Really? Great. Thanks. Well, they said it’s gonna be another 3 to 4 hours before they get the power back on. Seriously? So much for movie night. Sorry y’all. We can always try this again next week. Wait a minute! I have an idea. Let’s tell some scary stories. I love it. Yeah…fun… y’all know I don’t like scary things ri– It was a sunny and scorching hot day… Oh, ok. We’re doing this. My truck was running on fumes. The gas needle was way past empty… …so I coasted into the nearest gas station. The station was empty… I should have listened to my gut. I could feel it deep down inside… The tingle on the back of my neck… …the trash bag on the other pump… …the sign just above it that looks like it was written by a… …Chick-fil-A cow… I did it anyway. I swiped my card, I grabbed the pump, I put the nozzle into the gas tank… For a moment, everything felt fine. And then it happened. I reached for something that wasn’t there. No, don’t say it! The trigger lock was missing! (screaming) I had to hold on to the pump the entire time. All. Twenty-two. Gallons. Ooh. I just got chills. I don’t know about y’all, but that’s enough excitement for me for one night. Ok, my turn! Please don’t. It was a dark and stormy night. Ooh, this is gonna be good! I was home alone… The kids were at my parents’ house. Jeff was working late, so I had the whole place to myself. (thunder) I was in the kitchen when it started. It was like a low, mumbling sound. Like, almost talking. So I listened closer… And it was…it was like it was…calling for help. What could it be? Probably a murderer! No. It was my stomach. But no big deal, really. I was already in the kitchen. So I open up the fridge… and there it is…staring right back at me. A beautiful jar of pickles. So I take it out, place it on the counter… But then I notice… There’s no label on it.
(thunder) But my stomach is stronger than my mind so I ignored the red flags. Opened it up… …took a pickle out… …and ate it. And that’s when it happened. It was a sweet pickle! (screaming) No! How did it even get there?! To this day, no one knows how those devil pickles got into my fridge. Well, I’m not gonna sleep tonight. You know what? I think I might have a scary story to tell. Oh. You don’t have to do that. Yeah, we know you don’t like this kind of stuff. -No, no, no. Let me give it a shot!
-Ok. It was just a few minutes ago… I was in the bathroom… But little did I know there was something else in the bathroom…with me… I was minding my own business when it started crawling towards me. It’s cold, dead eyes piercing into the back of my head. It inched closer…and closer… I was helpless. Trapped in a room with no escape! And even worse, no knowledge that this hideous beast was coming towards me. I finished drying my hands and BOOM! I saw it! I squished it immediately! Turns out… It was a stinkbug! Hold on…a stinkbug? Yeah. And you squashed it? In this house? Yeah, it was right before the power went out and we started doing all this. Uh uh. Where y’all going? Too far, man. You went too far. (sniffing) Oh! Oh! Oh, that is bad! Ugh! Wait up! Renasant Bank. The best bank in the South. Visit to learn more.

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  1. Chop the sweet pickles up and put them in tuna fish and some boiled eggs and mayonnaise. That's some good eating right there.

  2. Here's a good one from my past. Staying at a friends house in the middle of august in Florida then find out later that he had no fans, A/C, had thick itchy whool blankets, and no screens on the windows. Had to sleep under the blankets with the windows open so I didnt get torn apart my mosquitos

  3. My dad got lost in Florida at night and accidentally drove into this place where all the carnival/fair people live in the off season. So he just saw a bunch of closed down fair rides and booths along with trailers in a field surrounded by a forest. He immediately turned around and drove back where he came from because he was NOT dealing with that horror movie set up, no siree.

  4. Love the candle in the jelly jar.
    Pickles-DILL ONLY!
    When I was a kid and my dad and I went grocery shopping, we always got 2 jars of dill spears. One to put away, and the other to eat while we were putting away the groceries.
    My sister is twisted. She likes those bread & butter nasty ones.

  5. My teenage son is afraid to go take a shower because there’s a stink bug in his bathroom. I don’t know which smell is worse!

