think about it this is going back thousands of years thousands of years try to even prior to our temples being built so this is a very old ancient Empire they do not you know they do not go for offensive votes they have no history of offensive woes they have defensive walls and if America had attacked them guess what they would have gone into a defensive wall and this wall would have been very protracted and you know lot of lives would have been lost American lives and Persian lives and needlessly you know they didn't didn't need to be lost so I thought to myself it was a very wise decision to pull back because we are not here to do Israel's dirty work you know the dirty work of Israel's leaders and we're not here to do the dirty work of Saudi Arabia because that's what they want is those leaders they want us to their dirty work and Saudi Arabia's friends wants us to do their dirty work as well they want us to fight the war with Iran they want us to take the casualties and they want us to suffer the penalties and so we as a people don't want that you know I would not want American British soldiers American soldiers German soldiers French soldiers you know fighting a war in which our people you know other women over here American women will be sobbing and crying you know with their husbands leaving them leaving their children and putting themselves in in you know in harm's way you know boys bring casualties Wars bring death wars are not nice things sometimes we have to go to war because of nothing else you can do about it but majority of the times of war can be completely avoided with peace and since I'm here in the North America in the gate you know my role over here is for peace not for war and so this is why I was very happy to hear the mr. Trump did you know listen because he did listen to somebody somebody from one of these nations must have spoken with our president and told him to back off the war and he did and this will of course you know to everybody excuse me everybody is thinking that oh he just you know the general said not to fight no it's none of that that is old media it's old media BS what actually happened will come out in a decade or two decades that the president was instructed or cold by a leader of another nation who told him to back off this is not a good time to fight and that's what the President did and if the president is now touting the media saying that oval is to do with a hundred and fifty Iranian deaths well that that's just the media you know don't don't believe every statement that comes out of CNN and Fox News so both fall to the right and to the left extremists you know extremist to the left extremist to the right neither can be trusted so we be wary of the media and be wary of the reports you hear the nine times out of ten they are not true so moving forward I wanted to take you to the real history of our people for a moment and I want to take you back into baddha tribes you know where are the tribes today of our people and you know what happened to them after our dispersion I think all this is very fascinating and it's all very very important and though I know that we migrated excuse me look at our at the man Bahamian economy economy and but overall although we migrated some of us migrated not all of us migrated and because of migration patterns and you know over the centuries marriages intermarriages we mixed with a lot of people but I want to take you back to Pakistan India Afghanistan and Iran as well because we were shipped to Iran under the one of the kings in the seventh century BCE this is the time of Isaiah the prophet when he was a young man and this is a time that later he became a prophet he started to write about prophecies in the future and we got a whole host of prophecies in the future in the book of Isaiah and it is the book of Isaiah that speaks about the destruction of Saudi Arabia through Iran the Persian Empire and this is yet to happen this is still future having said that all we came pretty close to – you know a war with the United Nation in United States which is also by the way prophesied in the Book of Jeremiah so all those things are true we will have a war one day rest assured the war will come but as I keep saying now is not the time for this war there are certain other things I need to take place that would that will cause a war and it will cause a break up of Iran's government and a spreading of their people so if you're all prepared if you don't prepare to take refugees in which are pretty sure that United States already crying about refugees they don't want people coming from migration patterns in Mexico and Guatemala and all those nations but how they're going to take refugees in from Iran because that is what the Bible says will happen it says that Iranian people the Persians will spread all across the four corners and you know countries will have to take them in so they're going to be big changes when this time comes so you know we'll wait to see of those changes right now I don't think our president is so congruent to taking immigrants but I believe that when that time comes we will have a president that will be willing to do that and and will not only fight a war but will be willing to deal with the casualties and willing to deal with the immigration and the migration that occurs thereafter so right now we do not have a president that will like that and we do not have ministers in the European nations that like that kind of thing either so we're kind of only you know unequally balanced right now with the immigration and migration of these people from the Persian Empire that was spread across to you know European nations and of course the United States of America and other nations nearby so I wanted to take you to a history lens which will really open your eyes to what happened to our tribes because when our tribes were dispersed the ten tribes in the Assyrian Empire there was ten to Iraq what is today known as Iraq anciently known as Babylon and it was all they were also sent to Iran today is called Iran we call it Iran we call it the Persian Empire you people call it Iran and we know it by different names from where we come from having said that ah let's see let's have a look at our history so where does our history start where does Islam start now this is all connected to Islam as well as you know Islam started in the seventh century with the advent of the Muslim holy prophet Muhammad and it was at this time now let me take you to 1400 years before that our people already migrated out shipped out of it to the Assyrian Empire the Assyrian Empire at that time was ruling many nations near and far and all you gotta do is Google a map and you will see how big the Assyrian Empire was a CNN empire was taken over by the Babylonian Empire followed through after that by the Grecian Empire and then followed through by the Roman Empire and you know all those are parts of those details you can find in my book that I wrote years ago called the World War 3 this but bought three books in their series one is called unmasking the end-times Beast one is called salvation of the of the Jews and one is called the Exodus uh you know Exodus our people next is back to back to Israel so having said that what happens is when our people we had a contingent of our people that were in Persia and from Persia they crossed over to Afghanistan that's where the story begins now when they crossed over to Afghanistan there was a man by the name of Emeril Cass who was told that in Saudi Arabia a man has proclaimed to be the Prophet and he then went to visit this prophet that he had heard about because he had read in his scriptures in other words the Torah that they will come a prophet at a time that we will accept and that prophet will be the one we will follow now I'm not going to go into the whether he made the right decision of the wrong decision that's enough for history to tell but what he did do he went over there to Saudi Arabia and he spoke to the Prophet of Islam he spoke to him he met him this was a brave fighter this was a brave guy and now Cass was a very great fighter let me tell you who he was because your history books don't even have his name your history doesn't he will talk about our history that really occurred in the east this guy was named by Muhammad the Muslim Prophet of Islam as Abdul Rashid he gave him a new name and this man is the 37th descendent of the king of Israel guess which Kings anybody wants to guess which King he comes from okay I'll let you know he comes from the king of Benjamin in the words Kings are all he is direct descendant in Afghanistan this man was present in Afghanistan he was a leader he was a great fighter he went to meet the Muslim Prophet it he accepted Islam at that point when he accepted Islam and before he was to return the Muslim Prophet Muhammad had a great military leader called wallet even Waleed and he had a daughter and that daughter's name was Sarah Sarah was then married to this man who is now named Abdullah sheet it then happened that this man called wallet ignore Waleed he was also called you can search up for this if you want later on if you kind of delve into this history he was called the sword of Allah and he was one of the greatest Miller to date is that Muhammad and the Muslim Prophet had at his disposal so up to the she who was from the tribe of Benjamin because you can find large portions of Benjamin in Pakistan and him in India and northern India and also in Afghanistan and northern friends of Pakistan so I've met some of these people myself directly and he basically left three sons he Abdul Rashid died at the age of 87 but he left three sons and one of the sons was called Sarah bun one was called Bataan and one was called Google Stan now Bataan let me tell you the story of Bataan and let me tell you what actually happened before even went to visit Mohammed Rashid who you know who is obviously Abdul Rashid who's from the tribe of Benjamin before he converted into Islam the way he went to Muhammad the Prophet how did that happen the way it happened was that he was invited by Walid Abner wallet Walid invited the tribes in Afghanistan and he said we need your help because these people had done their plot you know he converted to Islam he came back and then Mohammed the Muslim prophet was fighting a war with the local people over there who he who he he said these are the infidels these are the policies they're worshipping statues and all sorts so at that point volley digne wallet sent a message to up to the she's in Afghanistan is that we need your help the Prophet of Islam has called you to gather the Muslims the fighters that you have and please come and help us we need your systems at that point Abdul Rashid went up to Saudi Arabia with a army and they went and they slaughtered every one of the so-called infidels they killed them all and when he actually got to the Muslim Prophet the Muslim prophet heard news that before they even could go fight the war these people are already taken care of it they already killed them all so the batter was already won by these people and then the Muslim Prophet gave them the title baton from baton today we get the title with the P before it was a be because Arabic doesn't have a P by the way P P kind of a P component order formation and in from baton it became pecan baton is the term that we use in Pakistan for these people and then what happened was that why did he give them the title of baton he gave them the title back on because baton in the ancient times was a type of wood that was used in ships shipbuilding it was very very hard wood and the Muslim Prophet gave them this title because these are hard fighters they don't give up very very important element of their policy is this they live by certain principles of the Torah which I think most people are not even familiar with in the West America as a nation England Germany and all these other 40 other nations put together learnt in the last twenty years what is like to fight the Afghanistani war and they still haven't won that war by the way and they will never win it because I wrote about this maybe ten years ago I talked about this and I said I don't care what technology we have in America or England they will never win the war in Afghanistan because you know why because you're fighting the tribes of Israel they will never give up they never give up in King Alexander's time because their first encounter of these fives of Benjamin and Judah they were there their first encounter there the ten tribes here by the way and I'll name you feelin in a second their first encounter was with Alexander the blade he came over there he started fighting these people in the third century BCE and his wrote to his mother and he said mother you have created one lion I am fighting a lion here at every step of the way they are lying like people that don't give up easily they don't give up at all and so what happened King Alexander was only able to maintain that area of Afghanistan he married a princess from India mix and he was only able to maintain this area for three years and that three year was always fighting struggle you know reprisals and eventually they took over their land back there is absolutely no history that Afghanistan went to anybody more than three years other than to Alexander the Great Alexander the Great is the only person in history who occupied it and ruled it for three years the the British Empire didn't do that the Roman Empire didn't do that and the so-called American Empire didn't do that either he'll never do that so having said that it is futile for us to be fighting these people when we know who these people are think about it you're fighting the tribes of Israel these people know how to live in rugged territory they know how to survive with a small amount of water they can survive extreme amounts of the heat these are fighter warrior class people the Israelite ten tribes if you want to look at their history Bible is replete with their history and it talks about what kind of people they were and these people are very lucky they are they can be very unruly and they can be bad they can go around and doing all sorts of things and they do by the way Afghanistan Pakistan areas with these people live they follow Torah more than they follow Islam these people will tell you this one thing they will tell you this that we have been following Muhammad the Prophet of Islam for 1400 years before that we are from the tribes they know who they are then our absentminded by the way they know who they are and they will say that we have been fighting we have been we follow a code of law and their code of law is called the patent wanna button voila the button wallah code of law has about nine principles and those nine principles derived under the Torah and they will tell you that and one of those principles is honor second principle is loyalty third principle is if a guest comes to you they will never give that guest up to to the enemy fourth principle which you may have heard they actually have cities of refuge in Pakistan and Afghanistan there are cities of refuge let me tell you another secret where I had have a heaven Ayesha in Pakistan listen to this and tell me this is a coincidence that city is called the City of Refuge in their book think about it for second God takes me to a place I've never been to you know I was born in Pakistan and I never traveled to that that remote part of Pakistan that northern front and one day God introduces a woman to me from that area who becomes my wife and what is that place I learned that that places the city of refuge made by these tribes before I even knew I was according so my point is is that everything happens for a reason nothing happens without reason that happens so this is why I believe that God took me there because he wanted me to connect with these people back and I met many of these people over there they're good people very good people and even the Jews from Israel some other Jews ventured out to that city Peshawar and beyond they went to Peshawar the vent of gana stone they met these people and they said you know what these people are every bit Jewish as we can say and one of these people asked these people well you know he said who are you is that we're Jews is that where the hell were you all this time he said we come to find you but where the hell were you all this time so but the guys were very polite these these guys in Pakistan in Afghanistan were very polite with them and they received them with graciousness although everybody was telling them hey these people are going to kill you if they find out you're Jews and you're from Israel but now they were very polite with them they didn't didn't do anything bad towards them they actually took them to a couple of sites that were available that have the Aramaic writing they still have the Aramaic writing on a stone two sides are still available in Pakistan one side is buried in Afghanistan economy you can't even get to it because it's got Russian mines in there and if you do get to it the stone is buried but the other two stones that are available they have Aramaic script writing that was written by the tribes of Israel and these these Jews that went from Israel actually went and read those and they said yeah this is this is Jewish writing we see this we read this and so this is why these guys over there embrace them they embrace and they said yes you know you're our people so having said that let me take you back to to the Rush's family Russia's family now from Russians family the rulership went to a man called hazard Suleiman basically as a Suleiman was one of the sons of Abraham Suleiman is from King Solomon but that's a similar name is not a direct descendant it could be but these are direct descendants of Abraham is as biologically and the name that was given to them originally it was Afghan now casts of the rashid Abdulaziz remember the person who went to meet the Prophet of Islam and he was given the daughter of one of the top fighters commanders in in Saudi Arabia he was the one who converted all his tribes to Islam he said this is the man will follow and this is the man will this is the this is what we're going to do from here on and so ever since that time these people have been Muslim irrespective Khalid you know Khalid bin Walid is a man or I would say Walid if in a wallet is a man who gave the daughter but jalapeno volleyed is a man who