People are very confused about karma. They think as we sow, so shall we reap. That is true. If you do some
bad deeds, you will get bad karma. But if you do good deeds, you collect good karma. Bad karma makes you suffer, makes you miserable, makes you always in pain, suffering. But good karma makes you happy, makes you rich, makes you wealthy. Makes your life easy. So why not to collect good karma? How to collect good karma? Because it depends on your intention. If your intention is pure, good, you’re collecting good karma. Even though you didn’t do good karma yet, but your intention is very pure. Like a beggar which doesn’t have money, doesn’t have
any belongings. He’s on the street. He’s on the road. But he can still
collect good karma if his intention is pure. Suppose there’s an accident on the road and nobody’s around. And his intention is to help the person who’s in the accident. And he put all of his efforts. He doesn’t
have a cellphone, but he tries to reach 911. Or he tried to reach people how to save this life. And he poured his whole being there.
He collects a lot of good karma. Even he didn’t do anything. Even though he didn’t have money. He didn’t provide any facilities to this person who’s in accident. But because of that, he’s collecting a lot of good karma. His soul is improving constantly. It depends how deep he went intentionally. If he went 100% deep, he might be a king in the next life. That’s how the karmic theory works. And karma works like there is
no God-like thing who watches us that ‘do this do that’. There’s no almighty God. If he is almighty
God, suppose, so why we suffer then? Almighty. We consider him almighty God is our father. Like you are a simple father, your son gets in trouble
and gets a little wounded – little blood, only blood. A father or mother, simply ordinary father or mother, cannot see
the child suffering. They rush to the hospital. They will sell their own house even, but they
will try to give his son relief. And they’re not almighty father and mother, but what about
the almighty Father, what we consider God? He sees us suffering. It means we are wrong somewhere. Maybe God is there, but he’s not almighty. We have to correct ourselves. But why if we correct
ourselves, who will donate, who will support the churches? Who will support the temples? Who will support the synagogues? That’s why they don’t want to tell the truth. If
somebody wants to tell the truth, they will crucify him. But a person has to be crazy to tell the truth, and if they
don’t tell the truth, they will suffer – according to the Bible. The person who is a liar will going to burn into the Hell. Now you understand who’s going to burn you into
the Hell. I don’t have to tell. You have to understand. We need to tell the truth
that God is there, but maybe God is not almighty. Maybe God works like a father, but he
doesn’t have that power what we think. Yes, we can be benefitted from that power. That is sure. Like God is like a son, suppose. Son will not tell you that,
“Hey, your clothes are in the closet. They’re smelly, they have bacteria.” “They have some kinds of things there growing. Mildew growing.
Bring all your clothes and put in the Sun.” Son is not going to tell you. God
is not going to tell you anything. Like son. But if we are wise enough, we take our clothes
to the Sun outside and our clothes will be clean, pure. Again. So we can be benefitted from
the God if we are wise enough. If we are not wise enough, we’re just praying. Praying doesn’t help. I was telling in my lecture it is true
that if you are in trouble, just pray. They God will take care of everything, because
if you pray, God will take care. So the one little boy, he thought, “If we pray,
it might work.” So he was biking. His tire got blown out. Then he thought, “Oh, he was telling
in his lecture pray – then my cycle will be okay.” He started praying. Now you think. The puncture which he got
in the tire, it will work with the praying? No. You have to go to the puncture shop and
you do it. That is wiseness. Prayer works, but prayer works different way.
It doesn’t work the way you think. So that’s why we need to correct ourselves.
And we need to understand right things. And we never will suffer, we never will blame God even. Because now
we blame God, “Why am I poor, why is this guy rich?” We blame it because we don’t understand. And God
doesn’t make you rich or poor. Your own karma. And your karma – always you’re collecting
karma, because there is a ‘chip’ inside of you. It’s like a computer chip. It’s invisible. It can hold trillions of information, whatever
you’re doing from moment to moment – that camera is capturing all your pictures. And it will show you the future. So be aware. In
moment to moment, if you are aware, you never get bad karma. You will always get good karma. So think
in each and every single moment good. Always think good and think your intention has to be pure. And think your deeds have to be good. Don’t intentionally try to hurt, otherwise you are going to collect
bad karma. And bad karma will bring you misery. So it is a big concept. I
will explain to you little by little.

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  1. we suffer because all things are allowed in the universe…..this is why satan is free now to do what his wilt….on earth we suffer because satan is allowed by God or Prime Creator to do what he wilt until final judgementment, the same with humans, but the Bible teaches us that those who relay on their own understanding is a fool…thus, doing your own wilt is like satan being that you are your Own god.

  2. i also believe karma has importance in this realm but only to a limited degree….good karma will give u good things in return in this life.

