(Fire crackling) (Sirens wailing) (Helicopter blades spinning) (Sirens wailing)>>RESCUER: Come on guys, let’s go! (Dog grunting)>>RESCUER: That’s it, you’re doing great.>>WOMAN: Oh, oh! Ahhh!>>RESCUER: It’s okay, everything will be fine. (Helicopter blades spinning)>>ARIEL:The buildingtook a big hit from thataftershock.Another one and I’m afraid itwill come toppling down.JAKE:Copy that Ariel.We’re almost done here.>>Only two more to go on this end.>>Great. Over. (Dog sniffing and barking)>>Good job, Smokey. Hello! Can anyone hear me?>>MAN: (Yelling in Spanish)>>Sir, please.>>My son, he is in there!>>I’ll get him but you must stay back. It’s too dangerous! (Building crumbling) No! (Crashing bricks) (Alarm) ♪ Rescue Heroes,
Rescue Heroes ♪ ♪ ♪ Rescue Heroes ♪ ♪ ♪ Rescue Heroes ♪ ♪ Rescue Heroes! (Man grunting) (Dog whimpering) (Rubble moving) (Dog barking) (Man grunting)>>I will not leave until I have my son.>>Let me help you.>>Thank you. (Men grunting)>>Papa!>>And the father went into the building as it was crumbling, because he knew his son was inside?!>>There’s nothing more precious to a parent than their child. (Alarm blaring)>>ROGER:Rescue heroes, we havea major catastrophe on ourhands!Satellites show a huge cold airmass, the largest on record,moving down from polar regions;about to collide with warm,moist air of the coast of Cuba.This will spawn hurricanes,floods, and snowstorms acrossthe entire eastern UnitedStates and up through Canada.Not only will the devastationbe massive; these disasterswill hit at virtually the sametime!Even with every rescue heromoving into action, I don’tknow how we’re going to handleit.>>We’ll make it happen, Roger! (Jet soaring) (Boat horn blaring)>>Ah! Oh! (Dolphin cries)>>GIL:There he is!Remember, Nemo, let’s movethese sharks gently.(Dolphin cries)>>GIL:Good work, Nemo!>>ROGER:Gil, this is RogerHouston.There’s a ferry in trouble inupstate New York.We need your assistance!>>GIL:I’ll be right with youas soon as I’m finished here.>>Thanks!>>GIL: My pleasure.Roger, I’m on my way.(Wind blowing)>>You’re both doing great! Okay, in three, two, one! (Alarm blaring)>>ROGER:Cliffhanger, this isRoger Houston, we need yourassistance!>>CLIFFHANGER:Right!(Cheering) (Alarm blaring)>>Gotta work?>>Sorry, son. (Jet landing)>>Cool! The hyperjet!>>We’ll finish this when I get back.>>I remember when I was a kid and my dad used to get called away for a rescue, I was sad and proud all at the same time.>>Fathers have a way of being our heroes without even trying, huh?>>Yeah.>>There you go again with that look!>>What?>>Every time we talk about fathers, you feel bad for Billy. Is something going on?>>He and his father haven’t talked in years.>>Oh, that’s awful.>>Hey, Rescue Heroes.>>REPORTER:Gale force windsare hurtling boats and carsonto homes.>>REPORTER:And waves arecrashing down, pummeling oceanfront homes.The devastation is massive.>>REPORTER:Homes are beingdestroyed; businesses areburning.>>REPORTER:This is the stormof the century!(Rain falling) (Helicopter blades spinning) >>CHIEF:Ariel, you and Jackhead to Florida first.Start at the southern mostcoast, then move north.According to Roger, the stormhit so fast, most of thehomes hadn’t been evacuated.>>ARIEL:Copy that, Chief.(Jet flying) (Boat throttling)>>CLIFFHANGER: Coming in for a landing, Jack. (Ferry horn blaring)>>The ferry is filled to capacity. There’s no controlling it!>>ROGER:Billy, we have anexact location on thatpassenger train that’sderailed.It’s on a remote piece of trackin the mountains above QuebecCity.>>Quebec City?!>>ROGER:I’m inputting thecoordinates in your data packs,as well as the hyperjet’scomputer.Local authorities are at thebase of the mountain, but can’tmake it up because of the highwinds and zero visibility, andthe conditions are only gettingworse.>>BILLY:Copy that, Roger.We’re on our way.>>So how does it feel to go back to your home town? You okay?>>Wendy, we never let our emotions get in the way of doing our job!>>Not even when family is concerned?>>>Whoa!>>BILLY:We are going to haveto continue on the ground.It’s too dangerous to fly inthis weather!(Snowmobiles revving)>>Roger, can you patch methrough to the captain incharge?>>Patching through, Billy.Over.>>Captain, we can’t beairborne in this storm, but weprepared for that eventuality.We are going to lower thepassengers down the mountain.What we need you to do is prepas many harnesses as you have.>>I’ve got six I can prep now,and another man is on his waywith more.>>BILLY:Great!See you soon.Over and out.>>WENDY: Billy, look! Looks like a person on the ice!>>BILLY: Could be. There are lots of cabins up here. Looks like someone may have fallen through the ice.>>WENDY: I’ll check it out, then meet you at the base camp. Bill, what is it?>>It’s my father! You two move ahead to the mountain. I’ll take care of this.>>WENDY: You sure?>>Go! (Snowmobiles speeding away) (Ice cracking)>>MAN: Careful, the ice is thin!