hi it’s Therese from Lostinpaper and I’m
here as a Fetti friend for reverse confetti and I’m going to play with the
August sketch for you to try and I am going to be using this set which is
called no tomorrow which is a great name for this prehistoric set and I’ve got
the matching dies as well so I’m starting by working on panel of cards
documents cut the same size as the front of my card and I wanted to create a sort
of a sunset scene behind the elements of the sketch and to do this I’m using some
pigment inks now dye inks wouldn’t work the same as this because they soak into
the paper so that’s why I’ve chosen to some pigment inks because the ink sits
on top of the paper and you get a more vivid color and I’m just using a little
cheap yellow sponge that I’ve cut into wedges to apply the color it’s nothing
too fancy happening here all right now I’m going to stamp out my images and I’m
using my Misti so that I can restamp them after I color them this is one of
the habits that I’ve started doing more recently just to give a nice bold
outline I’m not very good at drawing lines on top of stamps lines it makes me
nervous after I’ve done all the coloring so I find it a much better process to do
it this way right I’m doing some simple coloring today because this is kind of
you know like it’s a kid’s card really but it could also be used for some
men I know so of course I’m going to leave all
the colors off to the side and I’ll leave you with the coloring and be back
when all that is done so my first stamp I actually did use
the memento tuxedo black which is an alcohol marker friendly ink and this
time when I’ve done the second layer is stamping I am actually using a pigment
ink which is the Onyx black which gives a nice bold outline I like to line up
all my images I made sure that I stamped them far enough apart that I could just
run this all through my die-cutting machine in one fell swoop to save the
RSI in my wrists and fingers arthritis you know how it goes time-saving
time-saving technique here and then I can just pop all my die cuts out
of my dies and I am actually keeping all my dies in together at the moment
because I had a little mishap the other day and lost one of my dies I just spent
the next it felt like hours I know it wasn’t but I did find it so now I’m being a
little bit more cautious again in how it goes so now I’m following the sketch
again and the background element I decided to make it a mountain and to do
this I’m using a copic multiliner and just drawing it myself
I’m holding the t-rex in place just so that I get in get the mountain kind of
the right proportion for the sketch as well as for my little dinosaur I’m doing
some really simple shading here I’ve got the W4 marker and come in I do blend it
out with the W0 and that seems to work well on the
colored cardstock it’s not really made for Copics so you’ll find that the colors
do lighten as they dry but it’s only a background element it doesn’t have to be
too fancy I come in with the W7 just to add some details to the rocks and just
make them look a little bit more prehistoric now because I couldn’t leave
the white border because it’s colored cardstock I decided to cut the image out
right up to the very edge and I’ll do this I also like to take like a black
marker and just run it around the edge of the cut border and it just gives it a
more finished look and I’m taking the sentiment from the same stamp set I just
love this sentiments fun isn’t it perfect for a prehistoric dinosaur stamp
set I just stamped that is some grey ink and cutting down the panel this has
also come from the sketch and I thought this would all panel on the sketch would
make the perfect place for the sentiment I decided to ground my mountain and just
looking at where the placement is going to be and if you notice it also has
these three sort of dots off to the side and I thought that would be a fun place
to add some they’re not paw prints footprints I suppose and I did color them with some prismacolor pencils and these work
really well on colored cardstock because they the color sits on top and this is
just in some similar colors to the mountain I just chose colors that were
going to blend in and not sort of stand out too much okay now I’m going to start
putting my card together I’ve added some adhesive to my panel and it’s looking a
bit daggy at the moment but don’t worry we’ll get there we’ll put all our
elements together and it will look awesome
that pops up the mountain on some fun time and I’ve used quite a bit of fun
foam because it is not a heavy cardstock so that’s just going to help give it support and I’ve also popped up
the sentiment and I can just flip the panel over and cut the edge off I’m
using my dotted adhesive to add the little greenery that I colored and
die-cut as well and then I will pop up my little t-rex and that’s my finished
card I’ve had a blast playing with this sketch for you to try from reverse
confetti and I have had so much fun creating my scene so until next time
happy papercrafting bye

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  1. It's a cute "Flying Purple People Eater"!!! (It's an OLD song!!) lol. As I have said before, I love watching you colour Therese. Thank you :o)

  2. Love this cute scene and your beautiful Copic coloring, Therese! Really love how you created your mountain. too…so clever 🙂
    Glad to hear you found your die…I turn into a 'crazy woman' when that happens!

  3. Very cute card, love the way the mountain came out. The three spiked plant could also be used as a raptor foot print. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Fabulous and fun card Theres – your mountain is just brilliant!! Did you describe your card as "daggie" just before putting the elements on?
    Glad you found your die – I lost a small one recently when I was organizing mine – grrrrr. 😛

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