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  1. Brother this world cup won by England
    Miru cheysina vedio ki 28 na top 4 teems nenu already petanu 1st india 2nd aus 3rd England 4th new 1st semi final won ind 2nd semi final won England and final won England 👑👑👑👑

  2. Rohit Hitman unstoppable player in INDIA🇮🇳🇮🇳 TEAM. If start playing records is shapeout all records

  3. Ee video ni dislike kottina bewakoofs avadra swami. chi rohit sharma gurunche chepthuntey thattukolekhapothunnaru.hitman sarigga adakapothey india vere position lo vundedhee ee worldcup lo

  4. Yes brother Rohith Sharma is in a other level in his batting. I think his taken total control related to match with his batting ability till stays on crease.

  5. World cup lo champions avvalantey ne patra chala important Bhai. Cup kotti MSD ki dedicate cheyyali Bhai 😍😍😍

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