>>I need you to move back so I can get closer. (Child shivering)>>WENDY: Sir, we’ll need you and your team to send the harnesses back up swiftly once you unhook each passenger.>>No problem. (Wind blowing)>>So that man on the ice is Billy’s father, huh?>>Small world.>>I don’t understand, how could a father and son not talk for years? (Helicopter blades spinning) (Drilling)>>>Oh! (Concrete crumbling)>>I’ve got an in, Ariel.Move on to the next one andclear a path, while I get thisfamily out.>>ARIEL:Copy that, Jack.(Ice cracking) (Child shivering)>>You’ll be okay now. (Wind blowing) Do you know how long he was in the water?>>A few minutes. I was heading back to the cabin when the storm hit. That’s when I saw him go onto the pond.>>There’s an emergency crew at the base of the mountain. They can treat his hypothermia. Where are you going?!>>To the cabin.>>Dad, it’s too dangerous! The emergency crew is closer. They have shelters set up.>>I’ll be fine!>>Please! This storm is only going to get worse!>>Billy, I’m fine. It’s the boy who needs attention right now.>>WENDY: Everything is going to be all right. We just need you to stay calm, and we’ll get you out of here. Okay, everyone form a single line.>>We’re going to attach a harness to the line, then lower you down.>>I’m scared.>>WENDY: That’s okay, but we still have to do this.>>Ah!>>You’re doing great!It’s a go, base camp.Passenger one is on the waydown.>>Copy that.We’re ready.>>He was skating on the pond when the ice broke.>>We’ll take good care of him.>>Wendy, I’m coming up.>>WENDY:Copy that.(Boat horn blaring) (Dolphin cries) (Motorboat engine revving)>>We’re almost there. Keep going.>>Wendy, Rocky, situation under control?>>>Ahhh!>>Ahhh!>>Don’t worry! I’ve got you! (Train creaking) (Passengers screaming)>>Hey! Hey, stop! Stop! You’re heading toward a ridge! (Ground breaking)>>Ahhh! (Passengers screaming)>>Check on the passengers. If no one’s injured, evacuate that car! Get everyone to the front!>>You got it, Chief!>>It’s all right, sir. I’ll lower you down.>>Okay! (Train creaking)>>Billy, we have to get thesepeople out of this car now,before it goes over and pullsthe rest of the train with it!>>Right, Wendy.Let’s get moving!I’ll radio them to clear thebase below.Captain, one of the carsis about to go over, and it’spulling the others with it!We need to clear the base!>>Copy that, Billy.We’re on it!>>Captain, a man has fallen over a ridge near the pond.>>Was he wearing a red parka?>>RESCUER:Yes.>>I’m going after he him.>>RESCUER:He’s unreachable,sir!There’s nothing stable to hookinto to!It’s all powder.>>I’ll reach him!>>Billy, it’s too dangerous for you to go alone!>>You and Rocky take care of this situation. I’ve got to help my father!>>REPORTER:And the storm hasonly increased in severityacross the nation.>>REPORTER:As airports andharbours along the entireeastern seaboard have beenclosed until further notice.>>REPORTER:People are asked tostay inside, and keep the phonelines free except foremergencies.>>REPORTER:We’ve never seenanything like this!It’s the biggest storm onrecord!The cold air mass has sweptinto Florida, bringing withit snow!>>RESCUER:Snow in Florida?!Who would have believed it!>>REPORTER:That’s what mysatellite tells me, but I’mguessing you two are witnessingit first hand.>>And feeling it!>>BILLY: Dad! Dad! Can you hear me? Dad! Hang on, dad! I’m coming! (Engines roaring) (Jet soaring)>>Auto pilot. (Beeping)>>Billy, you’re risking your life!>>Come on!>>Thank you.>>It’s my job. This is what I do. Buckle up. It’s going to be a bumpy ride.>>ARIEL:Roger, I’m having ahard time keeping the chopperup in these conditions!I’m going to have to land!(Tires screeching)>>>Ahhh! (Water splashing>>We have to help them!>>There’s no way to safely bring this chopper overhead with these winds! (Waves crashing)>>CHILD: Help! Somebody help us! (Gasps)>>Hold on. We’re being swept away. If we can get past that ridge, over the canyon, the wind should let up. We can make an emergency landing.>>Is there anything I can do to help?>>We should turn on the GPS beacon. It will keep the others apprised of our location. (Beeping)>>JAKE:Cliff, the ferrypassengers are all safe.Let’s go help help those peoplein that house.(Beeping)>>JAKE: The hyperjet’s beacon? (Helicopter blades) (Beeping)>>That can only mean trouble.>>WENDY:Billy, what’s wrong?Come in.Over.Billy, do you–>>Wendy, you’re breaking up.Say again.Over.>>Billy, I don’t copy.Over.>>…Breaking up–Have to–Emergency landing!…Instruments–Breaking up!>>No!>>Billy, Billy?!(Jet engines whirring)>>REPORTER:It has just beenconfirmed that Rescue HeroChief, Billy Blazes is missingin action!>>WENDY:Do you read?Billy?!>>CHILD: Ahhh!>>ARIEL: We have to land! There’s no way we can do an air rescue. (Helicopter blades swirling)>>Wendy, what’s going on?What about Billy?>>WENDY:Someone has to helphim!>>There’s not a signal from his data pack, not a signal from his remote, not even a signal from the GPS beacon! How bad must it be if everything is down? ♪

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