Hi, I’m Tom Brodie and I’m a lecturer in twentieth
century European history here at the University of Birmingham in the Department of History. I mainly work on modern German history and
my first book recently appeared with Oxford University Press. It’s a social and cultural
history of religion in wartime German society during the Second World War, specifically
exploring the mentalities of Catholics in Germany’s western regions in the Rhineland
and Westphalia. I look at things like levels of religious practice, religious belief and
the relationships between the Catholic church and the German state, the Nazi regime and
how those evolve over time. So I have strong thematic interests in the
histories of religion and the histories of war. And that’s a theme which continues from
my first book into my new research, which is exploring how German as well as indeed
Austrian society coped with loss and bereavement in the era of World War II, beginning in 1939,
but going beyond the 1945 dividing line, into the 1950s to explore how postwar societies
as well either side of the Iron Curtain, responded, to make sense of loss during the Second World
War and I’d be delighted to hear from anyone wanting to do graduate work on any aspect
of modern German or Austrian history, particularly those working on the mid-twentieth century.

Author Since: Mar 11, 2019

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