invited these people from Afghanistan to fight and to kill the infidels in Mecca you know what they turned the infidels these people are known for their loyalty and for their honor and if they find they have a torah law now by the way the Torah law it does not permit us to just kill somebody for adultery without evidence but these people follow the Torah law but a little bit little bit skilled what they do is if they find out that a woman has been even you know detected of adultery they don't even care about witnesses they was found both the man and the woman that is Jirga law in Afghanistan and the northern friends of Pakistan all these tribes follow that they will kill an adulterer and an adulteress even with suspicion without witnesses so this is one of the things they do and I think it's a little skewed but anyway that they said this is our law our law is more than Islamic law because they're women they're women they do a Shabbat ceremony they don't know why they do it but they have in any not taken this tradition from the seconds and in a second century Israel where they were lighting lamps on Friday night women do this in Pakistan by the way and Friday night the light lamps they don't know why they do it they also they have a custom and a tradition when they marry their sons they sacrifice for lamps and they give them me to the gas and they say that we do it because Moses did it listen to this they do it because they said Moses did it that's why we do it it's not Islamic law it is our law that is super speeds and you know overrides any other law so they supersede and override any other law cluding Islamic law back to the earth or on law and they follow that to the letter and so some of them who can afford it they will do two shapes the ones were bit more wealthy they'll do four and another thing they will not eat cameras meat these are the only people in Pakistan that I know of that do not eat camels meat you know why they don't need camel meat Islam permits it Islam says camel meat is fine so majority of the Muslim world eats camel meat these people do not they say that our laws do not permit us to eat camel meat what laws the laws from the Torah those laws so they remember those laws and they follow those laws to the letter and they also have polygamy you know what is commonly termed plural marriage they follow polygamy laws they can have more than one wife if they desire again you know it is down to their ability to maintain their wives that they'll do it otherwise they won't just you know willy-nilly go to click me they'll only do it if they can afford to keep these wives they have many traditions in their cities that are 100 percent Israelite traditions if a man has committed manslaughter they have got cities designated in Pakistan and Afghanistan where that manslaughter person can go to he will not be touched by the authorities because he is in a protected zone now these people that do the sacrifices of the four sheep in their wedding they are called moose Kayle musacare from moses means that they say that we have come from the clans of moses all their love storms by the way all their love songs they conduct our guess where they are conducting all their love songs all of their love songs are not in some kind of you know shady is a theatre they conduct all their love storms at a well and when you ask them why are all your love songs at a well and they will tell you because all our matrix found their love at the well and you can you can get a quotation of how you know Isaac's wife was found it a well how the otherwise were found it too well so they conduct their love song that oh well that's absolutely fascinating that they still do that because you know in Afghanistan and northern friends of Pakistan the color their women so so fully that you can't even see their ankle or their you know on sometimes you can't even see their hands because they put gloves on so they really cover the woman and they keep them in a secure they're very very highly respected women these are the only people I met in Pakistan highly respected women in their areas you cannot look at a woman in the area you will be dead meat you look at their woman and try to whistle to her or you know do some kind of gesture you better be ready for a bullet in your head because they will kill you they will not hesitate to kill somebody like that but they aren't most respect women not just their own women the utmost respect women in that region if a woman goes to a bank and there is a queue the men will stand back and they will tell the woman she can go forward I went to Pakistan to a ID card office when I was there last year I was in their area of the woods I went there very polite with me there very nice with me and you know when I saw were there when women came the old step back and they all allowed the woman to go forward they said you know you can go ahead and we'll wait and that that they are very courteous to women they highly respect the women I did not see a single over there looking at a woman like you know in a lustful way my goodness they wouldn't do that not in that area whereas if you go to the southern friends of Pakistan let me tell you the southern southern side of Pakistan and the other parts of Pakistan woman is going down the street people will be whistling people will be doing that sometimes right and there be fights over that that happens in other parts of Pakistan not in a not in Afghanistan and not in the northern parts of Pakistan you will not hear whistling you will not hear you will not even see people trying to gaze at somebody's daughter or somebody's wife because it is not permitted and this is something that we all know especially me of course because I brought up in those kind of regions I know that you do not look at other women and trying to you know kind of size M over kind of a high D she and what is she wearing cannot do that you cannot do that you look away when you see a woman you look away unless that is your unless that is your relative you do not look at that woman and so we see that now let me tell you their names let me give you the tribal name so you can know how to find these guys the tribal name over there is Rabbani the bonding is a tribal name in the patterns it comes from the tribe of Reuben these belong to the tribe of Reuben then we have Levani LaVon is from the tribe of lavey we have shin Wadi shin worried the tribe over there is from the tribe of Shimon we have de dune but only the tribe of GAD we have the running the run is a tribe of Dan we have Afridi Afridi are the most numerous are people over there and they are known as a tribe of if Ryan there is also the was really the was really unknown to have long hair their hair comes from the Nazir of ancient Israel in when they have done both to grow their hair long these are the positives so in the heart of Afghanistan there are still grave errors today with the Hebrew letters and the Star of David present on the gravestones now of course the other thing the number of Jews today Eskenazi safari all those put together and the number of Afghans in the world are approximately the same number and the stones I was talking to you about that exist over there with the Hebrew ancient Aramaic square script Hebrew is in Madan Pakistan and in Kandahar Afghanistan and the Kandahar stone is not accessible I think is deeply buried underground is hard to get to and it's all overlaid with Russian underscored in mines that occurred in the Soviet era but you can get to the mud on one and you can see the left in there and even you might find on YouTube as well or on Google you can find those those legends there now let me tell you the other history of Afghanistan janki's found you may have heard of him janki's found invaded Afghanistan and started killing the people he by the way today we have people over there called the Hazara people the Uzbek and the tragic people these people are the people that are the in here the ancestors direct ancestors of jeonggi's Khan Genghis Khan came to Afghanistan stroke Pakistan with a very large army and the Afghans could not hold them back but they continued to fight they never gave up and one day one day they did drive him out and jenga some soldiers but they did they destroyed their fertile soil they had very fertile soil they had plants get water irrigation systems Genghis Khan's army came and destroyed all of that they turned the place into a desert in around 1450 1c e or AD determinant dynasty a Pathan warrior named bull whole he attacked and defeated on northern India's Delhi's shark aid industry and took over that area of India he created what we today know as the Lodi dynasty later in 1486 Sher Shah Suri who basically chair means a lion in our language Sher Shah sudhi was known as Shere Khan you hershiser's on in the cartoon but this is a real farm there's gold the lion and the lion Prince and he was born as a lion king he was a famous fighter known for fully killing a grown tiger with his bare hands this man has historically known for that he was a great fighter by the way and as I said that let's let's look further what else did he do she has Shere Khan Shere Khan was a great fighter it was a good in administrator as well he was a great king who later started and created the sewell dynasty in 1526 Ibrahim Lodi was betrayed by his uncle Adam Khan over to the Mongols who were ruling in parts of India and he fought the famous battle of Panipat in India with 20,000 of his forces but they were killed and he lost her to the Mongol king bubble in his one of the well known kings over there we have we have his fortresses in Lahore that I was born it was it was this person's death it when he noticed that they led to the Mongol Empire of India flourishing then King barber with the tribes of touchstones remember Pashtun that all Israelite tribes he took control of trouble at that point in 1537 Shere Khan who's a The Lion King he fought alongside the army of barber King and became the governor of Bihar be hard by the way in India in 1540 he overran northern India and Bangladesh and established the sewer Empire this was a great gifted administrator he laid a foundation for King aquas son nemanja and in 1540 and for 1545 he set up a template he was a first man in that region to set up a template how to do civilian rule he was the one who came up with the idea of the first Indian rupee or the Afghan rupee and he he organized the postal system of India he made tax collection systems he builded road for travelers he made Wells he made resting places he established and built hospitals pre kitchens mail service and police service this man was a very capable man he did all of that and the British he wrote about this man by the way and British word about this man I believe they called him a particular title I'll come back to that later so this man he also derived historic cities that were in decline and by the way this man is from the tribes of Israel he organized the indian sub-continent system that lasted until the 20th century and then during later after his time there was another intellectual that was born called Beyazit who was also from the tribes in 1550 he rode the first touchstone book and revolted against a Mongol Empire they continued to find the Mongols until they got their freedom then there was a man from the tribes called Herschel han protect a great pattern fighter he was born in 1613 he was a legendary poet he promoted Afghan nationalism through his poetry and he admonished the Pythons to put away their rivalries tribal rivalries because there was large tribal rivalries between these ten tribals and he told them to reunite against the Mongols he was also a renown fighter as well yousafzai today is a term that is used for some of these Pashtuns and they are use of rhyming the sons of Joseph these are the people who slaughtered the Mongols in the Hindu Kush mountains to take control soldiers of the mongol tribe under the order of the governor amir khan when they found out that the use of Zhai in and the tribe people did that they sent an army through the governor amir khan who tried to molest the women of the first known rocky tribe what is today known as a Kunar district this is both in Afghanistan and the northern regions of Pakistan which shatral is a famous famous a region with this this this canard district exists kind of borders into Afghanistan and the people as you know as I told you earlier honor is a big thing and there they are pride for their women they protect their women and they look out for them so when this governor he tried to have their women molested that had the counter effect of them uniting together they all United together all these tribes that were dispersed they said you know what we're going to unite together and fight these people therefore the Mughal Empire this is historically known the Mughal Empire sent 30,000 soldiers warriors to fight with the southy tribes and the others had United together at the hybrid tasks the Pathan tribes listen to this these other preparin tribes who would you know like didn't have proper guns didn't have proper sores didn't have proper you know uniforms they were not in uniforms like the Mughal Empire they were like a ragtag army this ragtag army annihilated the thirty thousand strong army only leaving for people to escape and one of them was a governor the modern-day Afghanistan was formed by a famous guy called Ann Machado Ronny he's got a tribe of Dan in 1747 200 years before the formation of Pakistan and Monsieur de l'année he fought with the various people in Afghanistan the Afghans at one time took over Lahore the city where I was born from the Sikh Empire Sikh Empire these are the northern people of India they had captured the city of Lahore or they were living there and ruling it and Michelle Durrani overtook it and removed all these guys from there Ann Machado and Durrani also took control of modern-day Pakistan in 1749 and after there the Sikh Empire which had conquered the whole Hyo was the overrule that he threw them out he captured it back he then amateur Durrani also took control of Peshawar Peshawar was also being ruled by the Sikhs he also drove them out of Peshawar and conquered that region as well in the northern region of Pakistan in 1756 amateur Durrani plundered many parts of India such as Delhi Agra Mathura all these parts were plundered and taken over by this man he was the one who attacked the golden temple in India which is a considered a holy site by the by the Sikh people and he filled this pool with the blood of the people he killed which started a rivalry between the Sikh people and the Afghan people which lasts to this day by the way and amatuer later returned to India to confront the Hindu Marathas these were the people who are controlling parts of India and he declared a holy war against the Hindus and he wrote to his people he said come and join me to fight this holy war against these infidels and of course in 14th a 14 January 1761 the Third Battle of Panipat took place between Hindus and Muslims stretching across 12 kilometers of the city amar Shah Durrani won that battle with a decisive victory this was the battle that formed the weakness of the Hindu Empire that caused the British to rule India later if the Hindus Muraki Hindus were not defeated the British would not be able to have overtaken India so in the British in one of their intelligence reports you know what they called a Murshid irani the calling the king of kings he never called and saw the finger King but they did they said that amateur Durrani was one of the greatest fighters around and he his Empire stretched from Delhi in India Kashmir in Pakistan and India to the Arabian Sea very well-known fighter very well-known administrator great guy and here the interesting things from the tribe of Dan in 1837 it was those Khan that took back Peshawar there have been overtaken by the Sikhs in the Battle of Jim Ruth Akbar Khan the Pashtun killed the famous six warrior there was a famous thick warrior called Hari Singh Nalwa and it was it was uh it was one of the Pashtun one of the tribal people that struck him down and I think that that I think that kind of wraps up but let me tell you one more part of history of these tribal people in the north in the north of Pakistan they use a ceremony called Sun duck these are the only people in Pakistan who do that by the way they today like Jewish people do a baby a male baby is presented to the more he'll to the person doing the circumcision on a tray or on a you know or through another person they use that and then they circumcise them the male child and they do that even to this day they do that Muslims they have this ceremony performed but other Muslims don't do this ceremony but these guys do so that wraps up my history for our tribal people that exist in Pakistan Afghanistan and those areas that I referred to in my particular text you may want to of course you know there's a lot there's a lot there to grasp in one wonderful reading but you may want to look at that you may want to reference cross reference and do a little search on it and you will find more history related to that but these are our tribal people some of them are living in America today and others are living in are still in the same regions I don't know somebody's having a hard time getting into the room so I don't know what they're talking about podcasts we don't have any podcasts going over here so not sure what they are referring to having said that let's go back to our lecture now and our lecture begins chapter 19 hood are the statutes and judgments laws and it says here and Yaga spoke to Moshe and to add insane this is the ordinance of the Torah which Yahweh has commanded saying speak to the children of Israel and they bring you red heifer without spot when there is no blemish and has never been yoked and you shall give her to Eleazar the ponen that he may bring the her forth outside the camp and one shell slaughter her before his face and Eleazar the Cohen shall take off her blood with his finger and sprinkle over blood directly before the tenth of the appointed times seven times and one shall burn the heifer in sight her skin and her flesh and her blood with her excrement shall he burn and opponent shall take cedar wood the hyssop and scarlet and castrated to the midst of the burning of the heifer and the poor he shall wash his clothes and he shall bathe his flash in mine in water and