  6. Sweet pickles? What the ** is wrong with you? EVERY southern mother has at least TWO recipes for sweet picles. (Bread-&-Butter, Ice, 3-Day, aw come on, you've got to be kidding me…)

  7. Scary story: It was a bright and sunny day. I wanted to do something so i got in the truck and started to head to a park to go fishing. As I'm driving along suddenly my gas light comes on. I get to the gas station and before i got out to pump fuel i grabbed my phone and opened my bank app. That is when it hit me like a knife to the gut, $0.32 in my account.

  8. I love dill pickles and one time my mom got me a jar of pickles for my b-day and they were not dill pickles and I was so sad

  9. Once upon a time I went to a bbq… Only every single pasta and potato salad had raisins in them, and then I noticed something that made my blood go cold. Not only did they invite people for bbq with such horrifying sides, it turned out this was no bbq. The only things on the grill was hot dogs and burgers! ….. Vegan style!

  10. What the hell is a sweet pickle? I know y'all are not talking about bread and butter pickles, because those are awesome.

  11. Everyone knows you shouldn't squish a stink bug. You should always find a bottle and capture it then throw the bottle with in the trash or in a fire…

  12. My horror story usually starts and ends with my in-laws visiting…..
    from California…..
    and wanting to eat at In n Out burger.

  13. Horror story:
    a murderer sneaks into your house while you are sleeping….


  14. Speaking of stink bugs, anyone else get hit with an infestation of them this year? They're getting to be real bad for some reason

  15. i thought he was gonna say a big flying roach. but it was a stink bug. I killed them and dont smell nothing. the roach is scarier

  16. It was a dark an stormy night, I wanted some food so I went to the kitchen and opened the fridge, inside was nothing but unsweet tea, a kale salad, and tons of other healthy foods, there wasn’t any good fried southern dishes in the fridge at all 😱😱😱😂😂😂

  17. Sweet pickles are the bane of my existence. After a long day, you open up the fridge, looking for a nice southern vegetarian snack, and all of a sudden the disgusting stench of sweets pickles hit you

  18. Written by a Chikfila cow !!! 😂 The tamper evident seal was already popped on the pickle jar. You are brave. I squished a stink bug and it cut a 1/2 inch gash on my palm that didn't heal for 2 weeks. Evil !

  19. This is my favorite channel – the acting is superb – the story lines are well thought out and very entertaining.

  20. Not joking. Just as he finished his horror story of a stink bug I felt a presence on my shoulder. Felt it start to move, so I slapped at it. A stink bug flopped to the floor. Hubby removed it. I used a disinfectant wipe on my hand n shoulder! His story was too real.

  21. Ok y’all. The most scary story of them all involves a hand holding flashlight behind the pickle jar…. dun dun duuuun

    Edit: 2:04

  22. I think its funny he put his had over his nose. If he smashed it the smell of the stink bug is on his hand. You ain't getting that smell off with ajax…lol

  23. Scariest thing is when your kid comes out of the bathroom saying they think the toilet is clogged. You get there just in time to watch the number 2 water just start to flow over the side of the bowl. Should I run or head in knowing that the toilet is still running?

  24. OMG!! I was JUST talking to my little sister about Stink bugs, a couple of hours ago. She has a fear of them. I'm soo going to send this to her!!! 😄😄😄

  25. It was just yesterday. I was in the bathroom finishing up. I reached over for some TP. I grabbed the edge and pulled. Only 6 inches of TP came off, left behind from the mad person before me (probably my wife). Then I realized there were no spare rolls within reach and the wife was out shopping and TP was on the list. Oh the horror. Stranded on the toilet.

  26. I have literally driven past the gas station right by my house to one across town to avoid the NIGHTMARE of no trigger lock on the gas pump. THE HORROR! THE HORROR!

  27. Sorry I don't know their names but is the lady in this video related to the other one who's in most other videos? Cause they look so much alike!

  28. Southern Horror Stories: Broken gas pump handle, sweet pickles, and stink bugs.
    Arizona Horror Stories: Putting on your pants or shoes before finding the scorpion that's taken up residence there. Also, Arizona is home to the American Cockroach, one of the few cockroach species that can and do fly.

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