all right so in my last video I talked about where to live in medicine so in this one I'm gonna talk about a program that they have here that's offered to both locals and foreigners and when I say foreigners I don't mean like you have to be living here or you have to have a visa you can come down and visit for a weekend or four days or whatever and still use these facilities and programs and so that program oh I have made a video like this before but it's really old so I'm doing a new one for the new people and so with that being said the program is called ended so this program basically offers recreational activities to the general public and so activities like that basketball course everywhere they have a track you can use you're gonna go run or jog they have outdoor gyms also everywhere and they also have an indoor gym you can use that you um you just go and sign up and you can use it three days a week for free you can play volleyball they have tennis courts again all this is free so if you know you like to play tennis they have group dance classes I think you guys see them saw at least in my other videos they also have like like workouts for the elderly like with balls and and just other like little stuff you can play chess if you like chess they have lacrosse you guys seen my boxing videos I mean they offer so many different things now the clips I'm showing you are mainly in the stadium estádio basically where I live but they have these program all throughout medicine you know they have a Sports Complex in Berlin which was just recently renovated so they got the swimming pools there they have their own track and just their own facilities and also outside of Medicine in Envigado now Envigado they don't call it in there but I think they call it something else but it's basically basically works the same way where they offer recreational activities to the public but just understand that you don't have to actually go to a Sports Complex to just use these activities they have them all throughout the city they have an Opel ATO they have them in loud real if they have them downtown if you're staying downtown and so the best way to find out about these programs is not online they have online website but it's trash you know no offense to the person who made it but it's trash if you want to find out you have to do it just like you would do to find out most of the events here it's just wear them out or usually on Sundays or a hot or on holidays they um they cut off one of the main streets so people can run and jog and that's in there – that's the program – they they run those programs – and so when you see somebody in the green the green shirt you just go to them and Aksum you know about the programs or you can if you're living near one of these sports complexes you just go there and acts a random person people your friendly so check some random person you know where's the office that they'll tell you or they'll probably walk with you to the office and then you just go in there and Yax I'm like you know what programs do you offer or if you already know like hey I just want to play tennis you should ask them hey what time can I go to play tennis and they'll tell you when you can go and what you need so that's just the best way to do it because you know I don't know all the schedules and time to the the best way just to be proactive and just go there and find out but with that being said to all the people who asked me about the recreational activities here and all the sports activities in the comment sections and who send me emails I hope this video was able to help you out just a little bit and gave you a little bit more insight on how it works here and this is just another reason why I love living here in medicine it's a to workout city and they have tons of programs where you can stay active you just have to you know take advantage of it and so yeah like I said if you need to know any more information I mean that like I said the best thing you can do is just go to one of these complexes or on Sundays when they cut the streets off just ask one of the people working and they'll know you know they'll give you the whole rundown but I'm going here right here alright so I hope this video has helped somebody and I'll catch you guys at the next one deuces

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