afterward he shall come into the camp and the poor hand shall be unclean until the evening and he that burns her shall wash his clothes in water in mine and Bradys flesh in mine and shall be unclean until the evening so we have this ceremony in the Torah that is described about the red heifer nobody really knows to this day that why the ceremony was given what is the significance of it and what is the spiritual uma fication you know we all have some ideas what it is for what it means but really it's really still mysterious to this day as to why God gave this particular ceremony where a high priest after doing the sacrificial things and the burning of the heifer would become unclean until the evening so in other words his cleanness is departed onto the animal vice versa you know it's called transparency the transparency takes place you know this kind of an it almost feels unbelievable it's actually not unbelievable is quite believable and a transparence can happen this is where Christians get the theology that Jesus died for the sins of the people and it transference happened in other words he took upon himself the sins of the people and if you believed in him then you know your sins have been purged kind of thing however you know that's kind of a dogmatic theological statement much more is is in it than just a dogmatic statement in kind of reality if you use the word imputed it's one of the wording that they use basically transparent transparence means that but then but then I as I spoke to you many times as I told you there when we were referred to the word sin we do not see it at the same way as you know Christian theology since in our terminology is simply missing the mark of the Torah when you miss the mark of the Torah you do not get your desire you do not succeed in something you're trying to attain there's all this thing is thought is not there to strike you down God is not there to kill you what is not there to punish you this ideology is come from Christianity have nothing to do with our Torah nothing to do with our prophets nothing to do with our a particular holy books by the way you will not find anywhere where you're taught in the Torah that says hey if you committed this then you're going to go to hell you're going to burn forever so there's no such thing and these are all ideologies created by Gentiles and nothing to do with us as I just gave you history of our people in Afghanistan where these people clearly follow the precepts of the Torah they even went into Islam they convert it to Muslims today yet they raise the law of the Torah above every of the law and they don't care about that and I respect that and I unlike why is the same I'm likewise the same that I respect the laws of the Torah above every law and that's where I this is where I stand and and I you know hopefully I know that the people who understand do the same likewise we are not here to be punished by God because I did something wrong I didn't do nothing wrong you didn't do nothing wrong if our ancestors made mistakes which they did then you know God remove them from the nation and cast them out in order for them to become light to the Gentile nations and that is what's happening today we are to be a light to the Gentiles we have been given the tools the techniques that are in present in our holy books that are being used by many people today Gentiles by the way are using those tools and techniques while our people slumber and sleep and they're still running around you're chasing this that and the third we're not supposed to do that so coming back to that it is very important that we go back to our tools techniques and procedures to understand what it actually means when you are Jesus of Nazareth was speaking about where two are together and you call you know you speak a prayer in my name etc etc then something will come to pass in other words whatever you offer will come to pass that which they understand as what as a mastermind group a mastermind group is somebody you set your desired you set your heart on achieving something when two of you come together with that like you know people might say you know I want my sister to be healed okay two sisters aren't you know you have a family with three sisters two sisters are saying we are going together pray for our third sister for her healing that's a mastermind issue are taught about it if you are said that yes you can do that and yes you will attain your desire what's the desired healing of the sister what's the goal the goal is for these these two sisters to come together to sit and then do the necessary in other words you will do your visualization you will do your affirmation and then you will heal your sister by the way we're not discussing here Jesus died on the cross or didn't die you're in the wrong room if you want to discuss the cross still because that's all dealt with the cross happened Jesus diet resurrected went up and that's where we are right now we're not interested in you know this Christian theology of come before Jesus and ask for forgiveness and bow to his feet we're not into that so we know we serve the God of Israel the God of Israel has revealed himself in many different ways through you know through the person of Jesus of Nazareth as well but we actually understand the teachings a little bit more than most of the Christianity does so we don't follow their nonsense we are not into this are you going to go to hell if you don't follow Jesus no we have the Torah we have the law of God we have the covenants they are given to our forefather Abraham and we are in covenant with people our covenants is what gives us the gears our salvation eternity gives us hope gives us you know blessings everything is there we don't need to make these things up from the New Testament New Testaments simply the first two other covenants our prophets our people our holy books this simply gives evidence and testimony of it that's where we are that's where we that's what we support that's what we do as a people we give thanks to God is given us this tablet as a sign that we can come before him and we can give thanks we can give thanks for our life we give thanks and gratitude for you know other things in our life for other people and we can together we can do greater good together together as a mastermind group as the people of the books we can do the greater good and best we have God called us to be he wanted us to do the greatest good for the nation's stand for the nation's because this is where we find in the book of Zechariah the Prophet will find that Israel will be doing sacrifices in the Feast of Tabernacles 70 Bulls will be sacrificed for the 70 nations of the world so it's very important that you know those of you still stuck in Christian theology get your head around and understand what does the God of Israel safe and that usually you will learn you know how to better your lives and I wanted to come to the point of bettering your lives through the word and you know this is what the room is called empower yourself with the words of Jesus meaning that Jesus's words resonate with the Torah of Moses he speaks about it and he oftentimes refer to them and he gave his tools and techniques to the people and the biggest thing he placed was faith he said if you don't have faith you're not going to be able to do whatever it is you're trying to do we said first have faith so what does faith mean faith means to have trust in God and the God that is within us we must have trust and faith and if we do have that trust and faith then we can move mountains we can move anything we come Nations forget about mountains to move a whole nation so Bluefish kamyar way that i certainly have that kind of faith and I'm certain that many of you have that kind of faith as well so I'm certain of that so below Hashem Yahweh that we are here and so here today I wanted to speak about some of the methods absolutely you can but in order to force the Gentiles to come to the Torah they will see the magnificence of the Torah they will see the magnificence of the laws and they will pump themselves they will come knocking on your doors and saying tell us about your loss this is what the book of Zakaria says they will come and they pull on yours it reads the Gentiles will come and pull on yours if this and say we know that God is with you right that's exactly what the book of Zechariah says in chapter 8 we know that God is with you well if God was with us if God is with us that's by the way the Prophet was writing therefore our times future we're not talking about that time before the destruction of the temple so why should we go around knocking on people's doors two days ago over here I had a couple and you know a couple that came to the door they knocked on the door and I opened the door and they said good morning and I said good morning to them and they were from Jehovah's Witnesses and and they said you know we are we are hoping that you're having a good day I said thank you very much you're having a great day here and what how can I help you well what do you think about the word I said we are the people of the book we'll stop I said what we think about the world is not relevant over here because we are the people of the book what do you think our books tell us trust God follow the laws and you will have a blessing in in your life so that's what we believe and that's what we follow thank you very much for coming nice to meet you and they said and they said what do you you know what do you think about the future future I said our books are replete with future prophecies we believe in them and we wait for the Messianic Kingdom and we will give thanks to God when that our full you know full restoration occurs and you know they said oh nice to meet you thank you very much they left us a little and bye-bye you know there went so you know they have nothing to give us Gentiles have nothing to give us but we can learn from the Gentiles because I like to twist all the books a little bit here and there and they like to present new theologies to us so we do you know we do learn these things that we've got to be careful of how our books are being twisted and turned and new information is being created when all we have all we got to do is go back to our our books and look at what it actually says so this is very important for us to understand I don't want to be disrespectful to you homos witnesses or anybody else Mormons or anybody else for that matter because they have a right to their opinion they have a right for their belief I just prepped that and I and I just leave it at that point now coming back to the at the at the present tense waited Jesus basically turned around if you remember that issue of Nazareth he turned around and he said to the people at one point he said to the people something that they found offensive and at the time and he was speaking to them he said to the effect Oh in John chapter 2 verse 19 he said to them destroyed this temple and I would raise it again in three days so the people at that time in what we know from John 2:19 his people found that a little bit of fancy they said what the heck is he talking about destroy this temple this temple took so many years to build oh you know it took what is it 45 46 years to build and they're like how can I just say destroy this temple and I'll rebuild it in three days this is gone mad or what so they're kind of like found it a little bit offensive when you are you know kind of spoke about the temple and as the books tell you the books of the New Testament they say that then said the Hadean the jews the beit hamikdash took 46 years to build and will you raise it up in three days their question is are we talking about the 46 years to build you telling me that you're going to build it three days but it said but he spoke of the beit hamikdash the temple of his body when therefore he was risen from the dead his disciples remembered that he had sent this to them and they believed the words of Yahweh and the word which yahushua had said in other words do i believe in the resurrection of course it's written there that he's had it and he was he rose from the dead of course I believe in it now what about the fact that he was speaking about the body of the temple the body as a temple is the area of your body in your body generally we already discussed this millions of times that we have what's called our bodies are like transmitters they are like receivers and transmitters and Jesus also said I will be with you to the end of the age so where is Jesus it is with me surely is going to be somewhere here in the room or is within my body so if Jesus's words are true he lives within every one of you you have access to him now are you going to utilize him or not see most people don't and this is where we are today the if you utilize him he said you will do greater miracles than me but are you are you doing greater miracles than him if you are not then of course you've got to learn the method so this is why I wrote the book law of attraction was is a perfect law so people can learn how to better their lives very very important very very critically important because I don't want to speak about religion there are many churches doing that Sunday's you know they're speaking about religion and if you want religion you can go to the mosque mosque will give you a religion as well you go to the Hindu temple they speak about religion as well so if you want religion this is not the place to be if you want blessings if you want a covenant with abundance then this is the place to be that's that's the only difference between us and religion so we are not religion we are a people of the books and anybody who joins us join spiritual Israel and can partake of the blessings that have been given us because go treat everybody the same so I wanted to speak about methodologies methodologies of manifestation this is very important because I know that already you have desires and wants and if you if you do not get your desires and wants you will die in your sins now jesus said you will die in your sins he was not talking about oh I even know be cast into hell fire and burn forever it didn't say that when he was saying about you gonna die in your sins he was referring to it metaphorically meaning you never know get your wants and desires you not utilize yourself you are not going to attain them so therefore be in the torah meaning hit the mark get your desires and be righteous I just mean to attain your desires that's all it means to attain your desires because God is not some you know a sadistic judge that's just sitting there to strike you down every time you make a mistake it's like you don't god is love God is a loving father he wants his children to succeed and I gave a great example of that in another lecture that the our foreign minister is a foreign secretary is mana is mr. Pompeo might compare ibly with his name and if my compare is is our foreign secretary mr. Pompeo if it's our foreign secretary then he is sent by our president to various nations to negotiate – you know convey the message of our president and therefore he has to go all suited and booted in a nice attire nice perfume nice plane lots of security around him so the whole feel of this is that he belongs to the United States president now if he on the other hand went with broken shoes with holes in it he went with you know with with a shirt with holes and he turned up at the door of some other president what do you think they will think about our president now apply that analogy to God the creator of the whole universe is the cosmos everything he is energy divine energy now you apply the principles you belong to that divine energy therefore you carry the energy as well therefore would that creator the divine energy our Father in heaven would he want us to appear someplace representing him in in you know excuse with holes you know shared with no buttons on it and the hair in uncapped and you know dirty smelling bodies would he want that what would what kind of representation would that be it would not be a very nice representation people will laugh about that people say what kind of God do they serve look at their look at their in appearance it's in a shocking so therefore our God desires us to have everything everything that is legitimate that is legal that is right for us to have a house car money you know beautiful children nice wife nice husband all of these things are within your reach you just got to reach out and take them decide what you want decide what you want make a decision make a decision today what is it that you're missing in your life then go get it this is what this is about so it's very important that you decide that now one of the things I realized that I realized that I hadn't actually spoken about and told you what I thought to you about the Alpha State yeah it doesn't have to be Armani but it could be just still be decent you know it could be George from Walmart but is that least decent you know it's like clean so I don't I don't mind that either so having said that in fact talking by George a publisher t-shirts of George yesterday so having said that it is important to understand that one of the principles I spoke about was the Alpha state alpha state is a very powerful state to do your visualization and some of the people spoke about struggling to keep their eyes open an alpha state and I spoke about different times different methodologies maybe in having a glass of water there to help you to assist you to keep your eyes or do it in open eyes rather than closed eyes because if you do not find the eyes are shutting you know you have that cartoon character Bugs Bunny and you kind of like is trying to sleep and they put these tapes on his eyes and it eyes keep shutting so you know you don't to put those those tapes on your eyes but what you want to do is you want to open your eyes in the darkness you know don't switch your light on because it's too bright in the morning to stitch your light on and then even you you kind of like clearly come out of alpha state very quickly you don't come out of alpha state too quickly but you want to come out of it slowly so if you're struggling with closing eyes and sleeping then keep your eyes closed in darkness and start visualizing start visualizing that beautiful car you desired visualizing that you're driving it now I didn't speak about one thing now let me give you that secret because you know