Hello hi hello hi my people So these glasses have no lenses and they’re not straight just like this video Get it because it’s gay subscribe if you’re new as a young closeted Jessi page I would watch a show called the l word on a separate Netflix account today Jessi page with a very gay channel now and gay apartment. That’s a bowl of lemons. Yes I want to have all of my people all of you guys be a part of this So I had you guys submit your coming-out stories and we all reacted as a cast in the show There’s all different types of representation. So kind of fangirl moment for me. I mean what? No, I’m so grateful for this opportunity. And I’m so happy that all of you guys could be a part of this So thank you so much for submitting your coming-out stories. Happy sad funny sentimental emotional It was really sweet the our generation Queue all the info will be in the description box now on Showtime I’m so happy that they brought back the l word especially with some new characters. I love you. Enjoy Hello, I’m Jessie. And today I’m here with Andy chef. Okay from the outward I personally grew up watching the l word secretly had an off looks account to watch it. So I also loved the new season. It’s great Love the premiere last night came with the bang. It was great I honestly couldn’t stop watching and I feel like as much as the original L We’re touched on so many important things this new season just like brings and all these new Concepts as well. That’s great. Yeah, right. I am here with hi. I’m Jacqueline toboni. I Play Sarah Finley on the l word generation q hi I’m Ari and Mandy and I played Danny Nunez on the l word a Generation Keith and I have watched it and I can say from personal experience. It’s great my professional opinion. I love that Thank you, of course. Hello. I’m here with Leo and Rose Annie from the l word next generation cue I have like a young queer audience and I thought it’d be cute if they submitted coming out just like their stories and We could react together. I thought it’d be cute. I’m ready for ya My mom was the second adult I told and she was only mad because I didn’t tell her first that’s really sweet But I did I had my mom flying I lived in New York at the time I had her fly in to tell her something I take the whole weekend and then I finally told her and she was they had the greatest response and then Once we went through our whole emotional thing together is like, can you just tell the rest of the family? Oh my gosh, I love this person My granddad said all gays go to home and I said well, I’ve always wanted to meet Satan You were incredible I love that That is a good comeback, yeah right props, I made a scavenger hunt with pictures spelling out I’m by Acually a street scene. Yes Wow and if they put like an NSYNC CD I Don’t have instinct knows I don’t wonder if they know that they wrote my anthem. Oh my goodness I said a meme that says quote the only test I ever East was the mi gay test My granddad hugged me and yelled we love boobs when I told him I was bisexual I Think that’s awesome. Your granddad is awesome. I came out to my cousin while buying a gay poster at Walmart What was the gate? say That’s the mystery my uncle asked me what I wanted for Christmas And I told him a girlfriend and he said he can’t buy that on Amazon Can’t buy a girl I Came out to my grandma and she said I’ve always had a gaydar and you were on it Like waiting Even if they’re in denial for a little while, they still deep down in their psychic now Yeah, I told my best friend over text and I was so scared because she’s from a very religious family But she was super accepting and I felt a huge weight lifted from my shoulders. Oh my gosh This is so nice, there’s a lot of touch on um religion and sexuality in the show, too Yeah, so my character grew up Catholic and I’ve never seen any character on TV sort of as an adult deal with their queer identity and their religious upbringing and it was really fun to do and I’m so excited for people to see the story just because I Feel like it needs to be told I wish I had came out at a panic at the disco concert to the song girls girls boys Okay song no better time to come out then at a concert. I think it should be playing right now Do you guys know that song? Yes, do I know that song? I listen, I’m gonna get than this girl like I came out to my family at a doctor’s appointment because the doctor asked if I could get pregnant that leg lariat Wow I mean, you know you could I just said no Yes, I’m like what I hope you’re okay I just wanna give you a hug That’s what I want to do the great doctor again The bold aspect all these like just throwing something out there like really just outright saying something like that I son. That’s amazing. What’s your favorite scene from the first episode? I have to say a lot of my favorites Favorite scenes from the original we’re watching Leisha interact with Rafi That was yeah. That was that was some from the new season Don’t knowwe like that. Oh, you’re so all of it. Oh My friend did the classic stumble out of the pantry because she’s pansexual Yeah, it was like like yeah, I couldn’t read it first that’s is that is that a term No entry who made it in the closet, or you can come out of the pantry Because you’re modern if you’re buying or where would you come out of an insane concert? Came out of the pantry at 10:00 That’s clever I’m just serving up my sexuality. Oh my god, my dad will find out when he gets an invitation to my weddings I was saying that’s very I got this one very accurate to the season Danny kind of like like she kind of Rekindles with her dad a little bit getting well, I mean, I don’t know the rest Wailers I walked up to