  3. I have only one problem with karma. You recieve the results without any transparence. It is like to be imprisoned, but nobody tells you why you are imprisoned. Nobody cares to tell you even a lie. You have to find out by yourself. Very rightful by Tschibo (äh Shiva!).

  4. i was laughing about the chip inside of us…very true coz when we dead that can be shown to us when were in the other side of the world of what you are doing during were on the earth!!!

  5. One thing I see through prayer is that too many beg instead of being courageous enough to tell the truths and to accept the consequences. I see evil folks get quite rewarded because they are dishonest. They might be praying to stay in power and keep all the money they earned by being dishonest a..kissers. They often expect others to kiss their a…. like they do others. One reason I'm listening to this man's wisdom. I believe in divine order.

  6. Karmic has all the answers to the life in this planet. Once you know a little bit of it you will be able to see the future. People who oppose Karmic theory are ignorent of Karmic theory and dont want to test it by inplimenting n ones lives. To check any Indian philosophy one has to take many strains and tensions and need to live very orderly which is not possible by people influenced by the western materialistic culture. Christianity/Bible is completly corrupt and teaches nothing but Buddhism

  7. Its not necessarily unlogic because of this, in fact alot of people would argue that to say this child is handicapped because 'it was just bad luck' or 'the way it is' has far less logic in it than Karma. There is also a lot more to it than 'do good things and good things will happen'…theres alot of tedious causation, philosophy stuff

  8. And it's scary how much it's currently changing. Money and power have corrupted pure intent of religion. I appreciate Yogeeshashram because of his positive outlook and responsibility through good acts.

  9. ive always been told i have good karma when good things start to happen i feel i dont deserve them. as i actually look back i have had endless supply of oppertunities even now how do i recieve the good blessings happily and how do i stop verbally and physically pushing them away. as soon as something good happens i get depressed. when im cheated or lied on i feel like a corageous lion but i always loose the battle over and over again . ive been trying to force myself to alow my good karma help?

  10. so, do we change our lives just by creating good karma for the future, or can we make other efforts to change our life? Are all efforts to change our life pointless, and we just concentrate on creating good karma, and our life will change by itself?

    then self help books are pointless, just create good karma.

  11. @REAL88E i am no expert. but maybe just allow your mind to do what it does. dont really fight with it. its not easy though. i fight with my mind too.

    i think it is a natural thing for humans to feel guilty. it is like one of the basic things that all humans have, an inbuilt feeling of guilt, a feeling we dont really deserve good things in life.

  12. karma and reincarnation make sense and is logical i have a question why do some babies die in the womb or as a little baby?

  13. Dear Acharyashree!
    In one of your videos on Karma you said Soul is eternal and Body is made of matter. I have been told since childhood that we will be born as an animal or human being according to your karma. Where as I have also heard that a human soul can never be born as animal, plants, birds etc. Can you please explain and clear the confusion. Thank You.

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  15. Good sir, I'd have to refer you to look up 'the problem of human suffering' by Douglas Jacoby for a good answer as to why God allows human suffering. Suffering is a good thing. You'll see!

  16. Following is a suggestion from the book titled Ztingar – regarding where we come from, why we are here, who we are and to where we go and come back from… in other words, KARMA…