sometimes sometimes it's important that I I have to sometimes spell out the things because otherwise people are just kind of guessing what I'm trying to say and for that I'm going to take you to the Book of Daniel and let me take you to the Book of Daniel Daniel chapter 10 and in verse Daniel chapter 10 let's see okay not general kept up early with general tab so Daniel chapter 8 actually but let me just find the worst is concerned eight Daniel chapter 8 speaks about these these horns and he speaks about you know the saving prophecies from God at a time when God showed him things and I wanted to you know explain what that actually this is something very important in there let me pick that out of my Bible give me a moment let me open it up okay we know that we know that yeah it is Daniel chapter ten actually we know that Daniel chapter ten let me just read it a little bit inside us thirty years as king of Persia message was revealed to Daniel the message was true it was about a great war Daniel understood the message because he was given insight during the vision during those days I Daniel mourned for three whole weeks I didn't need any good food no meat or wine entered my mouth I didn't wash myself until the entire three weeks were all over it is kind of in a some kind of a fast on the 24th day of the first month I was by the great Tigris River when I looked up I saw a man dressed in linen and he had a belt made of gold from who fast around his waist his body was like battle his face looked like lightning his eyes were like flaming torches his arms and legs look like polished bronze when he spoke his voice sounded like the lord of a crowd i daniel was the only one who saw the vision the men with me didn't see the vision yet they started to tremble terribly violently and quickly hid themselves so i was left alone to see this grand vision i had no strength left in me my face turned deathly pale and i was helpless i heard the man speak and i was listening to the words i've painted face down on the ground of course then this man touched him and he says gonna hand touched me and made my hands knees shake the man said to me daniel you are highly respected or you're much-loved pay attention to my words stand up because i've sent to you when he said this to me I stood up trembling by the way let me describe Daniels experience he was meditating not just fasting he was meditating during those 21 days as well what does meditate mean well when you have a desire and a goal a very first thing I thought he was to ground yourselves I told you to meditate and then you go into your visualization technique he says this he says I stood up and then he said and then he said don't be afraid Daniel God has lured everything Elohim has heard everything that you said ever since the first day you decided to humble yourself in front of your Elohim so that you could in front of your God so that you could learn to understand things I have come in response to your prayer what is the prayer by the way prayer here simply means your desire what you are asking for you're asking for a wife for example some of you are single you're asking for a wife well that is the prayer so you're asking and God has heard you it doesn't mean our God needs to hear you 15 times you don't say God give me if I talk to me why don't you don't do that you decided on it you made a decision you said I need a wife you make a decision okay so you said it to God where is God God is within you you send it to God I need a wife now how you gonna get it you don't need to worry about the hell I remember I taught you wear wear a band on your hands you wear a band on your hands and this band it represents a marriage once you put the band on you're speaking to your you know allegorical or artificial wife you're speaking to her she's sitting next to you and you're maybe you know before you go to bed at night you're saying goodnight to this wife you're giving that a goodnight kiss you might think I'm gone mad why am i kissing something that doesn't exist no you're not gone mad you're bringing these unseen into the scene world oh absolutely that by keifa you can have them make you some tea make you some dinner you might be speaking to the air but you're bringing this unseen into the scene that is so very powerful very very powerful by the way very powerful and you will bring that from the is called manifestation you're going to manifest that void into the innocence from the unseen realm which is which is called quantum quantum by the way quantum physics quantum jumping you bring from the one realm to the other by the way let me tell you something there is no mention in our Bibles of anything called the law of attraction this is a term that's just been popularized by in on this secret film and other things going on there is no such term and many many books that I have read in the past you know old books 18th century 17th century 15th century books none of them speak about anything called the law of attraction so the law of attraction as a firm has only been popularized in you know later times of our of our you know like the last 10 15 20 years but the bible does speak about the perfect law the perfect law is what i want to hone in on and teach you so that you can use that to better your lives the perfect law by the way is what will attend you the you know the the desires which is not torah by the way that my tina is saying that i did this with my wife that was in china now she is in america making methi hallelujah propecia me available keeper you learnt well because your wife was you know at another country thousands of miles away and you brought her to your dimension to your sphere to your way your persona is where you are and that is great and this is why i say to people don't think to yourself hey you know simon l have the poem is telling me that a i can't just conjure my wife but I don't see it no you don't need to see her you tell a good morning every morning you tell a good night every night my name is not Simon l have the taurine if she don't appear in your realm within the one year less than a year she will appear in your realm and you will have a woman that you will be marrying and calling wife if you follow the method if you follow the method with a band of ring on your hand where the band and every day call out to her speak to her some loving words and then just just believe in it isn't this what the master issue were taught believe and receive them so believe your words if you don't believe your words do you think another person will absolutely that bikie for the perfect law works but you must work it and I think a lot of people struggling at the working part and I'm giving you the definition of it so I want to speak about Daniel the prophet a little bit here and he said he said that that he was speaking to the angel the angel said don't be afraid he said God has heard everything you said so God has everything I speak everything you speak in you in the room you guys God hears it and then he said humble yourself in front of your God Wow what a statement humble yourself in front of your God so that you could learn to understand things so what is missing maybe humility is missing in some people maybe they are being a little bit arrogant about it maybe they need to humble themselves I'm just saying it you know I'm not accusing anybody I'm just saying it we all need to examine ourselves if we need to humble ourselves I'm below selves how do we humble ourselves well we come before our God and we humble ourselves hell maybe maybe through fasting maybe through a prayer maybe through giving up some things that we desire to have all the time whatever you know whatever it is that humbles you and then it says I have come in response to your player the commander of the Persian Kingdom opposing or the Prince of the Persian Kingdom oppose me 21 days but then Michael Mishael one of the chief commanders came to me helped me because I was left alone with the kingdoms of Persia I have come to explain to you what will happen to your people in the last days because the vision is is about times to come so Anna stop there and I'll explain 21 days is key when you realize my family awesome tribes of Israel when you visualize you're going to do it for 21 days you're going to relax after that that's your meditation that's your visualization after that you're gonna relax for one week off completely you're not going to realize for one week after that what you can do you can still do your script if you want to do your writing your top three goals you can still do that but you must not do any further visualization for a whole week and some of you can push it to maybe seven to ten days let me give you an example on the 20th of this month I stopped doing all my visualisation techniques activity and I even stopped waking up at 4:45 I tell you myself about my life then you can maybe follow my example I said to myself I'm not gonna wake up at 4:45 for the next 7 days I'm not going to do any visualization I'm going to change my time to wake up a little bit later and not that I can't wake up I can wake up at 4:00 if I want to and I've got my alarm set 4:45 the alarm goes off I switch it off second alarm goes on I switch it on and I wake up I wake up I I don't I do my my ELF phosphate meditation I then come off I you know go to the bathroom do the necessaries come back have my breakfast my day begins I give thanks to God I give gratitude to God every day I thank him for everything in my life I then can do my script if I if I desire I do my script I relax that's all you need to do you need to do the same because you people you know will be going to the job you go to your job you could do your job and come back from work maybe you do your script in the evening no problem you must take that one week rest it is called detachment we must detach Daniel was told to do that detach God has heard him is about to bring things to pass the same way when your putting forth her desire you need to detach yes must do the grounding still we must do the grounding we must do the chakra cleaning if you do your chakra cleaning or grounding that is verbatim every day no change because that's what brings quietness that's what brings presence wholeness to your body scientifically I was reading an article about mindfulness that said that if you do meditation every day it grows different areas of your brain and it only grows in those people that do the meditation not in everybody it actually spoke about that so is you know it's absolutely it's a recharge everyday and you must ground my advice is ground your relatives that are ill ground those relatives detach yourself from the reality for a greater reality meaning if you're designing a car every day come and take a break for seven days give time for the seed to grow you know don't be on top of it all the time like you know it's going to happen it's going to happen it's going to happen now give it time we need to detach release we put it out into the universe boom you want a wife you put it out in the universe great you visualize on it for 21 days now you relax for seven days detach completely when you detach what are you doing you're saying to God Heavenly Father I have given it to you and I know you're gonna bring it to pass I trust you fully or universe I trust you fully universe is another term for God by the way universe I trust you fully thank you thank you universe you're going to take care of it I don't need to worry about it any longer I'm not gonna worry about it I'm not going to think negative about it I know it's already accepted so you stop for seven days this by the way is paramount to your success because I went back to my old days I mean my thought process and I thought what did I do well I did my goals every day I woke up in the morning and I did my goals then would I do well I just went about my work went about my work and forgot about what I said earlier and then I just now let things take root and things took root but of course it took longer because I did not employ the tools that I have today today I have many tools into my belt and I can do things that I couldn't that I didn't even know about back then I couldn't do things today that you know might seem impossible for some other people but the thing is this that it can be done it depends what power God has given you I cannot rotate the grounding and the chakra steps but they are available in an or do I do have the audios somehow if you want the audios I can email them to you you can listen to them and follow those steps in your you know daily meditation routine we've had great results they don't need it from YouTube keeper because they're going to be searching for the recordings is going to be difficult to find I will be able to just email them to you free of charge I don't I don't charge anything for them they are free to anyone who asks please just write to me in my email address which is available on our website forever – is real calm Abrahamic faith dot info both of those websites have the email address or you can write to Shimon 63 as h-i-m or you n63 at yahoo.com Shimon 63 if you write to me and believe somehow you have my breath I will just email you the two attachments to top of that of a kefir for putting that up so I will email you the attachments free of charge no cost to you no questions asked it's entirely up to you how you use them I suggest every day every day you do it because this is that is with music and that is you know it will be much more convenient and helpful to just do the six minutes seven minutes of that because the Internet one in the teaching is without music and you can have to find you know where is it in the teaching and he goes back and forth scrolling through it little bit difficult that's why I made it separately so my advice is to write to me if any of you don't have it please write to me and I can just give them to you and you can download them now of course I put those on my website but then you know you will know where to find them and we want to know the purpose of them but I could do that as well I could put them on a page on the website and just give you a link maybe I'll think about doing that as well that would be my next project having said that that's where we are so detachment is key why is detachment key let me explain to you mechanics of a plant when you plant a seed into a pot or the ground you you plant your seed or a few seeds and you go water them every day you water them for a week you go look every day or nothing second day oh nothing third day or nothing fourth day or nothing and seventh day later you know you kind of like get tired and say what the heck wise is plant not growing you say I'm gonna leave this for a few days I'm not gonna watch it and you come back you go you go where first for a week and you come back boom there's a plant there Wow the plant is coming up but why did the plant not come up in the first seven days and because because you were too focused on it every day you need to give it time to take root so when you are focusing on your intention your desire you need to give it time to take a root once it takes root once it takes a root then it will come out the way you desire it but you gotta give your time you see you cannot water part 21 days because what you're going to do you're going to choke that plant to death just to give you an idea about a seed if you water that seed every day and then also it rains during the week as well like you know hi or did last week and the week before and you're watering it every day guess what's going to happen to that part that seed is going to choke it's too much water so when do we detach when do we give it time to actually take a root when we stop watering it so we've got to have a period where we stop watering it we say you know what I've been watching it for three weeks or whatever I'm going to stop and I'm gonna give it time to take root and then you give it time to take root when you see this little plant pop up you're really happy you say ah now I can start watering it again and nurture it to grow it so that is these are kind of plant steps and I'm giving you steps that you must apply in your living daily life to be successful when I was you know in the in the in the days I was in England when I didn't have my black BMW and I thought you know I said to myself my intention is to have my black BMW and I didn't have no black BMW there was no BMW parked outside my door by the way I had maybe a hoopty parked outside here's a kind of funny like a little nice and sunny parked outside every time I walk outside I see this nice and sunny you know banger you know four cars but thank God for that I not give thanks I gave thanks to God I said and I'm grateful that I have a car to drive grateful so give thanks for the car you have don't worry barf is a hook thee give thanks for the car you have be grateful for it I was very grateful to God they'd given me a car to drive very grateful and then one day boom black BMW is parked outside my door and I'm driving the black BMW it took time but I never gave up the belief I never gave up seeing myself in that black BMW so don't give up your hope and your green just because it's taking a little longer to come up but I didn't have the method I only had parts of the method that I was applying now I have the full method full methodology to bring it to pass and it will work absolutely at the very great question to ask during the detachment period can you listen to the subliminals absolutely you should you should listen to the subliminals even if you want to do your affirmation you can you have two choices you can or you cannot but you can listen to the subliminals I said if I keep are saying he used to have done this and Etzel five ten blue hooptie love that yeah I used to have them mr. intestine shedding or like a coupie and heads like I love that car as well so it was great car it did blow beautifully actually was a great car to be on the side hands down it's a great car but it was small it didn't use up so much fuel but of course you know it's not a BMW but it was like a BMW to me but God gave me BMW later but I'm just giving you the example do not prostrate yourselves what you have set your intention on rest assured it will come to pass now how do you visualize these are the things that I don't explain in my teachings online all the time I have explained it a little bit with the marriage you know with the