my mom on April Fool’s Day and said I’m straight I was also crying so I think she got it. Oh I came out to my mom and she spent three years calling it a phase until one day I came home with my girlfriend looked her dead in the face and said I told you it wasn’t a phase I Mean, you know what? So like I said call story right typical story and like I said, Like even if they’re in denial deep down in their psyche They have to accept it at some point good for this person for just saying it’s not a phase mom in the first place Yeah, I told my mom I was bi and she said me too That’s cute Your mom that is a clap. That is a Yes, my friends dared me to kiss a boy and sitting next to him was my crush I kissed her instead Uh-oh. All right. It’s palsy Wow Stories my aunt saw my Instagram stories, and she texted me saying she couldn’t wait to take me to pride That’s adorable. Yeah That’s so I just got chills Who is your favorite character? Oh, yeah of the originals. Okay. The original is Shane fan Wow, do you have any advice for any queer kids that maybe are having like coming-out stories where maybe like they have these situations and Things don’t go as well Before I get into my stuff and goes. Oh sure we didn’t want people to feel like Queer life is sad and is like you know these these really heavy coming out stories over and over again because I feel like with some Television shows and just like content in general if there’s one queer character. You kind of get saddled with oh It’s like it’s like a coming-out story and I think weed in this show We don’t have that and it kind of just focuses on everyday trials, you know what I mean? like things that we go through in our everyday lives in our relationships with our with our colleagues or our significant others our family Like things that we all deal with that are that are not like the that is in a very important portion of our lives but yeah, I Feel like it gives people the opportunity to see past what they’re going through right and see what their life could be like once you fully accept yourself, there are just so many people waiting to love you and accept you up and if you are Not happy in the situation you were in There is a place for you in the world So if you are old enough and you have the means get out if them where you are isn’t serving you. I love that I think I want to say don’t don’t underestimate the power that you have don’t underestimate how strong you can be and and how how bold you can be in this situation just you know, do whatever feels good to you rip off the band-aid if that means just Telling someone and and know that no matter what you you are enough Your loved people love you. People will accept you. It’s it’s not everything’s gonna be. Okay. Yeah go with your pace on your time I wish somebody told me that Hannah Montana’s best of both worlds came on and I came out as bi Great yeah, Adi bad Elia B I played I kissed a girl by Katy Perry in the ukulele and sang it to my grandma Wow I love the ukulele my Nana told my granddad I had a date with a girl and he said okay, she deserves a pretty girlfriend Makes me say all the right things. Yeah, usually, you know, it’s like down with the patriarchy but Patriotic granddad. Yeah, I’m crushing. He also just realizes her self-worth like you do deserve a pretty girlfriend I came out to my dad this year as bi and it was the most genuine. I love you that I’ve heard in years I’m there crying. Oh my goodness. Oh my god. I got to that dad. Oh dad I Love this I came out to my dog, and he accepted me Well, if someone was watching this and maybe she didn’t have a good experience What’s like something you’d want to tell them that it’s gonna be? Hey, yeah and that in that man I mean, I just think it can it can feel very hard But you find your people and you find your community and you’re you’re surrounded by so many people that love you eventually, you just it’s it’s It’s a beautiful thing to be clear and it’s a beautiful thing to celebrate and And not to ever be ashamed of it ever and you’ll feel fine. You’ll find your tribe. No, no question and Joe’s Chosen family and that’s saying of this too shall pass. It’s true Why should they watch the show? Well two of my favorite characters on the show are in in selfies Angie and Sophia Singh they’re incredible are two of our youngest actresses and they are so talented and seeing their relationship together on screen is Like one of the most amazing things any last words you’d like to say about the show and just like two young queer kids that might watch this I don’t wanna speak for both of us, but we have talked about this and I think you know we see you and we want to We just want to show that queer life Isn’t always tin to the tragedy but we want people to have a place to see themselves young. Yeah Be represented topsail. So I hope you do you write also. No. Thank you And thanks to everyone for sitting in these stories And thank you to Showtime for sponsoring this video and Be sure to watch the l word generation cue with these lovely faces. Yeah So I hope you enjoyed I’m gonna feature your Jessie pages on the screen as well as your posts I guess I’ll give my coming-out stories I told the internet before I told my parents and I was like if everyone accepts me online I guess I can’t say anything mean to my face. That’s kind of sad now. She’s here and queer yay, and if you want to share your stories down below if you want to like create little chats and like Support people cheer people on that could be kind of adorable. That would be very adorable Let’s be real and we have a very wholesome fandom so I have no doubt in my mind that y’all can pull that off I love you. Bye

