accelerating off the line with immense power this Nissan r35 gt-r dubbed Alpha Omega is a 2000 Porsche power record-breaking supercar imagine going from 0 to 190 mile per hour in a distance less than four city blocks currently the fastest car of its type in the world it covered a quarter of a mile in a staggering 7.7 seconds reaching a speed of almost 190 miles per hour the car quite literally takes your breath away the Alpha Omega was built by the team ur AMS performance in Chicago Illinois in 2012 the specification list for omega is quite long but at its core is a 4.0 liter full mega spec v6 motor coupled with our cnc race heads that's wrapped and a very large alpha 20 turbo system also built in-house here at AMS performance the customized Nissan first took to the track just four weeks after it was completed the drive line is taken care of another than chef trans with help from Datsun and exit II in terms of driveline components what that results in is some pretty staggering numbers quarter-mile time at seven point seven zero seconds for the best trap speed of 190 miles per hour standing half-mile speed two hundred and twenty four point nine mile per hour zero to sixty and one point five three seconds and for our overseas viewers zero to 300 km/h in just seven point five six seconds despite its staggering performance on the track the car is also completely street-legal leggett is by no means a gutted race car as a full interior power windows all the accessories you would have sociate with a street car we do like to take it out as often as we possibly can in fact nothing long ago we took it to downtown Chicago for a hundred plus miles she performed without a hitch it's actually quite docile for 2,000 horsepower car but it's on the track that the Alpha Omega truly excels and Eric is confident that it's already amazing performance will continue to improve Omega has come a long way in just three short years there are customers and fans who rest assured knowing we're far from done

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  1. Are you dumbasses serious? the ones who think this is the fastest street car? someone says full weight? BULLSHIT! and my Pro Street truck runs 6.8 only thing is it runs on Alcohol, street legal fast is 6.98, Rice will never compete, Sorry fellas.

  2. come on guys i know a lot of people want to race arond your town but if you do dat you can end up killed one or have to use a wheelchair and you your self at risk if you want to get a car pick style over how fast it go and dont race just dont if you must do it go some place no cars r at

  3. uh…. maze…………..
    Well, the car may "quite literally take YOUR breathe away', but by the 'dipsticks' comments below, I feel, somebody needs to shut the fast tards mouths…
    Drive it to the track and show US the MONEY!  If you know somebody with a faster street legal car… I'm listening…and BRING IT ON…(Nissan?)

  4. … also great shifting and control by by the driver – 10 proc. makes a differences, NO TO MENTION, KUDOS TO THE ENGINEERS 🙂

  5. Vauxhall Victor – Road legal car, 0 – 60 in 1 second built in a garage! Search Red Victor 1. This has broken records also! 

  6. Road Legal Car Breaks Drag Racing Records
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    A STREET legal race car is speeding into the record books – going from zero to sixty in just 1.5 SECONDS. The Nissan R 35 GTR, dubbed the Alpha Omega, is a 2000 horse power super car with an unsurpassable racing history. The car holds the record for the quarter mile at 7.70 seconds with a speed of 190mph, and the standing half mile at 124.9 mph. The team at AMP Performance built the speed machine in 2012 in their shop in Chicago, Illinois.

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