wife scenario I would spend with the car scenario but I haven't explained with the other scenarios now this is for Hadassah I thought this is for you now you obviously said one time that you like to have lots of money into your hands and you said you'd like to desire to have a business so this is how you would visualize when you want to have lots of money of course you know you got to be at the end result you've got to have the feeling of the end result of having it so what you do have done is this is how you do it all you lottery winners out there all of your desiring to win the big lottery jackpots as well this is for you today I haven't written about this but I've actually spoken this directly to my students privately but I'll give it give it to you free today you want to have a big large amounts of money don't worry about buying the ticket thinking oh I must see myself visualization buy a ticket or I'm looking at the TV and another pops up boom boom boom boom boom six numbers oh yeah I love either hey you like you jumping up and down no that's all nonsense nonsense totally nonsense it will not work for you I have not seen a single winner who followed that method and said you know what this method work it doesn't work even the people selling that method they haven't won the lottery like that they are won the big prize in the Powerball or the Mega or whatever so how do we do it how do you have a feeling of fifty million dollars or a hundred million dollars when you never had that money how do you get that feeling that's the important bit that they don't you know that people don't want to tell you in the in the YouTube videos does they don't speak about that the only way to get that is that you go to your bank in your visualization process you got to be at the end result it's no good for me to visualize and say hey I in a wonder ticket I go over to the lottery office and I make a claim and I said to the woman hey man here is my ticket give me the money well she's not offered me a piece of paper that's not the end result if I you know took the ticket from the gas station and I see my visualization oh I got six numbers they popped up but that's not the end result right so what is the end result the end result is when I go to my bank that's the end result I go to my bank and I ask the bank cashier in England we call them been cashiers in America I think you call them ATM bank tellers so we go to your bank teller and you ask her or him ma'am what is the balance in my account she looks at your balance and says sir you have fifty million dollars in your bank how can I help you you say to her man could I please withdraw two hundred and fifty thousand dollars check payable to such insights and such for my new house purchase make up a real estate company call it Texas real estate and you know these are the exact instructions that gave to one of my one of my students make up a Texas real estate company you take out a check for $250,000 you issue it to the cheque company you go to the lady at the bank and you say to her that ma'am I'd like to have a check for $250,000 made payable to Texas real estate argument say I'm summarizing the conversation and she says yes sir she writes out the cheque Texas real estate 250,000 payable said Rock cetera she hands you the check there you go sir what else can I do for you ma'am I like to also have $1,000 cash $100 notes please or $50 notes please I need to use it for you know whatever so she can shout the 100 dollar notes 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 she hands them to you you take the money you take the check you thank her thank you very much man have a great day you sir have a great day that is the end result by the way the end result is not going to the lottery office the end result is not buying the ticket the end result is you having cash in the bank and drawing on it that is where you want to be you lottery winner and inspire us out there those of you aspire to win the lotteries that's how he needs to happen now the universe God how he does it whether he makes you find a diamond on the street and you catch that diamond or whether you find that you have some real precious stones in your backyard and they are worth billions of dollars it doesn't matter or whether it's a lottery ticket it doesn't matter you will have that money in your account if you believe in it exact words of Jesus if you believe in it you receive it those of you aspiring to business those of you is fighting to business with a six-figure sum very simple in your visualization you take your energy ball that I described couple of times in my teaching you you wrap your hands you know in your being in your meditation you wrap your hands you open this energy ball this golden green light bulb and you ground your business whatever business you have you ground it you put this energy on top of it what you do is you again the same way you go to the bank and you draw a cheque you can draw a cheque of $500,000 or a million dollars because you have the money in the account and so you're going to look and you're going to say man I need to pay such and such company could I please make a cheque payable for five hundred thousand dollars to ABC company for a business deal have that take note please this is for you so you go and you draw out your five hundred thousand dollar check from the bank that's your visualization the woman at the bank gives you the check writes it out for you and sales to you man here you go anything else you say no thank you man you give thanks to the woman and you walk her the branch and that's your business deal so you just made a check to another company for a business deal that you are closing that is the way you get your business deal sorted out so if you follow that method there is absolutely no doubt in my mind that you can all achieve your desired results now a car by the way is small peanuts in my opinion humble opinion because when we are talking about millions of dollars in the bank is to speck up a dust to the universe it still is plaque and what I'd like you to do what I like you to do is you know this is something as an exercise I want you to do that I want you to take a a post-it note or a a yellow card or a white car you know this a F you know these small cards I want you to write on it I want you to write on it what I want to manifest is the size of this dot what I want to manifest is the size of this dot then draw a little dot underneath it attach it to your laptop screen that is what we are talking about in terms of manifestation the million dollar that you're deciding or a 50 million or a hundred million or whatever it's a speck of dust in God's eyes it's that small it's nothing so don't think to yourself oh this is such a big deal it's no big deal it's nothing you bring your belief into it and you will have it so nothing is impossible for you everything is opened up now if you struggle in any areas I always recommend you to write to me or you know if you want me to have a chat with you I'm not charging you money I'm not saying hey pay me $500 before I check to you I will give you a free phone call I'm in America right now in 2019 in the month of June I'm here I can give you a free call if you need further help I can call you and help you with that at no cost to you and that is if you're struggling but if you just follow my instructions you should have no problem if I keep on saying whether you find the bag of millions in the Andy the how it comes is not important method is the absolute leader by keeper the how is not important please remember that how is not important the method I'm teaching you is the key to your success Hadassah I'm very happy to tell about Hadassah that she manifested a five bedroom house Hadassah have you moved into your new home congratulations to your family if you already have she manifested the five bedroom house three bath house beautiful house she sent me the picture in Orlando so I am going to say that you know I was very happy to see that come to pass you can do whatever it is that you're doing good for the world do it don't you know fret about it don't worry about it don't think oh you're too small you're not so not so rich everything is possible but you go to trust God and God lives within each one of you is available to assist you if you follow through so I will say I will leave this discussion and I'll pass you to Rabbi keifa tada thank you very much for listening to me have a great day have a great Shabbat Eddie saying that be what tools can we used to know if we need to change our path with on like jobs or move is it a personal decision okay very easy Eddie for that you're going to first come to the universe to God and you cannot put this as a question put it as a question to God or you can say universe whichever way you prefer and you're going to say what is the best path for me please guide me universe or Lord or dear God or master of heavens on earth what is the best path for me in my life please guide me and show me so I can have a clear answer to my where's the soul you need to do and wait for the universe to show you that take a take a bay leaf use an emerald pen if you can if you can get an emerald pen and with an emerald pen I have a sharpie that emerald you can get these sharpies from Walmart permanent markers and I have the metallic one here the metallic emerald marker write it with that one on your Bailey's that will be your question what path is best for me burn it put it out into the ether into the air God has it God will direct you to the answer I did that many years ago by the way I didn't do it with the bay leaf at the time I didn't know about it but I did it with the intention I asked what I said God please show me what I need to do I am kind of lost I don't know what to do in my life and you know the word that I was given through the Holy Spirit was i t get I didn't said get into IT I was just the only two words are the only two letters I T and I understood I need to get into computers hence I became an engineer so all crises to the God of Israel bro Christian and Yahweh Brooke sham master yahushua a great open to love you all and i'll now leave you with the rabbi akiva Oh okay we're waiting what a bike in part to come and speak I think he maybe is off the room okay he's come online okay I'm back now papi they're gonna get one please do put my chick over here I don't know what that was about but we're back here to top of that now Corinne I tell you what there's a lot of information lot inscription in the pony's lecture that will be very beneficial to you to maybe you know cruise and go over a couple of primes Eddie's I will tell you this one thing as well and just kind of piggyback on what I'm going to is companies get is giving you and I kind of see this in my profession as well is that folks to kind of get into the rough profession for the wrong reasons and then they find out that they're not that he'll did you don't like what they're doing and maybe take you know couple years before they realize it you know this is something that you really won't want to do I would just tell you I would encourage it actually ourselves just questioning you know what makes you happy always do at the end of the day do what makes you happy do you know initially you may not start out you may not start out making a lot of money because the money is your motivation without finding out in my profession people get into nursing because they can make a lot of money but then they realize how many of you know people like this they realize that once once you're in nursing and you have people change the bedpan but you have to change oil diet book or you get you get to keep you kid you know bottom it all over your body or you're dealing with blood and you have to look at look and they realize this is not the Fela for you know what I mean I run into that lot in my profession where people get it food you know particular professions just to make money but that's your motivation then you know your house is not understand as you you realize that at the end of the day that you're not happy you know what I mean so you're going to have to look at it and examine that and find out exactly you know you know within yourself what your strong points are you're scared you're strong points you know what do you like to do you like give it back you know if you like providing a service you know see you have to really begin to look within yourself and figure out what you want because the universe wants to give you what you want look easy you were truly wants to give you what you want so any affecting kind of assist you as well I think usually may want to do that you may want to look at and truly you know because you know that's a big decision for you you know looking at what you want to do with yourself and you know how you want to leave a legacy how you want to get here goes Eddie how you want to write your history you see because at the end of the day and I thought you said something and you know we'll we don't have hours on Friday night hey hey well you got to talk about it it's a kiwa when you talk about tomorrow but as you can see we you know we're we're masterminding it because I have the mind of my master our building is my backer he's my teacher and I mean collectively we as also travel to Israel where we have we're masterminding as well right now we're coming together with the same mind the same mind of the master the master you sure what about you Jesus of Nazareth and I think that's very very important to understand going forward is it is it truly there are there there is of a certain power and numbers there you could elevate energy a lot quicker you know one to two is always better than one you're hoping huh I know a lot of your public bath majors in a dude evaporator it is any high school graduate that you know little school graduate understand it who is better one and three is better than two and four is better than three so I think this is something that you need to really pay attention to as well but our coating said in his lecture with a thoughtful very very important how many of you in here understand it you know I couldn't gave us a great bit of understanding about our history that you probably won't learn even in the colleges they all teach this history they will teach the history boss and tribes of Israel and they totally not teaching the history of the love of true literal you think about it for a minute as I clean was explaining things I was like wow my mouth wide open ketchup lies over here you know I was like wow what look history with what rich history we have as the awesome traveler Israel and we're dispersed and scattered you know we're scattered all over the world and we do a marvelous and great things that most of the time haven't been record and a lot of times have been hit you know what I mean truly hidden from the rest of the world you know I'm from basically from the people themselves the history is about so I think that's so very important to understand that what's up how many of you in this room right now understand that you two are are writing your you writing history now you understand right now like any what would you do right now you're you're you're you're you're making history how many of you understand that your history makers now all of you in this room you're a history maker and you're writing your history now well you're history wait were your you know Moses you look at Moses Moses he roamed history he he made history think about it for a minute the children of Israel they utilize the Hebrew I mean even making history you know you think about this I mean we're still you know these exploits in stories this historical evidence is still being talked about that was done thousands and thousands of years ago you think about that for a minute you take a bucket food and what did you look at all the great thank-you notes to make you upset on history and the rich people history the rich is real tough come family of Jacob and you action stuff this question a day as i cooking gave us a great history of our past what is our history now all of you just up this question what is our history now as you why did this day and as moses wrote it has been recorded in history now what did moses record think of us is one minute what did moses recorded we have an opera box books that we call the torah what did he record can you buddy tell me what did he record wasn't just writing from visions and trainings I mean what did Miles recorded there was he commanded to record by the god of the universe by the God of Israel it was he commanded to record what was everything that was done the doings there's no wrong as don't be shy but the duties what happened now how calling said something in this lecture that I'm going to piggyback off of his will he talked about decisions and I wrote this down last night history is birth through decisions I'm assuming that again history is birth through decisions think about their fourth in the Israelites had to decide the Hebrews and decide okay yeah we don't want to leave Cairo we don't want to be in Egypt anymore wasn't that not a decision it history is first faced up in it that's why everyone in in viewing this rule whether you are a refute it or not you're writing history to the matter for a minute history is birth group decision Eddie's you New York you're writing history you're making history with the decisions that you're going to make now think about it that's only awesome there's so many stories in our history that some will never be told some will never believe this why I'm so excited when my Israelite wasn't from the tribe of Yahoo dog who's going to link up with a Cooney and be able to piece together and be able to you know tale some of this history has been untold that's kind of just been you know forgotten about and she's been put away for a while but as we look at our ancient history we need to look at history now and we need to look at each and every one of us as an individual but we all are making what decisions everyone who put not in this room is not making a decision now I can guarantee you every one of you in this room right now is making a decision and the steps will reflect you're history I tell you whatever and you know this as well as live the decision you make now will affect the history of your family going forward correct me if I'm wrong whether given the pills are many children you're going to have whether if