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  2. I visited my friend for a few days at her student dorm. The conversation got queer and she was making gay jokes about herself, but then said, don't worry, I'm not gay because if I was, I wouldn't be able to contain myself sleeping next to you… I was internally dying of laughter, and that's when I decided it wasn't time to come out

  3. Jessie hand over the glasses, 1. Everyone with glasses are so freaking cute 2. I love those glasses and 3. I want glasses

  4. My dad said, "you're gay" and I responded, "Yeah, what gave it away? The Bisexual flag on my wall?" And he said, "No. I didn't think I'd get this far." And then he accepted me and all and now we talk about girls together all the time and can relate.

  5. In fifth grade, a guy called me lesbian. The conversation went like this:
    Guy: Stop hugging other girls, lesbian.
    Me: How did you know?
    At this point, I realized that he didn't take it as a joke and just looked at me kind of disgustedly. By the next day, the entire school thought I was gay. Including my best friend, who apparently developed a crush on me. Right around the time I finally came out as asexual and aromantic. I can only imagine how she felt. Sorry if this was long❤

  6. I’m bisexual and still in the closet

    Every time I start talking to my mom about a topic that involves something LGBTQ she says not being straight is against God
    (she is very religious) does anybody have any advice on how to tell her?

  7. I was too scared to tell my mom so I texted her and she texted back “me too” haha didn’t know that it happened to other people 🥳

  8. I havnt came out but this Christmas My uncle said "i dont care if you are queer" my aunt said " i never thought I'd hear that out of your mouth" that made me want to come out but imma wait till im sure

  9. I wish I could tell you how I came out.
    Sadly I can’t do that, since that’s an accomplishment that I haven’t reached yet😅

  10. At one of my friends birthday parties (that already knows I'm non-binary and gay, but some of my other friends there didn't) we were talking about boys, and then I said, I had a boyfriend, then I broke up with him and then I had a girlfriend and then we broke up. And One of them hugged me and said and I quote "I'm so proud of you", and that just made me all warm and fuzzy inside, like the feeling of being accepted.

  11. Me to my mom: I gotta tell you something, I have a girlfriend
    My mom: omg really? So you're a lesbian?
    Me: No I also like boys im bisexual
    My mom: oh thats great, you know I love you no matter what I just want you to be happy.
    Still my mom: I wouldnt tell your dad tho

    Thanks mom now ill never tell him cause you scared me

  12. I’m straight but here’s a genius idea: throw a party, film yourself saying bye to everyone at the door and at the end go into the bathroom and say “bi” at the mirror with finger guns

  13. i came out to my mom during an episode of say yes to the dress when my mom said she was excited for me to find a nice guy 😂. she was lovely and accepting and said “as long as we can still dress shop”

  14. When i came out as bi to my dad, he said if I still feel that way when im older, he will take me to the bar to check out girls 😝😊

  15. I told my mom I didn't care about a person's gender and she was like um okay, then proceeded to ask if that's why I was being bullied at school

  16. How do you have the bravery to come out every time I almost then I remember my family is HELLA CHRISTIAN

    Can I have advice??

