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  1. I boycott Black Friday every year! It’s crazy and weird. I’ve been a retail worker on Black Friday and it was insane. NEWS FLASH GUYS: The sales aren’t even better than other sales throughout the year!

  2. I just walked into target in east manhattan at 11 pm and NO one was there lmfao I think we are mostly over the hype. My cousin in Jamaica, NY said he walked into walmart and it was like it was a regular day. Glad to see people getting over it finally!

  3. Black Friday ?
    Friday was the day of executions in the Middle Ages.
    Burning the Witches.
    The crowd was entertained by a hanging ,or beheading ,or burnt by a stake .
    I am sure you will get a good deal on this day.

    Get a good Black Friday Deal today.
    Nevertheless Fake News and So Fake Buzz and Fake ,can it be more fake ,the Fakest of all.
    There is not a word in English : Fakest ? The most fake .
    I hope you are all right participating in this clip.
    I am just worried about ANGEL ,He works for Ever.
    He should get a Forever Employee Title of the ,year.

  4. See I’m timid lass and I am not the greatest in social situations….


  5. Ya I really don't know what part of you turns away old people trying to use the bathroom. I've literally let dozens of people in our private washroom because it isn't up a flight of stairs….

  6. thankfully my job does not open thanksgiving day, but i do have to work black friday. but i also work at a decent enough time that i'm hoping everyone has gone home already cuz they're too tired from the night before.

  7. The Beanie Baby craze of the 90’s was like Black Friday light. When I was 8ish some old woman pulled a polar bear Beanie Buddy out of my hands in the middle of a hospital gift shop. XD

  8. Caught a virus and had to call out of work for Black Friday. I physically feel miserable, but I will count it as a blessing.

  9. Black Friday is so bad there was even a baby running around the store and punching everyone in his way he was the only person in the store after

  10. I went crazy with a 200 dollar Lego that was 32 dollars and it was in the morning of monday the trick Is there prices are cheaper before black friday

  11. Last time I worked on Black Friday (and retail) was 2 years ago. The people turn into werewolves and after the end of the day, we had to clean up the mess they left! One time I got home close to 3am because of the mess people made at the store! I don't miss it at all! I now work at an office job and enjoy not working weekends.

  12. Not my story, but one of my old managers (she works at another store now) had a customer coming in for a TV that was on sale. There was only 1 left and it was already reserved AND PAID FOR. by another customer. So this customer said "Give me that one if said you had one left. I'm leaving with this TV." and my manager just kept telling him "No, you're not. Touch that TV and I call the police." that's when the customer got so furious. He threatened to flatten my manager. Needless to say the cops were called anyways and he got escorted out, but it was just so crazy.

  13. How come people turn into trailer trash on black fridays or pretty much any big sales? I mean c'mon seriously, have some class and manners people.

  14. I feel like Black Friday isn't as bad as it used to be. I was shopping at Target at 7 am yesterday and it was really calm. We went to Walmart around 8:30 and there were more people but it still wasn't all that crazy.

  15. We had customers coming in our break room telling people who were working a 12 hour hell shift they needed to get off their break and get back to work, another customer threw glass candles on the floor because they were tired of waiting in line. People destroyed fixtures and yelled at basically every employee they encountered. All black fridays are bad but this one was by far the worst in my store.

  16. Black Friday aka crap sale …. u still need a tv by a company u never heard of? Or do you think 20% off a item that’s $300 a good deal? I’m good I always wait until January

  17. I don’t know about the US but here in Canada Black Friday is bs. You’ll find the exact same price the next day or even the day after and you can actually find even better deals throughout the year. People go and line up from the night before and so many incidents happen. I never shop on Black Friday or Boxing Day

  18. Last year or the year before, a lady tried to run over my sister with her cart. She was mad that my sister and I snagged the last two Nintendo switches.

    And apparently when I was 8, my parents got me this really expensive toy set that was on sale for Black Friday… and this other lady tried to snatch from my tiny hands. My mom apparently, has to smack the lady’s hands away a few times before security grabbed her and kicked her out

  19. i feel bad for the ppl forced to work black friday. the ppl that want to spend time with there family cant do that because of all the ppl that care more about spending money they dont have on crap they dont need more than spending time with there family, its really sad. who ever came up with this….i hope they are proud of themselves for ruining a family holiday for everyone.

  20. Man, it was so weird for me to not work Black Friday/Thanksgiving this year. Ive been working in retail for almost 8years and even though BF can be stressful there is some fun to it. I can say the worst thing thats ever happened to me is being thrown up on by a woman that was newly pregnant. That kinda sucked but her family was super sweet and came back with cash and gave me $100 bucks for the trouble.

  21. What able bodied adult lets themselves get to the point of pissing themselves in a store BEFORE finding the bathrooms and using them? Like really?

  22. I don't understand adults that wait until they are about too wet themselves before they look for a bathroom. In the mall, there are bathrooms open to the public everywhere.

  23. The guy in the Blue shirt basically mentioned everyday going on at a store downtown. We've cleaned poop, throw up, everything you can think of, just because they can't use the bathrooms. People do drugs in our fitting room

  24. In fairness to the people asking for a bathroom – obviously, they were incredibly rude and the store wasn't obligated to offer them use of a toilet (as that guy said, it made it really easy to steal stuff from the stock room).
    BUT a lack of public bathrooms is actually a huge problem in many Western countries. In the UK, more and more of them are closing because funding cuts for local councils means they can no longer afford to maintain them. Just imagine, if big companies that hold Black Friday sales paid their fair share in taxes, maybe we'd have more funding for public facilities people could use all year round 🤔

  25. I always hear these stories and made me SCARED. This year was my first year going and I went at midnight and I had a great experience. Lines weren’t bad and everyone was respectful and I live in NY. 🤷🏻‍♀️

  26. I worked at Macy's this past Black Friday and I could barely walk anywhere, people left a giant mess of hangers and clothing strewn all over the place, someone vomited in the Charter Club cashmere section, and I got headbutted in the abdomen by a little boy.

  27. The minute Natasha said that she wasnt allowed to say something if she sees someones stealing I KNEW she works at victorias secret 😂

  28. I regret going to the mall on black friday. It took two hours to get to the mall when it usually takes us 20 minutes by car. There were clothes and hangers on the floors. This one crazy woman pushed me so hard I still have a bruise on my arm

  29. friday ….the reason why humanity have to end …workers are slaves and the "family together day " has been erased….it is time for the Church to say something about this madness….

  30. I am an old navy worker, and Black Friday was actually kinda fun… the only thing I saw was a crazy amount of product stashing that I have spend all weekend cleaning up

  31. One time during Black Friday my mom told me to get some pillows. I went to the pillow section and as soon as I grabbed the ones she wanted I got pushed downed and this lady stole the pillows from me. To this day I swear it was my middle school vice principal who stole them 🙄.

  32. My black friday experience wasnt even bad, no one was hostile, I went to best buy and bought a headset for my xbox one with no issues, yeah there we a lot of people but no one was pushing anyone

  33. Worked in a very high class department store. Someone took a crap on the floor in the dressing room. Not just once. Luckily I was in cosmetics and had nothing to do with the dressing rooms.

  34. It snowed right after Thanksgiving so we were actually way overstaffed for the amount of customers in the store. We had to find a lot of little projects to work on.

  35. I used to work at JC Penney's..and black fridays were always the worst day of the year. The truth is that those sales come back again countless times…there is no extra special deal on black friday.

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