we're going to have a great education blah blah blah based on your decision of a job and for even what do I want to do with myself you see so we're all writing making history now let's not just focus on the history of our our rich history of the past we have to look at now and another important point that we need to look at it well is it we must use what what wouldn't we must use the history of the past to help us make decisions now think about that if when you when you strum up the ponies lectures it doesn't exactly what he did today is he took the history of the past to help us make decisions now to help you to help utilize the tools of our ancestors to bring forth abundance blessings hills well wholeness richness a great relationship whatever you desire this day this is what's important who serves a living God we serve the God of the universe is the creator of the heavens and universes darling whatever title name you want to kill him by that at the end of the day he knew his eyes with inside of you he within you God is within you I without you have to go hunting down he's already within you and what what does the God put us in you warm he wants you to be happy he wants you to have peace let's go back to the default settings and we we had many teachings ago kid anybody made me the four default settings or three of you want what are three default settings for the human being justified this one is what are what are they what are the default settings let's let's pop open the settings coming out up coming out of the guard before we munication for the gods what worm the people sitting for the human being peace is talked about a lot in our history was another one everybody named another one long is talked about a lot in our Kasturi do we have another one I generated happiness is talked about a lot in our history if anybody had written one book these these characteristics these are traits that are default it should be with each and every one of us but all the time they've been replaced the conditioning that we've been in in these nations and we went away from that beneath and we kind of run into the walls of emotion to where we've been blocked a lot of time from getting back to the default settings of human being you the human nature humanity list you see religion like I call you told you you have to put that house way let's see let's like so far away from you because religion half ism here all of all the emotional walls a fear of anxiety of strengths of worries TV the walls of the religions that they put up hope that you're never good enough good you you have no self work within yourself you do not do nothing with you always have to be at dependence you always have to be given to know something you can't be independent but within the Torah you you're independent you're useful free deliberate it within the confines of the forest it is a limitless dissonance infinite abundance see now I exploded arrived this definition of history history is being put to the test think about what I just read this is my definition of history history is being flipped to the test are you getting it I will say it one more time history is being put to the test Wow think about them think about that statement for a minute let it soak in let it get into the inner main that's an every statement history is being put to the test now I submit to you this day I please don't accept or reject what I'm saying what I just would encourage you all to put it to the test don't accept or reject see this is where most people fail it is unrolled uh you know yeah you guys are the wagers mumbo jumbo you're already accepting and rejecting it awful no bases and you have no foundation but I would encourage you to do don't accept or reject website but just put it to the tips because history in my opinion history is being put to the test being I'm talking about that human being that felt that that inner man within you I am and within you put to the test put it to the test right I'll go eat everything that you go put it to the test doll just take someone's taking to get it they're everywhere and just flat-out disagree with it put put it to the test that's why I like this book about this guy homeless the billionaire he didn't just take up looking all the perfect long and say hello Oh law of attraction oh well yeah the book says business or whatever I get totally dejected for complete second point though put everything to the test maybe you want to do something you feel within unit this is what you want to do you know you feel this energy the force within you to pull you this way gravitating foot then go do it Eddie's go do it put it to the test you run you'll find out real quick oh I'm happy doing this oh this was the right path oh my goodness out of the wrong room and then you know life's you still happy enjoy so you say you know what I chalk it up as experience this was a great experience for me to make me realize this is not what I want to do you see put it to the test Mitch Brock how could he say all my students that I know swear by the manifestations are there they have already occurred there is no question about our perfect law no question about it you just have to put it to the test is not going to do you any good to come into this power Tom film it listen listen listen to all the instruction but you never go put it to the test so what kind of history book do you have before you think about that more minutes I'd rather have a history book I've tried tried tried uh uh maybe there's a secret maybe lost a few battles but I already know I won the war so I'm just going to keep trying I'm a tested tested tested attempting to give and test his health class and I'm going to keep testing and I'm going to be happy testing whether success comes in or there's a little something blocking away and it doesn't work then I'm ok ok now that I have to be to it go this way there's an evolution that comes with this this Pahang you're evolving you see too many times we have the mindset that I 116 succeeds to seize this leap and and you don't even understand when you fail you consider failure failure when failure is excellent success think about their popular when you fail you actually succeed but many people think oh then I failed them to shut it down and they stopped they quit history book is done it's over they done writing history they've done writing the history because they they have a mentality of giving up for their own you know you sometimes for waiting you must lose but many people think losing oh he is not winning but losing literally is waiting because why you're trying how many of you have made decisions and they failed anybody in this room proper camera video that's you you made some decision your life in a veil was it the inner world for you did you say oh that's it right mind backing it up that's it I'm killing up on life I'm not gonna I'm not going to go on anymore I'm not going to go on anymore I'm just like totally give up throw in the towel no you realize through that so-called what they call failure you realize that you could come in at another angle on another way your coach was just wrong but when you decided you're tweaking here then you realize wow this is truly a success I just need to go at it from another perspective another angle and if everything works out you must live in a real world and understand that sometimes are not going to work out for you the way you think they ought to work out but when you connect it to being you already know I won the war you understand but many times you put all your focus on old tell your failure it didn't work out so be in there are so many different ways to get to success it's not just one role or one path so many different ways but you need to wreck yourself and you need to see yourself it's means awesome responsibility that you have within self within your being looking at IM state if you are writing history now you doing it now you're writing your history by the decisions that you make by the actions that you take put it through the test ishbal you struggling with the perfect law put it to the test still go along with the perfect law put it to the test you may need to go back and get some instruction more instruction decoding but make sure you're on the right path they put it to the test still you still think of her blonde i work out point didn't go good back acetyl co bak going again put it to the test don't throw in the towel get out got this ain't hold on the baby here with the bathwater put it to the test history is being was being put to the test look at our history look at the risk history of the hebrew was not able and pam to the test abraham was put to the test think about it for a minute every one of our break patriarchs and patriarchy were put to the dead sometimes they didn't succeed so what did they stop and throw in the tile no way no how you learn from our ancient history that you heard from the kollene that uncle fathers are resilient they never give up did you not hear that in his lecture they never give up so why are you throwing in the tile and believe if you have better conditions than our incest in theater you have better conditions give you my fifty legs up on our ancestors so why are you giving up why are you giving it be resilient well you know what you want you go get it you know you want a wife come here never give up well bye-bye she rejected me oh how many fish are there nonsense it's not just one by the way I believe your pc's of fish are there oh don't give up you just ran up on our to a well the Rams live you got now you gotta go take another rail Fukushima don't give up on their wife don't give up on their husband forgot my movie the last situation after that situation promised myself I would never get another relation don't give up that's just another form as they know I'm going to give up on it I'm giving up on relationship I'm giving up on man I'm giving up on women all middle or minute evil all women are you know you see you coming you coming with wrong mindset you're not connected to your being you should be a mind control your mind you telling you all this mumbo-jumbo and your thought process excuse never give up never give in when you want when you know that you know that you want something you desire something like a Khaleesi it's like a dollar or a piece of paper it's a dark matter but manifest is like the dot on a piece of paper because God the universe is unlimited miss you got unlimited minutes on your phone unlimited texting think of my bitch you have unlimited ability to manifest and to attract the things if you want in your life but you can leave your mark how many of you in this room right now if one of your marks are still a relationship put up a capital R that's you if you're still trying to find that make it husband at Y you you still you're still scripting that anybody anybody still scripting it because I remember I stood still months ago a my goodness we had a lot of people in the world that will still make a date and put about this deal you you you're the main on don't be ashamed top of that Eddie's that's nothing wrong with that if you still on the mate hunt and you still looking for the Advanta a woman that's going to complete you make you whole some of you are first to hear but wonder why our ancestors winter the whale to get a wipe because a woman will quench your thirst how many humans won't feel thirsty I'm not anymore I'm drinking in abundance now thank you thank you thank you to the universe because just like I couldn't say it I didn't understand it but I thought I did it I was saying that my wife was here when she wasn't here everybody else are you crazy my wife is in America she is an American now I see my life making me team down in the kitchen bringing so disturbing to me I would see all of this and my wife was in China in a physical realm within around the medical station she's already here that stunning dusted and sure enough my wife and daughter in America now from Communist China and still don't know how they got here still can't believe it but I tell you not to believe it to the universe and just see it because that's what you are now I would feel my wife you see it wasn't even more to me than just a vision than just you know imagination I would actually feel her here oh she there I can feel her touch her hand I can see a little back and when you get that feeling this stuff it like it because here's a question I have for you how many them you want to see love or feel love how many of you want to see these or do you want to feel peace think about this for a minute I mean you know a lot of you are seeing it but you're not feeling it yet but when you feel it you feel it within your being all my goodness see a lot of you right now just see it it that's why the manifestation is not the frequency DVD amplification is not strong enough yet yeah you see it oh I have been vision but once you feel it that's when it becomes real that's when that's when you do attract and it comes in we're gonna quit and see this is what our coins teaching teaching us for those of you who want to you know bring in that full load of riches and wealth in the form of money you've got already filled and if you taking it out now that you seen yourself jumping off about it and who are you hopping all over the place you see till I say I want to see and feel the love and peace like I've used two years ago and you will that's what you want will it kind of feel that there's been a detachment and our feelings that they've connected to the wrong things which baha in the conditioning you see if we connected to you emotions and I want to talk about this moment because I think it's very important it's very important that we begin to see you let me tell you about our bodies our bodies let me tell you about your body how many of you on this you may not notice but your body your physical body it loves attention your body love the vision till you give your body attention your body loves attention do you know your heart loves attention how many of you are feeling this in your meditation when you when you get into your subconscious state are you noticing is your body you know your body loves attention your lungs your heart your intestines they love attention I will tell you this I tell you here's a good stubbier if they literally love attention if you've got to start giving your body attention you want to be wrong you saying that you all oh you're home then you must give your body attention your heart your lungs you lift those your arteries your veins when you when you start to feel policing you can feel a matter you that's you as you go into the decklist look for subconscious you got to go to the party first give it some attention you're breathing when you breathe in and out feel of that you can feel yourself breathing it it's in and out you can feel as your heart pumps blood oxygenating your body the whole – and co2 exchange of the love feel these things your body loves your attention you've got to give attention to your body you see because let me tell you something when you don't give your body attention guess what you believe you leave your body susceptible to somebody else becoming even take it to the other taking the attention you know where that comes in the form of cancer all this other mumbo jumbo is up there because you have neglected to give your body attention and it wants your attention you'd be surprised how you can heal your own body from the inside you don't have to look out Willy you can do it for the inside your scraps start giving the organs attention when's the last time you get your fingers attention you're told you gave them offense you so long you gave you gave them attention your kidney – gave them attention I want you all this day to take the time to get familiar with your bodies maybe you remember just googling heal the organs in the body and look at the anatomy and physiology of the body you're looking at the body diagram and where your organs are located and begin to start giving your body attention because your body loves attention our bodies love attention we just gotta give up the attention too many times with your busy trying to order focus on the outside right placing them here breast augmentation there that we neglect to give our body inward body the heart the lungs attention and a lot of times we've seen our body heat the body knows when you you're not doing right by it because you give it all this this displace it from the outside and you take the body taking it in and it's like wait a minute that's not doing good for me actually doing harm for me this is why you can all these great lectures from the coin this is why we're getting all these great lectures gonna call you this is helping us internalize things if it's just another step walk internalize the things is that our bodies love attention I want you all to understand that this day your body loves attention you want your body to perform at optimal speed efficiency you want your body to be hold you all your body to be complete give it attention pay attention to your heart actually going in to that state of the subconscious and you're getting into the IM mode you have to go through your body down to the bottom CI everything's work it take those deep breaths and volatility tickle be present in the messages take to the press and you see the flow of that energy you see you you see you want to see energy okay you want to feel your energy think about that for a minute c-can I love a meditative state I want to feel my energy see too many times we get our focus come for me even for watching I do that you know and I'm like the guardians of the galaxy fo and all kind of stuff I'm throwing energy bowels or up no you want you know all that stuff you want to feel it see this is feel versus see and both of them have their roles to play but I tell you when you go deeper you want to feel that inner band within you that you're a woman you want to be able to feel it it's is that you feel that stare you see say Marseilles about I have forgot I have I have gotten huh I have I have gotten about that for myself to self love even I encourage others to do that for themselves I forget me to do this you want to increase your ability to amplify as receivers and s transmitters of energy heal your images how many of you are able to feel your energy now you feel the energy within you you feel it it's not just a vision where you just see it oh yeah I see the fourth