  17. I came out to my dad saying “IM TRANS”
    He freaked out, then I said, “Jk I’m just gay”
    He still didn’t like it but was relieved that I wasn’t switching gender, so he didn’t take it too hard 😂

  18. This inspired me to come out to my best friend as bi and I asked him if he's ever done anything involving gay intimacy and we were talking and he said "Your asking questions that I think people would ask before they come out" then I said " well I'm bi" he was very excepting

    Thank you for the inspiration! I love you Jessie

  19. I told my mom I was bisexual and she said I'm to young to make that choice so that night I was crying and my little brother came to my room and told me that he still loved me and not to think about what others thought about me

  20. I came out to my best friend because of this video but I'm gonna come out as bi to the rest of my family on my birthday which is the first day of pride month and I'll bake a cake with the bi pride flag

  21. I love the bowl of lemons with a rainbow flag joke, I did Google lemon party, after I did I regteted it🤦‍♂️

  22. Dude I came out to my friends as Panromantic and they were all like "yeah okay we already knew that"

    And somehow that triggered an entire bunch of my friends to come out and it was so cute wth 😊
    And it's so weird because my family wants me to be gay? But like –
    At the same time they have their homophobic moments. But I always protect my people man!!! 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈

    Since I don't have a story of my own, my friend Olivia came out to her dad last month and she texted him a come out song and it was so adorable wtf QwQ
    Her dad said "I love you anyway" and like awwwwww XD

  23. I plan to tell them after the wedding. Before I move out I gonna tell them I’m ace so my mom doesn’t worry.

  24. To whoever that had a bad experience coming out

    I just want you to know that I accept you and that’s all that matters 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈

  25. If you are sad
    1. Stream phantom
    2 stream not a phase
    3. Subscribe to Jessie paege
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    = Clear skin

  26. I came out as bi to my parents very spontaneously and all my mum asked was: “so your friend xyz, is she like gay or bi too? I can’t really figure it out” and honestly I’m so glad they didn’t even care

  27. Jessie: and yes, that's a bowl of lemons

    My friend: …


    My friend: …dont


  28. Hi Jessie I'm new to the channel I found your channel from a try not to laugh challenge on React and I thought u seemed pretty cool so I checked out your channel, I just wanna say I subscribed and keep up the good work

  29. I told my brother a few weeks ago that I was bi and he didn't believe me. But the two cousins I told with the song Girls/Girls/Boys and the friends I told with the same song were very accepting

  30. So I’m bi and I play the sims
    By the way I was and I am in love with by bestie and I gave my laptop and my sims to her and told her to play with the household and in that household she was my wife

  31. do u mind if i tell u mine? hah your hearing it anyway
    the way I came out was i dated my best friend at 12 denied i was only into girls. and said to myself well hell here i come

  32. I told my bff (my crush) that I’m a lesbian and she said she knew the whole time XD

    I can’t tell her she was the second on I told because she kill meh XD

  33. I haven't come out to anyone ik. I came out to my sister but thats it. When I mentioned that I wasn't sure to my mom she said that if I was, then her dreams for my future would be crushed and she would have to take some time to mourn her visions of what my life would be like. Then she told me that it's such a fad to come out the and that I just think girls are pretty… I have spent the last 2 months convincing her I'm straight now.

  34. Hey Jessie, I need some advice. I wanna come out to my friend, and I have a couple ideas but I don't know which one to do.

    Option 1: I could write "I'm gay" on a piece of paper and tape it to the bottom of my cup, and I could video call her (we call each other all the time) and during the call take a sip of my water.

    Option 2: We both have tiktok, and my account is private, and she's my only follower, so I could post a tiktok were I sing:
    Shut up count your calories I never look good in mom jeans wish I could date you blue-eyed Blondie perfect body
    And when I say "wish I could date you" instead of "wish I was like you" I would put "I'm gay" on the screen.

