– There’s no need to fear! Underdog Records is here. Our latest vinyl adventure takes us to Hubbard, Ohio to check out Underdog Records. While the walls are lined with wax
and other music antiques — enough to pique any music fan’s interest– another reason to come to Underdog Records is to talk to Sonny, owner
and local musician in his own right. You can spend hours talking
about music and records with Sonny, and that’s exactly what we did! But we weren’t alone… We asked John Anthony from The Vindys
to come along for our shopping spree. – What is your experience with records and vinyl? – My experience didn’t start until I was
almost out of high school. My uncle was moving out of his house and he had his record player and his whole
record collection and decided to pass it on to me, being the nephew
that listens to music the most. I basically got a jump start package of
almost the entire Beatles discography, all the Hendrix stuff, Joni Mitchell… I at the same time had moved from New Castle to Liberty for grad school and I
actually discovered Sonny’s store just because I was driving around looking for
record stores and came across this and ended up picking up a lot of my initial record collection that
I purchased through Sonny. – So it was meant to be.
– It was meant to be. – We were meant to do this video here!
– Exactly. – Why do you think that it is coming back? – I think, especially for younger kids,
especially in high school and everything, they fell into the world of digital music. A lot of kids grew up in a world where there wasn’t that physical actual
tangible piece of music that they hold, and I think that when they see the album
cover and they see all of the things they’re missing, you know they’re only
getting a half of it they’re getting 50%. They’re getting the music aspect, but you’re not getting the album artwork, you’re not getting all of the images that kind of go along with said record. – Your album “Keep Going” was released on vinyl. So what was that process like
and that experience? – It was exciting. I mean I have
a picture my fiance took of me like holding it that I sent to all my family just being so excited that this thing existed. – It was a labor of love to make
but on top of that, it’s just so exciting to see it in that format that I’ve so fallen in love with, and all my friends have fallen in love with. It’s so cool to have that as a medium as well. – You think probably starting out
like this is so unattainable, like this– “we’re not gonna be on vinyl,” and then you’re like “Oh… Oh!” “Well here it is! In my hand!” – Yeah, so we love it. It’s just so exciting. – A huge thanks goes out to
Sonny at Underdog Records for letting us do this video there. And thank you to John Anthony for spending some time record shopping with us. Check out The Vindy’s full-length album
“Keep Going” available now. If you liked this video and would like to see more, you can support Youngstown Playlist by
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