video and I imagine it this way no usually feel your energy your energy your human being I don't care this is had nothing to do religion this is real you are energy you made up of atoms science will tell you this as well this is real to make the most destructive bomb on the face of this earth whether they make it out of atoms where does that tell you atoms are powerful now what they did was take a home once you're out of the foot and quantum all together put that atomic bomb what did they just do big masterminds get my goodness they took a whole bunch of atoms and then what they split up woo-wee that goes to show you how powerful mastermind it is the master you surety some never he talked about this who are doing witnesses two or three more gathered in my name that power next up as mastermind thousand employees will bring that up to date that's so true but you must see and feel the energy that's within you because you are energy you see are my desire for every last one of you in this room is to write great history leave great legacy behind Moses did era did Miriam did and will you go on down line Daniel did he David did King Solomon did he's a fine Liat is Rachel David what are you going to do remember from the awesome tribes of Israel what are you going to do I hope you get your great lecture on the history of our family at least what they be question is what are we going to do history is very important and right now if you are writing it history is birth through decision what decision are you going to make this day you know president Trump is going to go down in history for this decision that he made not to farm Iran that's what I'm going to build our children are going to be read about get snapshot my son he will be read about this decision when he gives it high schools maybe even in junior high you'll be reading about this stuff Wow president Trump I've heard it or a verdict you know any strikes on Iran at this time in history 2019 so how was that history made by a decision that President Roh fate we see the example a Leawood it with his job upon his success his infinitive fungus or are seeking employment that's going to be beneficial to him and his family his children his children's children making a decision it is definitely following the proper you know the proper method is go to the commune seek advice on how to make a decision amplify and ensure the high probability of the decisions being successful you see great stuff is wise man making a great choice so Eddie's decided why probably the mastermind with the Colleen can you see it I probably need to mastermind with the coding so that I could make sure that the decision that I do make him let me collect all my dad let me get all my dad here and put it before first honey death hit within myself and ask myself a little all like we're off is our little white love what I love doing and go out and pursue it it with the Colleen mastermind with the son of Aaron put it all together and then Ailey's can make a high probable decision that's going to help write his history in a positive sense positive energy positive vibration and leave a excellent legacy on the face of its hurt a legacy of giving back a legacy of service a legacy of allowing his light to shine in his role in Israel and his influence or how he wants to do that because every one of our cases may be different some things may be similar but at the end of the day when they go about it in a different way innovations in an in the Diaspora where this first is scattered to the books Horace with this earth not to do bad but to do good to be upright in the invasion it's a stand for what for peace for love for long-suffering for compassion for happiness from the ship that's what it's all about at the end of the day from religious mumbo-jumbo to the side forbid it and see yourself that you would be that's default setting for all humanity except with one piece we want love we want happiness now how you go about doing that you see some people they don't have peace right now because of the job of their own there's not a peaceful job and they realize that they come home not happy so yes I'm thinking into change see this is up these are physical manifestations of spiritual principles your I am was not happy so thus you're doing this stuff in this until you're not be the outer man is not happy I'm going to this nine to five and it's just a night depart and I keep watching this 95 and it's a nine to five and this 95 is a job but in a bed you're not happy you don't come home fulfilled you don't come home for the love and joy and peace then yet some things need to change now if you are ready then you happy with your job you see your job as no job good job is something where you can give back and you give it back every day and you provide this service and you're helping and you're helping and you're making this world a better place by making your city a better place or making your neighborhood a better place by making your family a better place because yeah that's what it's about it didn't any now you thought to meet you mark don't let them scare scare you with these fear tactics up oh you said are you going to hell and my bones up they stop all right come on you much more mature than that and you're much more smarter than them if they're pushing you religion pushes an agenda city and that's the leave you captivated and tapped it but the tale of Moses will freak you is liberate is freedom it's unlimited Fukushima thank you and you thank you thank you to the garbage I have never been this free in the whole of my life by 49 years on this earth I've never been this free in my life totally free within myself not outlet freedom no I'm talking about within myself you know I listen to president F of what he said he's like oh yeah I got this information with the generals and then I just I thought for a minute my goodness thank God for things we could talk at the end of the day here cuz persevering here they're everywhere but at the end of the day President Trump went back to the laws of monkss because what stated at the end of the day Torah talks about what at the inner de toros bedrock at the preservation of life think about that woman president Trump was right back to the laws of most preservation of money and not only that look what he did it as well he said well let's measure this out measure for measure okay they blow up an unmanned plane and now I'm going to go over here and kill something 150 armed people come on that's not what is that so you would back to measure for measure as well right back to our log a lot of people they use a lot of roses that use you know bits and pieces of it but they use it it and you know just like in religion I don't know none of these religions religious is not for me religion let me constricted that's just not for me what religion as I see it is just another avenue to get back to source it just takes a lot of people to get there okay what is avenues to get back to force so whatever one of you is I'm not knocking your religion this day if you're happy that religion gets what I'm super happy super excited for you and I wish you all the best and I desired you have a test in life if you find it in your religion so be it my freedom has come under the umbrella of the Torah the laws of phone first I put as my I found liberation that's what I found my independence and America gets ready to celebrate Independence Day I found my independence about myself and you lied and the laws of Moses typical Brazil and then ideals but one day by the way Camila sixty-five days out of a year is compliment ship so while we're on the face of this earth dish Baja understand that you are writing history we can learn from our history as well I tell you water when I was listening to the son of errors lecture about the history of the Jews there the Hebrew and then in the Diaspora doing great things for countries and I tell you what it was so encouraging to me up there I'll tell you what my back kind of got a little straighter chess got a stick down living I mean all talking about that's the feeling and that I had you see you know units would be numb to your feelings you're not supposed to be none to you feeling you see because if you are then you'll never connect to the I am to the dark man with God woman within you because you'll say why I came feeling because you're numb yourself the buildings I tell you what just kind of stuck out a little bit you know I tell you what uh super humble is super happy to hear the history of my people the family of Jacob that's been hidden I think you guys have just heard from history I'm guaranteed and then I teaching this in Texas school and I include the universities in there as well then I teach you to stuff her kidding me this is hidden history just being revealed now at this time at this time on the clock and this was important this is the time that it needs to be revealed as well for Soviet I say thank you Huber's thank you God thank you go every title you put on but at the same time it gives me encouragement and it Gertz me up because I know he was writing history appealing of writing history our who was writing history eclair of writing history you messed you up writing history enemies is writing history I'd also writing history people 100 cited is lion king is writing history I'm just going down the list by the way what my big news is not by APIs Taylor just get call out advise me you understand we're all writing history now the history that we write you see this is this wasn't bored while I let me go a lot of room this is what's important for us this is this is keep all of your writing history a video in this room you you consider yourself having a big decision to make soon now anybody understand that you're writing history and if you need instruction our help in the direction then you need to come to the core team you have a decision that you need to make but understand make decision making it piece and make it in full confidence and then whether the decision is maybe not so wrong maybe not so right you can live with it and then yeah I'm going to make another decision after that in another decision in another decision every day you making judgments on how you're going to navigate through this this wonderful earth how you going to navigate through Mother Earth you everything take you make a decisions on how you gonna do that I firmly believe that's a hippy responsibility that we shouldn't take lightly by the way we shouldn't take me lightly don't take it lightly I encourage you not because guess what decisions have what consequences it's what the whole of our history of Hebrews you can see that this is it was many consequences came about were bad but every decision has consequences and I look at my family now I was just looking at these last night as I was sitting down with my family and I look at my family now and I say wow what a great decision and I told my daughter and my my white girl from China communist China that gives the live in China now they're from America Fukushima that's all of us that you guys made an awesome decision on to America what do you think they said this is the best decision we made in our life I said you guys understand your decision that you made they're the first people in their family to leave copy this time to go to another country what a big decision right and that decision that they made is going to reflect after I'm finished walking the face of this earth for sure think about that for a minute think about that for a minute I thought I said is a historical truth no man a woman can know where he is going and let he or she knows exactly where he or she has been some of you you look at your history as you go through your family trees and well rub our management website look so not learn from that and now you can change you can right the ship right now you can right the ship history when we look at ancient history what can we do with you what will we do with it we're to learn from it we can use history to help us make what better decisions right how many you make a decision and you don't go back to our history you don't go back to the for the laws of Moses they help you make a decision none of you don't do that I hope not that's your bedrock you've got you have to go back to the laws of Moses okay the laws of Moses say anything we'll do what Jesus needed you see make make make great decisions Papa lien is right we're quits with so many great tools this day to help us make better decisions to help us write great history for our families because all you're doing that I tell you what all of you will truly change the cycle of history within your own families and all of you know that isn't well because you have come back if you embrace you have embraced the laws of Moses think about that you're totally shifted the history of your family's going forward Wow think about that for a minute think about that for a minute I know I had what my son is going to be born in a couple of months my goodness totally shifted he thinks he you know I was born thinking I was a african-american he'll be born knowing that he's a Hebrew and his name is not Shawn Wow can you see the ship totally shifted history bears I made that decision Wow isn't that heavy stuff that heavy I'll bring in my generations to come right back to the laws of Moses right in our history that's historical that's amazing that's humbling that's super choice for me and that makes me super happy and when I look at my wife and my daughter and I see them walking in the neighborhoods here in America and in the Walmart a of the target you know what I say I think you think you think you've been a Howard I'm so happy humble that I was able to be a part a facilitator and getting them to America and now they taste freedom now they know independence now they know joy now they know happiness now they know whoops they can make their own decisions and they're not dictated by somebody up till about what they gonna do you can do what they want that is required it's almost been a year so they've been here and haven't required some detachment and had to happen overnight but it comes like I say it's an evolution I'm seeing that in my own mind this is evolution so processes of method and when you do when you win when you're connected to the right method Misbah you don't need to worry about it is worry what is worry it's a word that goes right by use it's one of those that you don't worry anymore because you know you have won the war you will go through some battles you may get scratched up a little bit no problem you may be able to target for about a while or two no problem but you're gonna if you're going to win the war or you want it you've won the war done and dusted done and dusted done and dusted so these are things that we need to consider gone before as we write our history but you don't accept or reject what I'm saying we'll put it to the test what Moses Moses and Polaroid is all about the preservation of life preserve life maybe one day in history will know the true story behind president trunk decision not too good but I was super happy for and I want I want you to know something sometimes when you go against the grain you're not going to be popular and people going to talk about you whether you do make a decision on your filmmaker decision to stay in the world not going to like it but you're not here asking awesome times and infer from these people you here to please yourself that's pleasing the universe's you're here to be happy doesn't make anybody else happy you here to bring join you like just make everybody else around you joyous you're here to be humble complete need to make everybody else around you wholly complete but what limit is it for you clip on the emphasis on others and you reach it in the glove you said you did it quick example what good is it for you to say yeah I want you to have a lot of money and these other people get all this money but then you don't have a lot of money you understand yes I want you to have perfect health but yet you want everybody else around you never real but you're going out for video you are witness see yourself as a watcher and a witness for the walls of Moses so people are watching witnessing you what kind of testimony are you giving to the laws of Moses it will take you writing it will take you it will make you take seriously writing of your history and understand what your lineage is you you you you are from the family of Jacob mish Baha don't take that lightly please don't do that don't sell yourself short here on this earth you took it to great wondrous miraculous things the masses you said where are these things that have you been able to do what you've been doing you can this is what's in your DNA to be able to do so you should have to make the decision the right decision you're going to make the station regardless but bonus lecture came about you would make a decision some of you say yeah our buddy with bad ones you want to continue to make decisions we just need to make the right words then you need to make decisions that are that is going to come out you need to make them to worth it the probability them coming out favorable for you need to be very very hot this is why the information gathering is very important and you need to take in all these instructions that you need mix it in a big old gumbo with what you design your your desires and wants or what makes you happy to keep your joy and give you all the default settings thrown in the gumbo pot stir it up really good dick you'll have the best up over the world and it won't be another ten month old jumbo for there be some actual good couple and people are coming back for seconds and thirds wow this is like awesome QB stuff of that see this is why somebody said earlier whoops this sure would be you know going on here and saving the world no this one we're all going to come to you they're going to come teasing Wow I want some a neck number I want what you have and it could be a nice kind of seen you driving your Mercedes or one of the things I want what you Adam you tell them make it happen you don't tell them get thee behind me Satan you know tell them you're going to hell you Christian no usual human being you can have it too although they like this ring I'll go I got by everybody like that because you tell a big inhabitant you can have a to suppress you can have a truth can't happen it's yours it's just like I couldn't say it you put