    “I’d like to finish today’s lesson by trying to answer any questions that you may have,” declares a crackly, squeaky voice——the vibrant patterns flicker in perfect unison with the words. “How about you, Miss McPigstyle? . . . You look like you’ve got a pile of questions to ask!”
    “Hehehe. . . Yes I do Mister Gang–Gang!” she answers. “How do we know if we have good or bad karma?”
    “We can get some idea simply by looking at the general state of our life at any given moment . . . such as whether or not we’re truly happy,” answers the voice of Mr Gang–Gang cheerfully. “But because all Life is constantly changing for the better, the worse, or somewhere in–between, it’s never really possible to be certain, is it? . . . However, just as I’ve already mentioned, there is a way to help us control our karma and even change it, which I’m very much looking forward to sharing with you in the next few days. Thank you Miss McPigstyle. Now, Mister Bullcow, I can see by the keen look of enthusiasm on your face that you also have a question or two.”
    “Yes I do!” he replies in a rather deep sounding voice, “How does this all fit in with what you mentioned the other day about the little babies? . . . I mean to say, what could they have possibly ever done to make any bad deeds or karma as you call it?”
    “Well to answer that truthfully for you Mister Bullcow,” Mr Gang–Gang replies enthusiastically, “firstly I need to inform you that I personally believe we’re all the same age, but are born at different intervals . . . In other words that our lives don’t start when we’re born . . . nor end when we die.”
    “I don’t believe I quite get what you mean!” answers Mr Bullcow. “How in the world have you managed to come to that conclusion?”
    “By observing things as they truly are,” explains Mr Gang–Gang confidently, “anybody can do it if they’re willing to open up their minds and take a good, honest look around. The truth is, most things that appear to start and end don’t really start and end at all . . . they just move in and out of being present! Let’s take all of the four seasons, or a day and a night for instance. They don’t ever actually come to a halt and stop in themselves. . . The land simply revolves in and out of them over and over again. . . So, when everything’s said and done, there’s only ever been one single day . . . one night . . . one winter . . . one spring . . . one summer and one autumn . . . and since this is the way of nature and we’re all part of nature’s way . . . then it makes perfect sense to me that our lives follow along the same path.”
    “Strike me pink!” cries a dominant sounding voice from a long way off in the distance. “I ain’t nevar even heard o’ such a thing . . . are ya sure about all o’ this matey?”
    “As sure as I can be,” replies Mr Gang–Gang. “And just as sure as I am that Life itself has no beginning or end. Not only that, I also believe our bodies are small replicas of the land we stand upon and our spirits are small copies of the Universal Life Force.”
    “Hehehehehehe . . . for goodness, sake!” a female voice gasps with an incredulous laugh.
    “I’m being very serious!” says Mr Gang–Gang insistently, “quite serious indeed! . . . And the reason I believe this is once again a result of my observations over the years. For example, we have several layers of skin just like the Earth’s crust . . . feathers and hairs that grow like grass and trees upon the Earth’s surface . . . veins and arteries beneath our skin that act like underground rivers and streams that run beneath the Earth’s surface . . . flesh like soil and bone like rock. A great percentage of the Earth is water and liquid just like our body . . . and beneath the ground is a substance called lava, which is hot and red like our blood. . . Now and then the ground splits open and out spurts lava in a similar way to how our body bleeds whenever our skin breaks, or we grow lumps that can sometimes build up pressure and erupt in a similar way to how volcanic fire mountains do. We can also experience little tremors on our skin and sometimes even shake and tremble like the ground does. Our body has limitations that prevent it from jumping forwards or backwards in time . . . the same limitations that determine how long it will keep functioning before it wears out . . . after which it returns to the ground. From there it becomes nourishment to support the food chain that’s needed to sustain new life. . . Did any of you know that the Earth never grows any larger in content no matter how many things continuously live and die on it?”
    “Bloody hell!” blurts out another voice. “No, no I didn’t know that at all mate! . . . That’s flamin’ amazin’, ain’t it?”
    “It IS amazing!” agrees Mr Gang–Gang excitedly. “And it’s all to do with Nature’s incredible process of recycling matter. A very similar situation also applies to our spirit . . . except there’s a big difference . . . and that’s because our spirit is a copy of the great, Universal Life Force and therefore doesn’t share the same limitations as our body. For example . . . even though we can’t take our body back to when it was a baby, we are able to remember certain things and sometimes re–experience them as if they were happening right now. As a matter of fact, our imagination knows no boundaries. We can even go to places, do things and experience events in our mind that our body would never be able to physically endure.”
    “How absolutely fascinating!” says the voice belonging to Miss McPigstyle. “Whoever would have thought all that?” “What happens when we die then?” asks someone else.
    “Generally speaking . . . after each successive physical manifestation is completed and our body can no longer function for us,” explains Mr Gang–Gang, “our spirit simply separates from it and reverts back into the surrounding universal Life Force from which it came. There it will remain re–energizing itself until it’s time to return and recreate its next physical manifestation. In some respects, our life force is a bit like the water in the Ballah, or as some prefer to call it . . . the ocean. In other words, it’s forever coming and going.”
    “I see.” says the deeper voice.
    “Because our karma content is recorded within our Life Force, it doesn’t disintegrate with the body, but rather carries over from one physical existence to the next one, constantly determining what our future circumstances are going to be each time. This includes where and when we are born, the family we’re born into, the conditions we have to live under, the opportunities we do or do not receive and so on and so forth. It also determines our health and how well we cope with things during our journey through each successive physical manifestation. No matter when it is or what, who or where we are, it’s everything we think, say and do that’s continually shaping and reshaping our own present and future destiny. In other words, for better or for worse, we are each in complete control and therefore totally responsible for it ourselves. And this is also why we must be cautious when making assumptions, or when information is relayed to us from others . . . particularly when it’s about someone else. If we believe it without first verifying that it’s actually correct and it turns out to be untrue, we would automatically be as guilty of making the bad karma as the one who gave us the wrong information in the first place. It doesn’t matter how much good we’ve done, one bad enough deed could have the potential to seriously damage or even completely contaminate our hard–earned good fortune in an instant. It’s a possible outcome that can very easily happen to us in a similar way to how a raging fire can damage or destroy even the most beautiful of forests.”

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