    (Or I could just call her and tell her, or tell her in person)
    Also when I say "wish I could date you" in the second option, I'm not talking about my friend I'm coming out to, or anyone I know.
    (I think I know which one I want to do I just wanted someone else's opinion, and I didn't know who to ask.)

  35. I'm trans and uh, I'm scared to tell my dad. I told my mom, but I don't think she took it well…

    Also, I drew my pfp around 3-4 years ago- ? And uh, the heart, w h a t a c o i n c i d e n c e- xD woops-.

    I'm not completely sure yet, but I like the name Matt.. so idk, and sometimes I'm ok with myself, idk ._. fliP- pwp

    And seeing, hearing all that is awesome, I'm thanking everyone who wrote that, and you guys to read those, and be able to hear them. Thanks guys. <3

  36. Am I the only one who is straight but fricknig loves her vids and has all her songs on Spotify playing 24/7?
    Edit, And totally supports gays prob not but i mean TwT

  37. I have very religious cousins and one day one of them were staying for a sleepover and we started watching a movie and in the movie there was a a part where a guy came out at transgender and I looked at my cousin and said 'now he's a part of the
    LGBTQ just like me' and proceeded to come out as bi

  38. Jesse, I just want you to know, I met my life saver through one of your instagram lives. thank you. this person saved my life all through one live stream. Thank you Jesse.

  39. Wanna hear my coming out story?
    I'm bisexual and I wanted to come to 3 of my friends with hangman….
    _ _ _ _
    I _ _ i
    I _ bi
    I m b i
    I had to explain to everyone

  40. I told by bff that i liked her i was scared bc she comes from a religious family but she said she liked me back so now we are dating

  41. I told my dad and he forgot, I felt pressured to tell my stepmom and she got mad because my dad didn’t tell her and let it out on me. My sister is bi and my mom and nana are homophobic so they make our life miserable. I’m such a wimp so I don’t defend myself or her even though I want to. But yeah that is my way of coming out.

    My other friend ran around the house with I pride flag drawing that was awesome

    Someone else was about to be picked up by his prom date and before he arrived, my friend hid in the closet and said I’m coming out with his parents on the other side. Also adorable

    Another one started singing. If you’re gay and you know it clap your hands. That was funny

    2/3 of those their parents still loved them

    The other guy, his mom always hated him because she thinks it was his fault his dad “left”

    Sorry for wasting your time. :’D

  42. Be true to your self know you are loved and all the haters are jelly you can be so open and I’m openly gay🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈

  43. i came out to my mum and my brother.
    they think i cant make that decision.
    they gon regret that.
    this was posted on my birthday.

  44. I made a TikTok and my mom caught me and scared me so I fell over and she said “get up you pansexual dumbass” and started laughing at me falling 😂😂

  45. My friend (E) told my crush (M) and M is my best friend of 4 years at the Tim and she had already friend zoned me and sibling zoned me as well, but back to what I was saying so E shipped me and M and she new I wasn't out of the closet and like 3 weeks later at P.E. she (E) was crying and I asked her why she was crying and she said I was going to be made at her cause she did something she shouldn't have and I promised I wouldn't but she kept crying the M walked over to me and told me that E told her that I liked her she also told me she didn't like me which I already knew and that she still wanted us to continue being best friends, because E was crying that caused all of our friends to be considered and she ended up telling everyone I was pan trying to explain to them what she did soooo yes that's how I was outed then my friends and I where out to the public (public= the whole school everyone for the most part was supper supportive there where only like 5 people against it but that didn't bug us also considering the school I went to was for 5th and 6th grade only and had 1,600+ students attending it so I have a lot of hope for the future )so we made what we call the very very gay group of friends(even though our group of friends contained a lot more then just gays it's just easier that way) it was great then a year later my parents figured out that I was even though I was very open about everything and they are lesbian so it wasn't very difficult thank you for reading this if you made it through the whole thing sorry it's long but that about as short as I could make it I hope you are having a good day or night and thx again I know it's very long and I hope you find your gay group of friends as well ♥️💘💛💚💙💜

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