on that little stinky you put a dot it's just I mean it's easy when you will you think about that universe don't you see a problem is big you need to start seeing that doctor that's how small your problem really is your desire really is when you look at that you know the god of the of the Milky Way's and the black holes in the universe is my goodness you think about that think about that Miss Baja yeah you're a woman who fears that you are you are so correct I have family and friends that are coming to the feet of the kollene after witnessing my nearly Oh Andy because of you they see you they're Watchers and witnesses just like you are watching the witnesses to this very poor moose but you've got to follow the right method this is where Judaism will sell you sure they don't have the right method let's face it they do not have the right method period full stop you guys got it gotta come to the right method that's what we want to find success that's what you've got to see all success if you want in your life what you consider is this because it is this I may not consider success whatever it don't let your mind tell you oh that's too big you asked if lunch no but think remember the dot on the paper card on the paper pad on the paper I thought to what I serve an infinite God the universe is infinite the universe is infinitely abundance of my goodness there are no limitations no limit for you awesome tribes of Israel humanity there's no limit for you how cool it is right we need to go back and take with ours perfect love us why why without assuming it everybody else outside of the tribe that is were using approach is perfect long and benefited from it why should we guess once we are infinitely above it it's in our covenant that's covenant it to us infinite abundance blessings multiply why we divide it is attracting we shouldn't be your mind should be multiplied why I provide is a trap don't be seen that way no such thing is division no we're all human beings and we live on this wonderful earth and we have to all learn how to get along together as we agreed to disagree disrespect we respectfully ignore the other disrespect people because they don't think the way you think something is you leave a tumor wherever makes them happy if you know whatever makes them happy you leave them to that mishpokhe and you carry on with your life and you live a life of prosper prosperity of a wholeness of completeness of richness of love of compassion John that's what's the path in the game people don't want to hear this they want to hear some mumbo-jumbo something this guy there's no time for that I'm not going to use courtside and give you a bunch of mumbo-jumbo I'm too busy living in the present now understand that I have to be in a real ship I already with endings I just have to unleash let's unleash abundance unleash or unleash peace and tear those negative tear that negativity out of my life depression sadness anger fear that's that's normal let's go strong no such thing a vocabulary because I do have the DNA of el-shaddai and I know that I'm capable of doing great things and will do great things and we will leave a legacy of a great history when I'm no longer walking the face of this earth my legacy will carry on just like yours well well positive legacy positive energy positive frequencies for positive vibration on the face of this earth and all my box will be met I won't die at my sin but I will leave my parts God wants me to be happy work what makes me happy God wants me to have peace what would give me peace and then go out and get it you see and it's a very simple it's not complicated you don't have to live life and fear here up some kind of eternal damnation as a bunch of mumbo-jumbo as a bunch of mumbo-jumbo and it leaves a lot of people to live a life that is a lesson and not a life that is the spoon of abundance and full of joy full of peace full happiness man that was important at the end of the day but let's move toward that direction as we look at our history all of you look at your history you look at your history books and what you're writing but always remember this time quality food is important not too much more to say about history we understand why we have history what do we do is I guess you understand map completely with this definition of history history and be put to the test history is being put to the fence that's how history is you've been put to test every day like making positions based on your busy what's within you not good what your mind tell you not good or what does consistent thing know you go within yourself remember your body loves attention you go beyond you go deep within yourself to IMO you realize you find out who you really are what you're made of what we can do your unlimited your superhero history in purchase decision every part is for unity somebody made a decision think about that for me it's good or bad somebody made a decision consider that going forward if you make your decision long Ethel will wrap it up solution Bock and that discussion on history went to fold I've always let your mind as well according cook you to the past past histories of our people I want to bring your present I want to bring it now with artists understand our portraits are our relevance in these nations that we're in and understand if you're writing your history now will make great decisions and then they can share follow the man after that and then like make more great decisions and keep making great Steve well remember I don't know what doing with decisions then you need to go to the call you can give you some instruction and leave some guidance and help you put you on the right path I'm talking about my wife from China because I'm going for me to go to China now they will look back I tell you what I'm living heaven on earth now Brooks Lucas you I didn't need a real life for me for me in forever I keeper I didn't need many wives only needed one great wife and I got that I didn't need a boat to the wives that was it for me for me was the one wife she's the flow package the full mounting Lucas he'll the full Mountie Wow and I thank the co-lead and I'm so happy humbled to know him and I thank and I thank you converse because I think that's where things were what I had know in my own mind China was not on the on the map trying to live not on the map but I was told to go to the east and I did and I didn't look back so I made the decision please dear that's what it's about that's one of the best decisions I've made in my life I could get look back now you could say whatever you were wondering I'm clear the evidence I'm still it took two years while this to come about actually took more than it probably took about four years because club-date decision didn't work out so I would give up I went back again I think I still had my eyes on least because of well-told look so sometimes things are not going to work out the way you think they should and it's for your betterment don't see is a lot of oh I know that was actually a success cuz I had to get rid of the path to appreciate good is really work Raziel so that's what I want you understand this day there's no such thing as failure that's just success you see because I'm real seeds are what you perceive as failure is actually the seeds of abundance blessing but you gotta keep watering and don't go to the same world they disputed to do it but maybe that well is drop you see so consider these things going for because I know all of you make a decisions all of you are some of you have small decision you're making some of you make a big decision you know sometimes the big decision this Marcus is in turn into a big decision from Philippi your decision-making processes with competence and write your history positive history and you can leave on the placement earth you threw yourself to great service and that have two children the children female instance let's go on after you like Moses live just like all of our great features in every still we read about it today you all capable doing that very same thing as well do a positive mark that people will read of later and utilize to make great decisions for themselves in their time on the clock for I know we wrap it up I wish I wish you all our mall – the bottom and a plate six days we'll label it here for you love you on Oprah if you continue to move on and remember to detach there's one of the greatest things I learned this week from the subtle variables we've got taking detaching the time here so detached you know that disease grow with your rooted and then you keep them open and then this is a cycle some to understand the cycle do you see how it connects with agriculture such a way we're connected with other earth in such a way if you wasn't it it's so beautiful to see the connection and then the tradition is just all it's just all connected under under the umbrella of what the perfect law you see trying to say I'm still way to connect and improve my husband's life improve your life don't worry about yours mister anything that's bad advice I can give you improve your life see your husband the way you want to see him feeling the way you want to kill him and then be patient that's one of the biggest that's one of the biggest aridity is that we just must be patient most undertakings we must become you know experts and entering the realm of patience and then we could always use more right when you reach what you think you can reach is always more patient that you can always you know you can always take on for yourself just be patient just be patient just be patient if you want to take something from our books really quick you'll see that you know oh you know you see what is you what happened to Korah and his family and just as soon as that happen the people scared to get a complain and presenting in the water very fascinating you know what is the history so he did go back reply coming to give Aaron and Moses you see this is our history so look what is that teaching as they back you know even even after you see an event like the earth opening up a small enough score that is family you know people even even after that people still complaining didn't have a humility didn't have you know fear of going against the system no humility whatsoever just still complain it whether they tell us that some people will not change complainers are going to be proclaiming so antagonists are going to be antagonists I don't care if they see the sky turned purple they still gonna complain I don't care if they see the Sun change it and flips if they still going to complain so sometimes you just have to understand that is that you know some people by nature is just not enough to change they don't want to change they're happy being the way they are and then you just have to you know cut the grifter then say okay so shall it be you see so shall it be but you have to continue to press on and do the necessary explain yourself so then where you can find peace and that's a beautiful name so empty where you can find peace you can find love or you can find joy within yourself and yeah you just have to keep it movin I mean I went through probably relationship like that where I thought I could change the person where it is completed good work and that match wasn't for me the universe that there wasn't for me I thought us for me because I've seen it it was a different ha you see I was seeing it with my physical eye oh man this JLo this do I wanna marry you can come to find out – JLo don't have the halo Vicki do you know I mean so then you know you gotta give a moment and you wish to push and face endeavours I'm asked what happened for me several times and just happened to you know you find the right one you see that's how both that Chettiyar jmo didn't have the halo no betray me you see what a little push you have the halo so it's just it's you difficult out you know if it's a good workout and so be it so be it and so we keep it moving we just keep it okay I jumped it up as great experience and I wish JLo all the best I wish you all the best on the happiness all the love you can find because I found it you know I just had to go through that experience you see what I mean you see so anything I wanted it for barros well while you waiting for you're putting it into you you attracting to you you can call them in because you have the capabilities and you have the powers to do that you're superwoman you attracted buzz but just like you wanted you're feeling just like you wanted he's giving you their basalt right now you feel the songs on your shoulders boy you're willing to minute now we can start to feel it become you keep your track to the man he did well stay by your whale and the husband will go believe you me stay by your whale cementing our connection with the wok telling you I found my wife by those Yangtze River that's a big way off the backup yep she live program allows you to look and see the Yangtze River China's the second largest river in the world behind Amazon no by the now the Nile is the longest I think I think is the second behind the now because Amazon nozzle offices but now rivers lung how many go will be my Google announced but I know this in the top three so I think this is four so you understand to it make your way open up your bring them in you will attractive kids like you want it just like you want people come tailor-made just like you want idea universe not respect their purses so yours will too but use the method you ready use a proper methods believe it come right on it don't run after Denzel and find out you inhale I'll get to JLo and you find out there's no halo you see don't run into those donut right though oh my me look good look at like this ale well you find out did sales got you in here or you find out that j.lo get have a halo maybe it's just all work on there so you don't want you steer clear dogs I know a lot of you this room you picked another already so you know exactly what I'm talking about so you have that experience so you know that's not the route if you want to go so let notes again I wish you all on a great spot great six days to labor here enjoy your families enjoy your friends make memories and write your history Luca sham thank you thank you thank you to the universe thank you thank you thank going it again we come to tea you move this forward and what you do great things for the universe great things for the family Israel and we they're going to be right about us Rooker's here all right over you iooking at Rodolfo that rabbi keifa so hopefully everybody's got the instructions and what to do and what not to do don't forget that next week in a you mark the room the other room is now being totally deactivated so so rabbi keep I won't be able to open that room next time even accidentally so we will you know be only coming into this room other than that I would like to say that the systems that we put forward it had if you know it is being still optimized so the optimization has been done with different people with different methods and as I get the results you know the results will take a little time it may take six months may take a year so as I get the results then I will then I will probably bring those results in as to what works the fastest what works the best so those optimizations will have to be done within now to the next two years maybe even longer maybe even longer so because you know if each person there's always there's always blocks there's always resistances and there's always problems areas that that I have to work privately with them to address their problems because you know we didn't talk about problem areas and some people do have problem areas negativities of the past resistance is how do we overcome so one of the things I gave you today about the dot is is a method to get rid of your resistance resistance that you have remember issuer jesus said he said that do not resist evil there's a lot of wisdom in that particular statement do not resist evil means that do not give it focus you can acknowledge evil something bad that has happened somebody was killed murdered heaven forbid you can acknowledge that yes you know something bad happen but do not resist it meaning don't continue to talk about it don't continue to dwell on it because that's only going to bring you into a state of negativity hence why do not use this evil is exactly what that means and so it doesn't mean that we can't fight you know people who are evil you know then that's more than on a national level you know going to war against other nations sometimes it is better to do nothing and wait as is happened in our nation so therefore it's very important to understand that you know we have a broad method of the perfect law then we have refinements and the fine ones will be geared toward each individual person not the refinements I gave to for instance Jennifer I did not give to everybody else because he had an illness you know she was dealing with the opioids and she needed to deal with that illness differently so she had been given some extra tools by me to deal with her illness and and that's how she was able to overcome her illness you know everything is not discussed and everything is not given but I'm giving you a broad method and then as individuals have individual requirements then I have to deal with those requirements differently with different tools and techniques that I have then I can use that because you know I know they work and I know that they will work for any person but you know every person is not an owner addiction on drugs or medication that causes addiction so this is why I don't like to just broadly give out everything to everybody it has to be tailored to individuals so hence hence why you know if you have a particular situation you have to write to me and then we'll have to deal with that particular situation if it's a resistance it was a block if it's a negativity we have to deal with that separately other than that I think that there is absolutely no no doubt and no reason to believe that you cannot attain success all of you can attain success the world is your oyster only go get it so with that have a great Sabbath and great new week ahead on the other side of the pond I shall Bosch along to all of you this side of the pond and a Shalom Shalom to the rest of you across the pond have a great week ahead and with love to the awesome tribes of Israel wherever you are tada for listening you

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