well of course the first thing a historian would do would be searched for historical precedents to the zombie apocalypse you want to go back to the barbarian invasions in ancient Rome when it could go back to the new Assyrian Empire which was in many ways a zombie apocalypse since it was a revival of the ancient Assyrian Empire and talk about how people had dealt with these kinds of things i think the historian could also you know potentially lend some insight as to you know what the zombies own historical mentality might be i mean i don't know i mean when zombies become zombies do they lose sense of sort of historical orientation do they have a personal history so do they have an identity one of the things I electro to my students about is how you know a group in order to be successful has to have a sort of a shared identity and that shared identity is often based on history so what the historian would do would try to figure out you know what is the zombies sense of their own history do they have a sense of their own history and if they don't then maybe the historian can be dispatched to you know either understand you know how the zombies consider their own role in historical you know in a historical narrative you know if there would be a way of harnessing the zombies own sense of history and using that against them that could be a potentially you know lethal weapon there's always a role for the historian yeah yeah there's always a role for this story I think we are in fact well equipped by the vast numbers of thirteen-year-olds whose thumb dexterity from working there Sony Playstations is perfectly suited to defeating any zombie threat that you can dream

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