I'm Steve Duncan I'm an urban explorer and an urban historian that means I've run around the unseen layers of a city and exposed parts that most people don't see with fallout 4 being released I wanted to get under the skin and the Massachusetts we've forgotten about finding places lost in time to tell their own story and it might have inspired the setting of the game after the Civil War this town became one of the the real centers of American industry the population of workers was exploding and so they had to take water from the wachupa lake and send it in the town the nice thing about a water pumping plant is that all the exciting stuff happens on the ground perfect places like this just perfectly preserved time capsules this is where I was hoping to find one of the original steam pumps from 1874 this is one of the newest electric motors it would have been installed somewhere around World War two made in USA back when we actually made stuff around there Wow that's incredible we've never seen the steam engine this size actually mistakes they first set up to massive steam pumps in the 20th century those were supplanted with diesel pumps then eventually with electric pumps right here in this this massive 19th century building I love this stuff again here did the Strathmore paper mill well when I go into a place like this where I have it essentially to myself the risks I take are my own beautiful new space let's see if we can go downstairs and find out what this looks like underneath what I love doing in a place like this is piecing it together figuring out the whole story from the bits that are left love these boilers you'll have to admire right there still works pretty well too well maybe not perfect we're well below the level of the canal at this point and a little bit of it's leaking in you can see that real marks where they drilled down to plant the dynamite to blast out this space now there's a lot of stores here and the last story is that's exploring it till the next door comes along I think part of the reason the Fallout series been so popular is the same reason that I love exploring the urban environment I enjoy places where I can see how history has been written on the landscape I do you think exploring places like the pumping station or the Strathmore mill is like engaging in a dialogue with the Past learning from books this is great but it's boring you

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  1. I've explored the entire mill in turners. So many levels and rooms in the dark. Go there with a group if you're exploring. During the summer the place is fairly 20 degrees colder, so it's a prime place for homeless/ dangerous folk

  2. God I hate the bridge near the paper mill, driving over it gives me anxiety. But cool to see Turners on here I guess.

  3. So lame.
    Lets put on a headlamp and crawl through a dark hole….into huge well lit rooms with massive windows and open doors.
    And the fallout 4 connection, lol, idiot.

  4. this is sick the paper mill is an awesome place to go into its 5 minutes down the road from me I go in all the time know the place top to bottom

  5. It is NOT Wa-too-pa lake. It's Wa- tuppa. If he didn't even get that right, makes me wonder about the rest. Sheesh. It's easy to get the correct pronunciation of a major, regional body of water.

  6. awesome video i relly want to go there. i love exploring other places the only thing is since i have a work and i go on school i relly cant go places far away

  7. i went to highschool in turners falls MA. i still love only a couple towns over. kind of cool to be put on the map like that

  8. So here's a question for you: There's been many screenshots of Boston in Fallout looking like they've been flooding for decades. Were parts of Boston built on a swamp?

  9. I'm steve duncan I crawl through holes in ground when the fucking FRONT DOOR WAS OPEN! how about it steve why the FUCK did you not open the massive door you LEFT through before being all commando through a hole in the ground.

  10. The only thought i ha in this vid is that if they use that building in fallout 4 it will be filled with feral gouhls

  11. Good to know that there are abandoned places with literal tons of scrap metal inside! I'll definetely won't come there and loot everything!

  12. You shouldn't damage building that you venture into. You were quite careless with the beauty around you.

  13. God damn it barcroft! For once I wanted this to be a documentary, guess only malformed kids in whatevers are worth that 🙁

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